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九年级英语导学案 Unit 5 It must belong to Carla

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九年级英语导学案 Unit 5 It must belong to Carla.

本单元重点学习情态动词must, might, could, can’t 表示判断的用法。

SectionA (1a—2c)

学习目标:1.学习运用情态动词must, might, could, can?t进行推理。



学习重难点:运用情态动词must, might, could, can?t进行推理。

学 习 导 航

I. 认真预习课本P34-35,完成以下任务。

(一) 默写下列单词、词组。

1.属于 2.作家、作者 3.可能的 4.谁的

5.郊游野餐 6.落下可能地、或许发带

(二) 看P34的图片,完成1a的任务。

(三) 翻译下列词组。

1.她最喜爱的作者 2.唯一的小孩

3.古典音乐 4.流行音乐

5.属于 6.弹吉他

(四) 在括号内写出下列单词的含义,注意区别,然后完成课本P35 2c。

must( ), might( ), could( ),can?t( )


◆ Whose volleyball is this?

Whose 对___词、___词及名词所有格提问。对划线部分提问:

⑴ These are our computers. ______________________________?

⑵ This computer is hers. _______________________________?

◆ The hair band might belong to Linda.

⑴. belong to 表示“某物属于某人”


这本字典是谁的? ________________

同义句转化:That dictionary is mine. That dictionary _______ _______


⑵. might 表示推测“可能,也许”其可能性比can / could要小,常用于肯定句。

must表示________, can?t 表示 _________.

单选:The magazine _____ be Lily?s. Look, her name is on its cover.

A. may B. might C. could D. must



1. 这本法语书一定是李英的,她是我们班唯一一个正在学法语的人。

studying French.

2. 这是谁的T恤衫?不会是吉姆的。因为对他来说太大了。

___ be Jim?s, because it?s ________ big for him.

3. 她确实太唠叨了,是吗? She does

4. 你会弹吉它吗? __ __?

5. 他可能是为了赶车在跑。 He _____ be _____ to _____ a bus.



( )1. This bag ______ be Li Ping?s because there is his name on it.

A. must B. may C. can?t D. could

( ) 2. You ______ swim in the river because there are crocodiles in it.

A. can B. must C. mustn?t D. may

( ) 3. You _______ listen to the teacher in class.

A. mustn?t B. can?t C. can D. must

( ) 4. ----Who is the girl under the big tree? Is it your sister?

----No, it _______ be her, she is much thinner.

A.mustn?t B. may not C. can?t D. needn?t

( ) 5. ----Whose is this watch? Is it Kate?s?

-----I?m not sure, it ______ be hers.

A. may B. can?t C. must D. should

( ) 6.The person who I want to learn from is ________ who studies hard and works


A. a B. one C. the one D. ones

( ) 7.---How is Mei?s skirt? ----Her skirt is more beautiful than______.

A. her sister?s and Kate B. her sister and Kate

C.her sister and Kate?s D. her sister?s and Kate?s

( ) 8. Look at the tennis racket. _______ it ______ you?

A. Does; belong to B. Is; belong to

C. Does; belong to D. Is; belong to


1. Must I park the car here? (否定回答) _______, you _______.

2. This person must be an English teacher. (改为否定句)

This person _______be an English teacher.

3. Bob has a blue bike. (同义句转化)

The blue bike ________ ________ Bob.

4. What does this word mean? (同义句转化)

_________ the ________ of this word?

5.I met your brother on my way home this morning. (对划线部分提问)

_______ did you _______ on your way home this morning?


Section A(3a—4 )

学习目标:1.熟练掌握情态动词must, might, could, can?t的用法,学会理解它们在句子中的




学 习 导 航

I. 认真预习课本P36,完成以下任务。


1.交响乐 2.计、值 最后的、最终的4.所有者、业主

5.验光师约会,约定 7.代数8.关键的

9.忧虑的、焦虑的 10.烦恼的 11.牛津大学

12.代数考试 13.期末考

14.给他母亲的礼物 a present his mother 15.汉英词典

(二) 完P36 的任务:给句子排序,然后圈出你不知道的单词。

(三) 按正确的顺序大声朗读3a,回答下列问题。

1. Who wrote the thank-you message?

2. Did Anna drop the backpack? 3. Who dropped the backpack? 4. Where might the backpack be?

5. Were Anna at home when Linda called her? 6. Is the math test crucial? Why? II.学习与巩固。

A: What do you think “anxious” means?

