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九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Topic 3 Would you like to be a greener person Section A》讲学稿

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《Unit 2 Topic 3 Would you like to be a greener person Section A》讲


【长课导学】课题Unit 2 Topic3 Would you like to be a greener person? Section A P41-42 第1课时


1.学习由连词or, and, but 和while 连接的复合句;掌握句型:It’s + adj.+ of/for + sb. + to do sth. ;掌握 be supposed to do sth 的用法。



模块二:自主学习 (独立进行)预时20分钟(Self-study & Self-exploration)


模块三:交流研讨 (小组交流、合作、展示) (Cooperation ,Exploration &Show)




模块五:当堂训练(预时20分钟) 姓名:__________班级:九(____)


( ) 1.Work hard, _____ you will fail the exam.

A. and B. but C. or D. while

( ) 2. Our task is _____ the lost child.

A. finding B. found C. to find D. find

( ) 3. We should encourage students _____ the environment.

A. protect B. protecting C. to protect D. protected

( ) 4. It’s important _____ you _______ English.

A. of, to study B. for, studying C. of, studying D. for, to study

( ) 5. Money is very important _____ it’s not the most important thing.

A. or B. and C. so D. but

( ) 6. Mr. Green is ______ our neighbor ______ my English teacher.

A. only, except B. either, or C. neither, no D. not only, but also

( ) 7. She is busy _____ for the exam, We’d better not disturb her.

A. preparing B. to prepare C. get ready D. be ready

( ) 8. Although it’s hard to realize his dream, he never ______.

A. gives it up B. gives up it C. gives it in D. give in it

( ) 9. Do you know ______ he was doing this time yesterday?

A. that B. what C. when D. where

( )10. There are many beautiful flowers on ______sides of the road. They make our city beautiful.

A. all B. each C. neither D. both

( )11. I like music _____Luo Ming likes sports.

A. when B. while C. so D. or

1. We shouldn’t __2. ________ the environment is everybody’s duty.

3. It’s very kind of the volunteers ________ efforts to help plant more trees.

4. We can ________ plastic bags when we go shopping.

5. He never ____________ collecting waste paper.


1. If you don’t hurry up, you’ll miss the early bus.(同义句转换)

________ ________, ________ you’ll miss the early bus.

2. Work hard. You can finish your homework in two hours. (合并为一句)

Work hard ________ you can finish your homework in two hours.

3. Being a greener person is so easy. (同义句转换)

It is not _____________ ______ ______ a greener person.


It’s very clever ______ him ______ _______ _______ this math problem.



今日一得 今日不足 ___


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