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8Aunit5 comic

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Unit 5 Wild animals

Comic strip & welcome to the unit

Teaching aims and demands:

1. new words and phrases: wild, free, dish, pity, die, giant panda, zebra, no way, have/take pity on, in fact.

2. To review the words about animals.

3. To learn to talk about their favourite wild animal in English.

Teaching methods: task-based approach

Teaching difficulties: to talk about the favourite wild animals in English Teaching aids: ppt

Teaching procedures:

Step1. Brain-storming

Present plenty of pictures of animals, then ask students to name them quickly. Step2. Pre-lesson

1. Answer the question.

Q: How much do you know about wild animals?

eg: Where do they live? What do they eat? Are they friendly?

What do they look like?etc.

2. Quiz about wild Animals

Which animal is the king in the forest?

Which animal is the cleverest animal in the sea?

They are a kind of horses with black and white stripes on their bodies.

Which animal is large , strong and heavy with thick fur(皮毛) ?

Which animal is small and lovely, but has a very big tail?

Which animal looks very cute and lives only in China?

3. Present six pictures of wild animals, read the new words.

4. Learn some more words and phrases.

Step3. While-lesson

1.Part A write correct names under the pictures. Then read the names together. 2Part B. Listen and fill in the form.

Do a survey: Put a tick(√)under the animals you like best and a cross (×) under the animals you

A: Which animal do you like best/least?

B: I like… best/least.

A: Why?

B: Because they are…

A: What does it eat?

B: … What about you?

A: I like…because…

3 listen to the dialogue between Eddie and Hobo, answer two questions. Does Eddie want to live in the wild? Why or why not?

Will Eddie eat the wild animals? Why or why not?

4Role-play :Please act the dialogue out with the partner.

Step 4 Post-lesson

1. Put the phrases into English

2. some more wild animals

3. Fill in the blanks

4. share a video, then talk about the feeling after watching it.

Step5 homework

Finish the exercise in the workbook.

Preview Reading and find some information about giant pandas 教后记

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