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译牛9A Unit 5 reading课件

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Period 2 Reading (I)


Science fiction film

Let’s get close to Hepburn…
Mini—task 1: ? How many Oscar Awards did she win? ? How many Oscar nominations did she get in all(总共)?

Mini—task 2: Find out Audrey Hepburn’s profile Birth date 4th May Birth place Career 1929

Belgium dancer; model; actress

Death date 20th Jan 1993

Death cause
Star sign


Mini—task 3: Read the passage again and find out the well—known films that Audrey Hepburn acted in.

Monte Carlo Baby

Funny Face

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, (in 1961)

(Oscar Nomination)


(Her last film in 1989)

Gardens of the world with Audrey Hepburn

(Only one TV series)

Hepburn’s acting career
Monte Carlo Baby Gigi met famous writer Colette, in 1951 marked the beginning of her successful career won an Oscar for Best Actress won the Tony Awards earned Oscar nomination earned Oscar nomination one of the well-known films she acted last appearance in films, in 1989 only one TV series, reminded…

Roman Holiday
Ondine Funny face Breakfast at Tiffany’s My fair Lady Always Gardens of the world with Audrey Hepburn

Mini—task 4: Audrey Hepburn’s life
Audrey met Colette in France. ( 5 b Audrey earned four more )Oscar nominations. ( 4 )c Audrey won the Tony Awards. ( 3 )d Audrey earned an Oscar for Best Actress. e ( 6 ) Always—Audrey Hepburn’s last appearance in films. f ( 2 ) Audrey played the lead role in the play GiGi
( 1 )a

Mini—task5:Analyze(分析) the structure of the text Simple introduction Para 1: Starting
on Audrey Hepburn Para 2: Audrey Hepburn’s early time before being a star

Main body

A great beauty Para A great actress
Para 7: A great humanitarian


Her successful acting career Audrey Hepburn’s Para 8: last days

A great humanitarian
Audrey’s achievements went beyond the film industry _____________. She was not only a _____________, but also a __________________. great actress great humanitarian She devoted much of her time to __________. charity During her last few years in her life, she worked closely with ___________ and helped many UNICEF ______________ in different countries. Her needy children efforts in this area earned her many awards including ____________________________ from Presidential Medal of Freedom the president of the United States.

? Group 1: her profile ? Group 2: her successful acting career ? Group 3: a great humanitarian

Mini—task 6: Retell the passage

Mini—task 6: Retell the passage
1.4 th May 1929 , born in Belgium, 1991, had cancer ;1992,, passed away 2.very young, taking ballet lessons ,a model before entering film industry 3.1951, met the writer Colette 4.played the lead role in the play Gigi 5.later, the lead role of a young princess in the film Roman Holiday ,an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in this film 6.the Tony Awards for the play Ondine . 7.1989, made her final appearance in Always 8.acted in the TV series, Gardens of the Worl

d with Audrey Hepburn 9.a great humanitarian, devoted much of her time to charity, working closely with UNICEF, the President of the United States presented her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work in 1993.

Love is giving. Love is living. Love is taking someone’s load(负担). Love helps them along the road. Love is caring. Love is sharing. Love will seek(寻求) the best for others. Love treats(把…看作) everyone as brother.

1.Read the text for fifteen minutes. 2. Write a composition about Jackie Chan. Your composition should include: his profile; achievements and charity work.

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