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1.He didn’t go _____(地方) interesting during the summer holidays. 2.Mary is ___18-year-old girl. She likes ___ music. 3.Linda enjoys playing both ___basketball and ____piano. 4.Betty ___(must, can)not come to the party because she has to finish school work first. 5.I would like ___of coffee and cola. I prefer a cup of tea . 6.Is ____here?(大家都来了吗) 7.Too much salt can be bad ___our heart.

8.____ students are reading, some are writing, ____are doing something else. 9.Eating __food and taking __ exercise is the best way to lose weight. 10.The more careful you are, the ___ mistakes you will make. 11.He can’t do the work as ___ (好)as she. 12.I like a school___many trees and flowers. 13.Mr Wang lives ___ the fifth floor ___ the tall building. (___my first name) 14.I’m Tony Smith. You ___ call me Tony 15.You__go in a hurry. We have lots of time.

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