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教学质量单元测评(Unit6—Unit 7)


(时间:90分钟 满分:100分)


( (

( ( ( 二.单项选择(15分)。

( )1. --What are you going to be when you grow up?

--I’m going to be a _________because I like playing the violin.

A. musician B. player C. pilot

( )2. Tom is going to be in Beijing for________.

A. a week or two B. a week and two C. one and two weeks

( A. has B. is going to be C. will have

( )4. —What’s your brother doing over there?

—Oh, he’s ______ his New Year’s resolutions

A. making B. keeping C. practicing

( )5. My uncle is going to___ Dalian next year.

A. moves B. move to C. live

( )6. —Where are you going to work? — ________. Maybe Beijing.

A. hope so. B.I’m not sure yet. C.That’s a good idea.

( )7. It will be bad for your health to eat _____food and take _____ exercise.

A. fewer, more B. more, less C. little, much

( )8. There _____ a meeting tomorrow afternoon.

A. will have B. is going to have C. will be

( )9. Everyone has his own dreams, but those dreams don’t always _______.

A. come true B. come over C. keep true

( )10. —_____ will your head teacher come back from England? —In two days.

A. How long B. How soon C. How often

( )11. I’m afraid I’ll have to _________ the lost book.

A. pay for B. paid for C. pay of

( )12. —Shall I come again tomorrow afternoon? —________ (好的).

A. Yes, please B. Yes, you will . C. No, please.

( )13. ________ open the window?

A. Will you please B. Please will you C. You please

( )14. — Let's go out to play football, shall we? — OK. I ________.

A. will coming B. be going to come C. am coming

( )15. He ________ very busy this week, he ________ free next week.

A. will be; is B. will be; will be C. is; will be

三. 完形填空 (10分)

Mike always like ships. When he was young, he said, “I’m going to be a soldier.” But his eyes were not very__1__, so he didn’t get in.

Then he said, I’m going to __2__ a small boat and I’m traveling around the world.” But boats were very expensive, and Mike did not have enough ___3___.

Last summer Mike found a swimming __4__ near his house. The lesson didn’t cost very ___5___ and Mike began going to the school at the end of every week and having ___6___. Now he is a good swimmer.

Last week a little boy said to him: “You’re a very good swimmer. How do ___7___learn so well?”

“I’m not good at all,” Mike said and he smiled. “__8__I’m in the water, I say to myself, “There are __9__ fishes behind me! Then I’m very afraid, and I __10__ quickly.”

( )1.A.big B.beautiful C .good

( )2.A.buy B. make C .borrow

( )3.A.money B. work C. time

( ) 4.A.park B.school C. farm

( ) 5.A.much B. little C .many

( )6.A.meals B.lessons C .talks

( )7.A.I B. you C. we

( )8.A.If B. When C. Though

( )9.A.interesting B. nice C. dangerous

( )10.A.run B. jump C. swim

四.阅读理解 (30分) (A)

Thomas Edison was a famous American scientist . He was born in 1874 . When he was a child, he liked to find out how things worked . He was in school for only three months . He asked his teacher a lot of strange questions . Most of them had nothing to do with his lessons . The teacher thought the boy was not bright was not worth(值得) teaching . When he told this to Edison’s mother, she took her son out of school . As she had been a teacher, she taught him

herself .The boy read a lot . Soon he became very interested in science . At the age of ten , Edison had already built a chemistry lab(化学试验室) for himself .Ever since then , he had never stop searching (寻找) for new and better ways to do things .

( )26.Edison was born in the century .

A.eighteenth B. nineteenth C. nineteen D.eighteen

( )27.While he was in shool , Edison .

A.studied his lessons very hard B. was often late for school

C. liked to ask questions D.was not bright enough to study

( )28. Edison learned more from .

A.his mother B. his teacher C. other boys D. his father

( )29.Young Edison was interested in A.sports B. playing games C. making trouble D.science

( )30.He was always searching for new and better ways to do things after he A. read books B. finished school C. built a lab D. was taken of school


George liked flying a plane. Once he bought a small plane and learned how to fly it. He soon became so good that he could make his plane do all kinds of tricks(技巧).