B: Well, it _________(肯定不是) mean “happy”.

A: It _________ (可能) mean “worried”.

B: Oh, yes. She is worried ___________ ________ (因为) her test.


I tried to call you but your mom said you were still at your optometrist appointment.


try to do 设法做某事 try doing 尝试做某事 try one?s best to do尽某人最大努力做某事 单项选择:My mother tried _________ the spot with soap.

A. to clean B. clean C. cleaned D. cleaning

⑵与某人约定 / 约会 have / make an appointment with sb.

适当词填空:The headmaster had an appointment _______ my father this afternoon. I?m really anxious , because I can?t find my backpack.

anxious “焦急的、担忧的”,常用的词组有:

be anxious for sth. = be anxious about sth. = be worried about sth. 担忧某事

be anxious to do 急切想要做某事 be anxious for sb. to do 渴望某人做某事 同意转化: Mrs Smith is worried about her weight.

= Mrs Smith _____ ______ ______her weight.



我们渴望见到你。 _________________________________

她渴望我马上去她家里。 __________________________

She is worried because of her test.

⑴辨析:because 和because of 都是“因为、由于”的意义,它们的区别是:because

后面接__________,而because of 后面接___________.

同义句转化:She was late for school because the traffic was very heavy.


★用must, may, might, could, can?t填空:

1. Whose earrings are these? They ________ be Mary?s . She wears earrings sometimes.

2. Gina ________ come to the party tonight, but I?m not sure.

3. The telephone is ringing, but nobody answers it. He ________ be at home.

4. Is this Lan Qiang?s boxing glove? Yes, it _______ be his. There?s his name on the back.

5. You?d better take an umbrella. It ______ rain this afternoon.


1.-----________ (who) is this? -----It must be Mary?s.

2. The guitar might ________ ( belong ) to Alice.

3. What do you think “ anxious” ________( mean).

4. She is ________(worry)because of her test.

5.The __________( own) can?t be a boy.


Tom: Oh, look! Whose backpack do you think ________ ________?

Alice: I don?t know. Look, here?s a school T-shirt.

Tom: Well then , the person ______ go to our school. Oh! Here?s a ______ band, so

the person ______ be a boy.

Alice: It could be Betty?s _______ ________. She has ______ hair.

Tom: Oh! It might ______ to Linda. She was ______the picnic, wasn?t she?

Alice: Yes, she was. But then the backpack ______ belong to Tina. She?s always

forgetting things.

Tom: Oh, look! Tennis balls.

Alice: Then it must be Linda?s. She has _______ hair and she?s ______ the tennis


Tom: ______ ______ ________.


Section B (1a—4 )

学习目标:.熟练掌握情态动词must, might, could, can?t的用法,学会理解它们在句子中的含


学 习 导 航

I. 认真预习课本P37-38,完成以下任务。

(一) 默写下列单词。


5.喧闹声、嘈杂声6.猴子 7.邻居8.风


12.垃圾 13.生物 14.逃跑、逃走

15.极其、非常 16.神秘的事物(二) 看P37页的图片,然后用方框里的单词为每张图片写一个句子。试着给故事写个结

尾。请写在P37 2a 的横线上。


1.跑步锻炼 2.赶公共汽车

3.过去常常 4.这些天

5.当地学校 6.极为担心

7.在窗子外面 8.报警

9.隔壁邻居 10.肯定有 ______________

11从…逃跑 12过去常常做某事

13习惯做某事 14有…正在做某事


把他们写在横线上: an animal,


1. Our neighborhood used to be very quiet.

⑴ neighborhood “家的附近、邻近地区” neighbor “邻居”











2…but they can?t find anything strange.

something, anything, nothing, somebody, anybody, …为不定代词,形容词修饰需放在它



单选:He has ________ to tell us.

