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时间:60分钟 满分:100分

一、把下列陈述句改为一般疑问句并作简略回答。 (28分)

1.There is no water in the bottle.

2.She can sing and dance very well.

3.He has a brother in the United States.

4.It often rains in summer here.

5.Her cousin lives in Suzhou.

6.They always played together at that time.

7.Tom got home very late yesterday.

二、翻译下列各句 (16分)





三、把下列的句子改为感叹句。(答案不唯一) (20分) ⒈ A: Jill is drawing a beautiful picture.

⒉ A: Mr. Wang is a busy man.

⒊ A: The cat is very happy.

⒋ A: The tractor is going very slowly.

⒌ A: He is very lucky.

⒍ A: It is a wet day today.

⒎ A: They started early.

⒏ A: They waited a long time.

⒐ A: He is wearing a large shirt.

⒑ A: The dolphin is playing happily.


1、I did lost my wallet yesterday.

2、The soup smell terrible.

3、John don’t like rock music.

4、He must knows the chairman.

5、Do Frank come from England?

6、Stop talk, class begins.

7、How is delicious the soup!

8、Let go shopping now.

五、连词成句并说出意思 (20分)

1、has, every, he, three, meals, day.

2、is, this, interesting, film, how!

3、she, speak, not, French, can?

4、is, going, his, he, to, car, sell.

5、leave, their, when, they, did, school?

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