George had a friend. His name was Peter. One day George said to his friend, “ Peter,

would you like to have a trip in my plane?” Peter thought, “ I’ve traveled in a big plane several times, but I’ve never been in a small one, so I’ll go.”

They went up, and George flew around for half an hour and did all kinds of tricks in

a shaken voice(颤抖的声音), “ Well, George, thank you very much for these two trips in your plane.”

George was very surprised and asked, “ Two trips? ”

“Yes, my first and my last.” Answered Peter.

( )1. Peter ______ his friend’s plane.

A. had to fly in B. was asked to have a trip in

C. was asked to fly D. asked George to fly

( )2. Peter went up with George in the plane because ______ .

A. he liked traveling very much B. George was good at flying his plane

C. he had never traveled in a small plane

D. Peter could do all kinds of flying tricks

( )3. They were in the plane for ______ minutes.

A. forty-five B. sixty C. thirty D. some

( )4. How many times did Peter travel in his friend’s small plane?

A. Once B. Twice C. Three times D. Several times

( )5. From the passage we know that ______ .

A.Peter thanked George for the nice trip

B.Peter thought it was wonderful to have such a trip

C.Peter felt surprised that his friend could fly so well

D.Peter was worried about his safety while George was doing tricks in the



I have a dream- one day in the year of 2016 when Brazil hosts the Olympic Game, The soccer country.At that time,I will be an 18-year-old soccer player. I like playing soccer very much. I play it everyday. I want to be a famous sporters(运动员). I also want to join in the National team. Then I can go to Brazil. So I am going to study harder from now on. I'm going to speak and write English as much as I can. And keep playing soccer after school everyday.Do you want to have a dream like me?


( )31. The writer(作者)is going to be an reporter when he is 18 years old.

( )32. The writer is 18 years now.

( )33. Many sporters are going to Brazil for the the Olympic Game.

( )34. Brazil is a country of South American.

( )35. The writer wants to study harder at English for his dream.

五、词汇( 15分)。


1. It's i_________ for me to be there before eight o'clock.

2. She wants to be an actor when she g_________ up.

3. You are wrong , and I d____________ with you.

4.This is my New Year’s 决心)

5.My father is an (工程师) in Australia.

B) 根据句意,用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。(10分)

1. There are many famous _________(predict) that never came true.

2. Many _________(science) think we will have our own robots.

3. This is only my own _________(person) advice.

4. Mary’s birthday is next Monday, her mother _____(give)her a present.

5. I ______(be)tired. I ______(go)to bed early tonight.

6. I am afraid there _________(be)a meeting this afternoon. I can’t join you.

7. -______ they ________(walk) to work this afternoon? -No, they won't.

8. I ______(finish) all my work before I ______ (leave).

9. It is very cold these days. It ______(snow)soon.

10. -Where ____(be)you going to work?-I ____________(work)in Haikou.



________ ________ did your father ______ there? (对划线部分提问)

________ _______ you going to play?

3. There are two banks in the town. (用next year修改句子)

There _______ ________ two banks in the town next year.

4.He will finish the homework this afternoon.(改为否定句) He _______ ________ the homework this afternoon.

5. Will the flowers come out next week?(做否定回答)

________,________ ________.

七. 书面表达(15分)

请以I want to be a /an …为题写一篇短文,词数60-80。内容必须包括提示中的三项提示要求。

提示:1. What do you want to be? 2. Why do you want to be a/an…?

3. How can you make it come true?






_ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Unit 6-7答案:

一. 辨音(5分) C C A C A



三. 完型填空(10分)

1—5 C B A A D 6—10 C B C B A

四. 阅读理解(30分)

A )B C A D C B )B C C A D C)F F T T T

五. 词汇(15分)

A )1. impossible 2. grows 3. disagree 4. resolution 5. engineer

B )1. predictions 2. scientists 3. personal 4. will give 5. am, will go

6. will be 7.will, they 8. will finish, leave 9. will snow 10. are, are going to work

备注:有些will 也可以用 be going to

六. 句型转换(10分)

1. How long, stay 2. When are 3. will be 4. won’t finish 5. No, they won’t

七.书面表达(15分) 略

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