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冀教版七年级上lesson 31

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Unit 6 Let’s Go!
Lesson 31 Let’s Go to the

traffic lights
car cab/taxi

zebra crossing

What can you see in the picture?

Let’s go to the bookstore!

How can we go to the bookstore?

We can ride our bikes./We go to the bookstore by bike. We can take Bus 42.

上get on/下get off

ride a bike/by bike

take a bus/by bus take a ship/by ship

take a train/by train take a plane/by plane

walk/on foot

上get in/下get out of

take a car/by car How to ask?

take a cab/by cab

What will you do when you get lost on the way to the bookstore? Will you ask someone for the way?

Excuse me.

Can you help me/us?
We are looking for the… Where is it?

Road signs

turn right

turn left

go straight

traffic lights

zebra crossing

crossing crossroad

Exercises for road signs(1)

She must _________ if turn left she wants to go to the cinema.

She must turn right if _________ she wants to go to the post office.

Exercises for road signs(2)

She must go _________ straight if she wants to go to the mall.

She must go by a _____________ zebra crossing if she wants to go to the park.

Read maps

go down this road. go straight

Turn right at the first crossing/crossroad

It is on your left.

Read maps

Turn left at the traffic lights

go straight
It is on your right.

go down this road.

Tips: How can we get there?= How to get there? 对交通工具提问用how get “到达” 与to连用,例如:get to school get to+地点 get to school 到达 arrive in+大地点 arrive in Beijing at+小地点 arrive at school

reach+地点 reach school 乘交通工具 1.如果交通工具前面有限定词a/the,可以用take/on/in. She will go to Beijing on(in/take) a plane. (有限定词)她将乘飞机去北京 2.by直接加交通工具,交通工具不能为复数 She will go to Beijing by plane.

Listen and fill
Excuse me _________. _________ bookstore _________ Where have a map ___________. ?

_________ this street ____________ traffic lights Good luck _________

c 1._____ can we go to school? A. What B. Who C. How D. Where A 2.How do you ____there? A. get B. will get C. is getting D. gets 3. We can take ________. A A. Bus 42 B. 42 bus C. 42 Bus D. the bus 42 C 4.He is ____ the school. He is lost. A. look for B. see C. looking for D. looks at

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