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八年级英语上册 第一单元测试题及答案

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八年级英语上册 第一单元测试题及答案

( )1. My grandpa exercises _________ , so he is very health. A. three times a week B. three time a weekC. three times weeks D. third time a week ( )2. ---______do you have a sports meeting? ----Twice a year. A. How soon B. How often C. How long D. How far ( )3. Can you help me the classroom?

A. cleaning B. with clean C. to clean D. cleans ( )4.Here________the results ________the student activity survey. A. is; with B. are; of C. is; of D. are; with ( )5. An apple a day is good _____ your health .A. at B. for C. in D. with ( )6. Although they feel tired, ________they still go on working. A. and B. but C. / D. so ( )7. I think I’m _____ hungry. Could you give me something to eat? A. kinds of B. a litter C. kind of D. pretty very. ( )8. ----Does your mother often go to the movies?----- , she doesn’t like movies at all.

A. Ever B. Never C. Some times D. Usually ( )9. He can ______ hear you clearly, can he?A. almost B. ever C. hardly D. nearly ( )10. Are you good at popular songs? A. sing B. singing C. to sing D. sing ( )11. The little girl often goes skating _____ weekends.A. in B. on C. to D. for ( )12. His mother wants him good food.A.eat B. to eat C. eatingD. eats ( )13. ______ Animal World , it’s my favorite program. A. As to B. Such to C. Thanks to D. As for ( )14. Please look after your and keep . A. health, health B. healthy, healthy C. health, healthy D. healthy, health ( )15. Is this new bike the same as______. A. her B. she C. hers D. she's ( )16. He tries English. And he practices English every day.

A. to learn; to speakB. learning; speakingC. to learn; speaking D. learning; to speak

( )17. He________ his homework at school. A. doesn't B. don't do C. don't D. doesn't do ( )18. —There are 85% stu dents watching TV every day.—So we know students do it.A. all B. some C. most D. no

( )19. )—How many of these books have you read?— of them. Every one.

A. Many B. Some C. All D. None ( )20. Mrs. Green doesn’t come to the party. She has to her baby. A. look at B. look for C. look like D. look after II.完形填空What is junk food? Hamburgers, French fries and chocolate are all junk food. It’s bad __1__ our health. Do you like to eat junk food? Many children love it. __2__ their parents don’t want them

to eat __3__ junk food. __4__ the children know eating junk food is not a good habit, they still eat it. Some of them eat it every day, __5__ only eat it __6__ a week. Mike is __7__ unhealthy. He eats __8__ junk food every day, because he loves it. He __9__ eats vegetables. He is always tired. He is very thin. I think he must stop __10__ junk food, and keep healthy. ( )1. A. for B. with C. at D. to ( )2. A. And B. But C. So D. Although ( )3. A. too many B. so many C. too much D. much too ( )4. A. Because B. But C. And D. Although

( )5. A. the other B. others C. the others D. another ( )6. A. one time B. two times C. three time D. twice ( )7. A. kind of B. a kind of C. kinds of D. this kind ( )8. A. a lot B. a lot of C. lot of D. many ( )9. A. usually B. always C. often D. never

( )10. A. eats

B. eating C. to eat D. ate III.阅读理解。( Dr. Clarke was a very busy man. He always worked hard. He often forgot his family’s birthday. Yesterday afternoon he rememb ered it was his wife’s birthday. He loved his wife. He wanted to give her a present. On his way home he bought some flowers in a shop. When he got home he gave his wife the flowers and said," Happy birthday, It's September

28th today. I remembered your birthday this year." She laughed and said," My birthday was the day before yesterday, but thank you all the same. Better late than never! " ( )1.Dr Clarke_________.

A. wa s a free man

B. was often very busy C. didn't like his work D. worked in a factory ( )2. He often forgot___________. A. when to work B. how to work C. his family's birthday D. which shop to go

( )3.He bought some___________ in a shop on his way home. A. books B. apples C. a birthday cake D. flowers ( )4.Mrs. Clarke was___________ to get his present.

A. not glad B. happy C. not pleased D. angry ( )5.Which of the following is right?

A. Dr. Clarke loved his wife. B. He often gave his wife a present on her birthday. C. He remembered his wife's birthday this year. D. Mrs. Clarke's birthday was on September 28th. IV. 补全对话(5分)

A. Would you like to go with us?

B. How often do you go to the movies? C. Do you usually go to the movies? D. You’re welcome.

E. Have a good time with your friend! F. What’s your favorite movie?

G. What do you usually do on weekends? A:Tomorrow is Sunday. _1________

B: I usually go to movies. What about you? A: Me too. _2________ B: Once a week. A: _3________

B:It’s hard to say. But I like American movies. A:Who do you usually go to movies with? B: My friend, Sally.

A: Are you going to the movies this weekend? B: Sure. _4________

A: I’d love to, but I have to look after my little sister this weekend. _5________ B: Thank you. V.词汇。)根据句意及首字母提示,完成下列单词的拼写。(5分) 1.You must learn to eat h and take exercise regularly. 2.Do you find the d__________between the twins? 3.Our eating h are good, so I am in good health. 4.The old man ____________(锻炼)every morning.

5.Katrina doesn't often _______ (喝)coffee she likes green tea.. B) 根据句意,用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。 6.My mother goes to Beijing____(two) a year. 7.I_____(hard) ever see him now.

8. Li Lei often __________ (help) me with my Chinese. 9.My mother wants me______ (eat) a lot of vegetables. 10. Good food and exercise help me _______ (study) bett er. VI.句型转换。(10分)

1.My sister is ill. I must take care of her at home.(改为同义句) My sister is ill. I must__________ __________ her at home. 2.Tom goes to bed at ten in the evening. (改为否定句) Tom __________ ________ to bed at ten in the evening.

3.She goes to the movies three times a month.(对划线部分提问) How _____ does she _____ to the movies?

4.My mother wants me to play the guitar.(同义句转换) My mother_____ _____ me to play the guitar.

5. There is some milk in the glass.(就划线部分提问) __________ __________ milk is there in the glass?

Ⅶ. 书面表达某同学在班上做一次调查,统计一下同学们在playing computer games, exercising, doing homework, watching TV等方面的人数,如下表,请根据下列班级活动调查表写一篇不少于70词的调查报告。 Class 2,Grade 8: Activity Survey

Activity Every Day Twice a Week Four Times a Week watch TV 60% 20% 20% exercise 10% 20% 70% do homework 100% 0% 0% play computer games 0% 5% 0%

( All students= 100℅ Most students=51℅-99℅ Some students = 1℅-50℅ No students = 0℅)

Here are the results of the student activity survey in Class 2, Grade 8. Most students watch TV every day. Some students watch TV twice a week. Some students watch TV four times a week. Some students exercise every day. Some students exercise twice a week. Most students exercise four times a week. All the students do homework every day. No students do homework twice or four times a week. Some students play computer games twice a week but no students play computer g ames every day or four times a week.

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