A. some interesting things B. some things interesting

C. something interesting D. interesting something

3.Maybe it means you?re afraid of too much homework.

be afraid of doing

⑴ be afraid to do



too many “太多” 指代或修饰__________词

⑵ too much “太多” 指代或修饰__________词

much too “太….”修饰______词和_______词

用too much, too many, much too填空。

There is __________ noise in the street. It is _____________ noisy in the street. There are _____________ visitors during the long holidays.



( )1. This book _______ Anna?s . Look! Her name is on it.

A. maybe B. may be C. must be D. might be

( ) 2. ---Why is the man running?

----He ______ be running to catch the train.

A. can?t B. need C. couldn?t D. could

( ) 3. She was late for school because of ______ up late.

A. get B. got C. getting D. geting

( ) 4. Where do you think she ______?

A. lives B. to live C. live D. does live

( ) 5. There ______ a pool, but there stands a tall building instead.

A. use to have B. used to be C. used to have D. use to be


1. She is __________ ( worry ) about her sick daughter.

2. I saw a boy __________ ( run ) from the cinema.

3. Because of ___________ ( ill ) , he didn?t come to work.

4. He might be running __________ ( catch ) a train.

5. That math problem is _____________ ( extreme ) difficult.


Section B Self check




学 习 导 航

I. 认真预习课本P39,完成以下任务。


1.气味2.手指3.石头 4.举起、抬起


9.happy (反义词) 10..important(反 11.comfortable (反)

12.agree(反 13.honest(反 14.用完、耗尽

(二)完成Self Check

II.学习与巩固。 英汉词组互译。

1.属于??的3. 报警



10.swim in an ocean of合作探究:

◆You can?t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.

pretend to do “假装做某事”

翻译:她故作镇静。She pretended ______ _______ calm.

单选:She pretended ________ know me.

A. not to B. to not C. not D. no


eg:She pretended that she was not at home when we rang the bell.

单选:Jim pretended ______ he was reading.

A. that B. what C. where D. when

◆Don?t let yesterday use up too much of today.

use up “用完、耗尽”

翻译:我已把钱花完了。 I?ve ______ _______ all the money.

拓展: use sth. for sth. / use sth. for doing sth. “用某物来做某事”

use sth. as sth. “把某物做为….”

We ______ stamps ________ ________ letters.


We use English ______ ________ _______ language.


One finger cannot lift a small stone. 众人拾柴火焰高。

When an ant says “ocean”, he?s talking about a small pool. 井底之蛙。

It is less of a problem to be poor than to be dishonest. 诚信为首。

Be careful of the person who does not talk, and the dog that does not bark. 暗箭难防。

You can?t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. 不做无用功。

Tell me and I?ll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Let me try, and I?ll understand.


Don?t let your yesterday use up too much of today. 今日事今日毕。

He who would do great things should not attempt them all alone. 一个好汉三个帮。

Don't try to teach your grandmother to suck eggs . 不要班门弄斧。

A bad thing never dies. 遗臭万年。

A little body often has a great soul. 浓缩的是精华。

A new broom sweeps clean. 新官上任三把火。

Do as you would be done by. 己所不欲,勿施于人。

Courtesy (礼貌)on one side only lasts not long. 来而不往非礼也。



( ) 1. Mrs Black ______ be at home because she called me from Hong Kong a moment ago.

A. mustn?t B. isn?t able to C. can?t D. may not

( ) 2.She _____ be very tired because she worked all the night.

A. can B. must C. need D. mustn?t

( ) 3.He tried _____ the math problem.

A. to work out B. work out C. worked out D. working out

( ) 4. He is anxious _____ his son?s study.

A.at B. in C. for D.to

( ) 5.The little girl is old enough to ______ herself.

A. wear B. put on C. dress D. in

( ) 6. ---Look ! It ______ be Ling Feng.

