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Unit 6reading我只吃尝起来可口的食品

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The Seventh Period

Ⅰ. Teaching Aims and Demands

1. Knowledge Objects

(1)Key Vocabulary

taste, to be honest, be bad for, actually, fry, mainly, stay away from, be in agreement, itself, laboratory, type, cancer, barbecue, increase, risk, biscuit, main, tasty, vegetarian, shock

(2) Practice reading an article.

(3) Practice thinking something about this article.

2. Ability Objects

(1) Train students’ reading skill.

(2)Train students’ writing skill.

3. Moral Object

Learning to how to be healthy.

Ⅱ. Teaching Key Points

1. Key Vocabulary

2. Reading an article.

3.Express preferences.

Ⅲ. Teaching Difficult Point




4. Relative clauses with that and who. Think about the appropriate words’ meanings in context. Be able to understand the complex structure of sentences and meanings. Understand the author’s writing structure.

Ⅳ. Teaching Methods

1. Teaching by illumination

2. Teaching by demonstration

3. Teaching by transforming information

Ⅴ. Teaching Aid


Ⅵ. Teaching Procedures

Step I Free talk

What’s your favorite food? What kind of food do you eat every day?

Before read: Show PowerPoint and ask students“ Look at the diets of two people. Discuss which diet is healthier and why.”

Then show some new words and teach students to pronounce them

Step ⅡRead the article

1. In the first time, read the article and get the main idea.

2. In the second time, fill in the blanks with appropriate words:


a. The children in the passage mainly talk about how important it is to .

b. can increase the risk of cancer.

c. Peter says he only eats food that d. Tony thinks that fast food itself isn’t always bad, but . e. Tony believes that people should eat StepⅢ Explanation

Illuminate some new words and set exsamples.

Step ⅣAfter You Read

1. 3a

Go through the conversation and find all the language that is only used when speaking. Add them to the chart below.

2. 3b

Use the information from the conversation to match the statements with each person.

3. 3c

Write each type of food or drink from the reading in the correct column. Step ⅤSummary

Make conclusion of this article and show the new words and phrases. Step ⅥHomework

(1)Memorize the new vocabulary.

(2)Finish the exercise book.

Step VII Blackboard Design

tobe honest, be good for, stay away from

Step VIII After-class reflection


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