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新目标八年级英语上册Unit 6 Section A

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Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister Section A(1a-2c)

第一课时 总计 第 ______个学案

一、教师寄语:Doing is better than saying.与其挂在嘴上,不如落实在行动上。


知识目标: 1. 形容词和副词的比较级的变化规则和用法。 形容词比较级的变化规则: ◆规则变化: ①一般地直接在词尾加一er(以e结尾的,只加一r)。 tall- taller quiet-quieter ②以“辅音字母+y”结尾的单词,变y为i,再加一er。funny-funnier heavy--heavier ③以“一个元音字母+一个辅音字母”结尾的重读闭音节单词,需双写词尾的辅音字母,再加一er。

1.生词和短语: outg oing, twin ,calm ,wild ,serious ,athletic, note ,mean ,

2. 重点句子: Pedro is funnier than Paul.

Tina is taller than Tara. Tom is more athletic than Sam.

能力目标: 1.Talk about personal traits. 2. Compare people.

情感目标 通过观察分析,讨论人与人之间的 不同点和相同点,从而培养学生的观察能力、分析


三、教学重难点: 1. 表示个人特征的词汇; 2. 形容词和副词的比较级。


Step 1 预习导学:预习并完成下列各题




Step2. Leading-in (导入新课)

谈论个性:A: What is he like?

B: He is outgoing/ easygoing/ calm.

Step 3 New knowledge to learn(新知学习)

Task 1.自主学习:Finish 1a。同桌、小组检查自学结果。

Task 2:① 听录音,完成1b

② 再听一遍,完成下面的空白

A: Is ______ Sam?

B: No, _______ Tom. Sam has _____ hair than Tom.

C: Yes, and Tom’s _______ ______Sam.

Task 3::同桌一起利用1a中的人物进行对比

Task 4: 学习2a, 2b

①.听录音完成2a, 2b.

② 再听一遍,完成下面的空白。

Interviewer: Tina, do you think you are ______ ______Tara?

Tina: Oh,_____. We’re very _____. I’m ______ than Tara. And I’m _____

________ . Let’s see, what________? Oh, I’m ______ _______, ______.

Interviewer: So, Tara, are you ______ ________ than Tina?

Tara: I guess so. But I’m _______ than Tina. And I’m ________.

Step 4小组合作训练:根据2c表格巩固比较级—同桌进行会话。

精讲点拨: thin-thinner big-bigger ④多音节和部分双音节形容词的比较级由more加形容词原形构成。 athletic—more athletic ;beautiful-more beautiful ◆不规则变化:有些形容词的比较级的变化是不规则。 good-better well--better’ bad-worse many——more little-less much-more -farther/further 形容词比较级的用法 (1)表示二者比较时,常用连词than连接。 (2)形容词的比较级可以由much,a little,even,far等表示程度的词语修饰。 特殊用法 ①表示“两个中比较……”,用“the+比较级+of the two”。 ②表示“大几岁”、“长几米”之类的比较时,用“数量+比较级+than”。 2.写出下列单词的比较级: 1)funny _____2)thin ______3)tall______4)quiet ____ 5)interesting________ 6)smart__________ 7)serious__________8)athletic________ Step 5 Summary: 向同桌说出形容词比较级的用法,变化规则。 当堂检测 一、根据汉语完成句子 1. He is an ______(外向的)boy. 2 .Don’t be so ______(轻率的). 3.My father is a very _____(沉着的)man. 4.Lucy and Lily are ______(双胞胎) 二、用所给单词适当形式填空 1.Mr.Smith is much __(old)than his wife.2.This book is __(good)than that one. 3.Which is ___(big),the sun or the moon?4.She is_____(healthy) than her brother. 5.I think it's much ______ (nice)to stay at home than to go out on a hot day. 6. This little boy is __ (outgoing) than that one. 7.My teacher is as___(serious)as my mother. 8.His story is funnier than______ (she). 9. He has _____(many)books than I. 10.Are you good at______(read)English? 三、按要求完成句子变化 1. Sam speaks Chinese well. Tom speaks Chinese better.(合并为一个句子) Tom speaks Chinese than Sam . 2.Tom is short.Jim is shorter.(合并为一句)Tom is ______ _______ Jim. Jim is ______ _________ Tom 3. I am a little heavier than her.(改为同义句)She is a little _______ than me. far

4. I am calmer than her.(改为同义句) She _______ ______ than me.


1. Helen _______ than Kate. A.is calmer B.is calm C.calm D.are calmer

2. Now telephones are very popular and they are much ______ than before.

A.cheap B.cheaper C.cheapest D.the cheapest

3. Which subject do you like ______, English or Chinese?

A.well B.better C.the best D.good

4. Let’s go by plane.It’s _ than by train.

A. faster B. fastest C. slower D.slowest

5. Isabella and Maria _____ girls.

A.are all B.are both C.all are D.is bot h

6. ______ we can see, our country is more and more beautiful and stronger.

A.As B.Like C.If D.Since


Many people like____. Children like animals___. Usually we can only see dogs, cats, ducks or

chickens around us. We____ see other animals such as elephants, tigers, pandas or monkeys. On Sunday, ____often take____ children to the zoo. How happy the children are! They____ from one place to another. They give animals all____ of good food to eat. They____ there one hour after another. They don't want to go____. Children ___ have a good time in the zoo.



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