---It _______ be him. He has gone back to England.

A. can, mustn?t B. can, can?t C. must, can?t D. must, may

( ) 7. He pretended _____ when he met a bear.

A. dead B. be dead C. die D. to be dead

( ) 8. I have used _____ all my money. I want to borrow some _____ my friend.

A. up, to B. up , from C. out, to D. out , from

( ) 9. There _____ a pool, but there stands a tall building instead.

A. use to have B. used to have C. use to be D. used to be

( ) 10. Luckily they ______ from the burning building.

A. ran B. came C. escaped D. jumped



( )1.“___ I answer this question in English? ”

“No, you ____. You ___ answer it in Chinese.”

A. May, needn?t, can B. Must, needn?t, may

C. May, mustn?t, could D. Must, mustn?t, can

( )2. Liu Mei?s name is on the bag. It _____ hers. .

A. was B. has been C. must be D. will be

( )3. Dick isn?t at school today. He ______ ill at home.

A. maybe B. might be C. was D. can?t be

( )4. My friend has lost his blue bike. This orange one _____ his.

A. must not be B. might be C. can?t be D. is must be

( )5. Who _____ this building belong to?

A. is B. does C. was D. has

( )6. There is _______ snow and it?s _______ cold this winter.

A. too much, too much B. too much, much too

C. much too, much too D. much too, too much

( )7. This girl ______ very clever.

A. used to be B. use to be C. used be D. used to is

( )8. “What are you _______? ”“I?m ______ my backpack, I can?t _____ it. ”

A. look for, find, look for B. finding, finding, look for

C. looking for, looking for, find D. finding, looking for, find

( )9. What _____ in Bell Tower Neighborhood this time yesterday?

A. happened B. was happened C. was happening D. is happening ( )10. “Maybe this coat is Li Xia?s ”means “______”.

A. This coat must be Li Xia?s B. This coat must belong to Li Xia

C. This coat can?t be Li Xia?s D. The coat may be Li Xia?s

( )11.“The volleyball must belong to Carla. ”means “_____”.

A. Carla?s name is on the volleyball B. Carla has a volleyball

C. The volleyball must be Carla?s D. That can?t be carla?s volleyball

( )12. Mark Twain is Mary?s _____ author.

A. famous B. favorite C. different D. strange

( )13. I really need my ruler _____ I?ll have a math test on algebra tomorrow.

A. if B. when C. so D. because

( )14.“What do you think ?terrified? mean? ”I think it means “___”.

A. afraid B. happy C. glad D. sad

( )15. “______ magazine do you think it is? ”It must be Grace?s.

A. Where B. Which C. Whose D. How

( )16. A: Where?s Rose? B: I?m not sure. She _____ in the library.

A. is B. might be C. must be

( )17. A: My daughter just got a scholarship to Stanford!

B: You ____ be proud of her.

A. could B. must C. might

( )18. A: How does Sheila get to school?

B: I don?t really know. She _____ the bus.

A. might take B. takes C. must take

( )19. A: Is Myrna working in the city today? B: She _______. I?m not sure.

A. could B. could have C. could be

( )20. A: Does Lucia still share a house with his sister?

B: I don?t know. He ______.

A. might be B. might C. might have


1. 你看到在地上的钱也许是上帝给你的压岁钱。

The money you ________ lying on the ground _________ __________the money for the new year from the God.

2. 这本新的英汉字典肯定属于吉姆。

This new ___________________ dictionary __________ __________ _________ Jim.

1. 由于大雨,他来晚了。He came late ___________ ________ the _________


4. 昨晚,在我的梦中我在无尽的试卷中漂浮。

Last night, in my dream I was ___________ in ________ __________ of paper.

5. 不要让昨天占去今天太多的时间(昨天的事昨天做,今天还有今天事)。

Don?t let yesterday _________ _________ too much of ___________.

6. 我好几天没看见我们的数学老师了。I _______ ________ our math teacher ______ several days.

7. If you _________ ________ _________(如果你知道) where it might be, please call me.

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