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1. We must find a person (做这项工作)

2. In my family, my mother is always the first one (起床)

3. Do you have (什么问题要问)?

4. There are (许多重要事情要谈)

5. This book is (不容易理解)

6.He was too excited (说不出话来)

7. Do you think him easy (容易相处)?

8. You must get him (今晚顺便到这儿来)

9. It was not good (早晨起床晚)

10. It was a mistake (没有帮他学英语)

11. Her wish is (成为一名大学生)

12.What worries me is (在会上演说些什么)

13. It is our duty (保护家园)

14. I opened the door (让新鲜空气进来)

15. __________(说) is one thing; _________(做) is quite another.

16. _______________________(学好一门外语) is not easy.

17.It’s good _________________(帮助别人) when they are in trouble.

18. I want _________________(和你说句话) .

19. I hope ___________________(不久再见到你).

20. My idea is _____________________________(立刻开始工作).

21. Her wish is _______________(上大学) when she finishes middle school.

22. Li Ming asked me _________________(和他去游泳).

23. Did you see him ___________________(上.公共汽车)

24. You must be hungry. I’ll get you something _________(吃).

25. Is there anyone _________________(照顾这些孩子)?

26. She went to the station _________________(接一位美国朋友).

27.My uncle has come to Beijing ________________________(参加一个重 要的会议).

28. Please tell me ____________________(怎样念这个词).

29. I haven’t decided ____________________(买哪一件衬衫).

30. The question is _______________________(走哪一条路).

31. She didn’t know _______________________(说什么).

32. Have you decided _______________________ (去哪里)for your holiday?

33. They plan ___________(盖) another cinema here next year.

34. Please remember ____________ (关)the window before you leave. 351. He ___________________ (逼着我做)all the work again.

36. The teacher _________________ (告诉我们要注意)what he was doing.

37. She __________________ (不允许孩子们玩)in the street.

38. I ___________________ (没想到你来得)so early.

39. The boss _____________________(强迫工人干活) long hours.

40. I ________________ (不想让你当)a painter.

41. I _______________ (看见他上楼)a moment ago.


42. I _________________ (听见雨打)on the window. 43. It _______________(让我想起) a lot of things. 44. She likes to _________________ (看人们溜冰).


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