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九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Topic 3 Would you like to be a greener person Section C》讲学稿

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《Unit 2 Topic 3 Would you like to be a greener person Section C》讲


【长课导学】课题Unit 2 Topic3 Would you like to be a greener person? Section C P45-46 第3课时


1. 继续学习连词and, but, while, or 引导的复合句。



模块二:自主学习 (独立进行) (Self-study & Self-exploration)


模块三:交流研讨 (小组交流、合作、展示) (Cooperation ,Exploration &Show)




模块五:当堂训练(预时20分钟) 姓名:_________班级:九(___)

一、用连词but, and, however和while填空。

1. It’s raining hard;_____________,he keeps on working in the field.

2. Kangkang can solve the problem,___________ I can’t. 3. Coal is very dirty __________ it is very dangerous, because it causes “acid rain.” 4. The water trains in Wales use water to push one train down a hill _______they use water to pull another train up the hill.


1.It’s (danger, dangerous) for children to climb such a tall tree. 2. The dead fish smells (terrible, terribly). 3.You should cross the road __ (careful, carefully). 4. Wind is used for __ (produce, producing) electricity. 5. The __ (following, follow) ways will help you learn how to save energy.

三、单项选择。 ( ) 1.Boys lived in tents on the playground _____ girls lived in a hall.

A. when B. as C. while D. for

( ) 2. –Hello, Mr. Wang!– Hello, I don’t think I know you. A. but B. because C. or D. and ( ) 3. _______ everyone played well, we lost the game at last. A. Though, but B. Though, / C. Though, then D. Though, and ( ) 4. A farmer in England used animal waste his car. A. run B. running C. to run D. runs ( ) 5. It’s necessary _______ you to hand in your homework on time.

A. of B. for C. to D. with

四、根据汉语提示完成句子 1. What can we do ___ (改善环境) . 2. ___ (记得关灯) when you leave a room. 3. How many ways __ (发电) do you know? 4. ___ (电动汽车) work well, but they are slow and can’t run for long. 5. He is driving a car __ (低速)。


今日一得 今日不足 ___


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