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九年级英语 unit 7 词组

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Unit 7 词组

1. would like to do = want to do = feel like doing 想要做… 2. trek through the jungle 穿越丛林

go across = cross 从表面通过,横穿 through 从内部穿过 3. go on vacation 去度假

4. hope to do / hope + that 从句 希望。。。。

希望(某人)做。。。 5. somewhere relaxing 令人放松是地方

6. Why not do…? = Why don’t you do.?为什么不做….? 7. consider doing sth. 考虑做…

Why not consider visiting Paris?为什么不考虑巴黎呢? 8. the capital of… …的首都,省会

9. one of the liveliest cities 最有活力的城市之一 10. in general 通常,大体上

11. quite an expensive place (expensive反义词inexpensive)= a very expensive place一个很贵的地方

12. it’s best to do sth. = sb. had better do sth. 最好做… 13.be supposed to do sth. 应该… 14.表位置的三个介词:

in 在…里面 on 紧靠着(接壤) to 靠着(不接壤) 15.provide sb. with sth. = provide sth. for sb. 为某人提供… provide me with some information为我提供一些信息 provide better lives for parents 为父母提供更好的生活 16.do lots of outdoor activities 做大量的户外活动 17.big enough for three people 对三个人来说足够大

18.dream about/of 梦想,向往 ( dreamt,dreamed) 19.in the future 在将来

20.the findings of a survey about …关于…的调查结果 数以千计的 six thousand 六百 (单数)

22.answers to the questions 问题的答案 23.as soon as possible 尽可能快的 24.according to 根据

25.all kinds of …多种多样的

26quite a few +可数名词复数 相当多的 27.be willing to…愿意做…

28.achieve their dreams =their dreams come true.实现他们的梦想 29.sail across Pacific横渡太平洋

30.have a good education 接受好的教育 31.on the other hand 另一方面 32.hold on to 继续,坚持

33.We’d like to be away for about three weeks.我们想要离开大约三个周。 be away 离开 瞬间动词 延续性动词 leave --- be away borrow --- keep buy --- have

start/begin --- be on die --- be dead

arrive/get to --- be here/there join --- be in / be a member of

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