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How often do you exercise


( )1. Is your bike broken? Let ____ you.

A. me to help B. I help C. me help D. I to help

( )2. Although they feel tired, ____they still go on working.

A. and B. but C. / D. so

( )3. The woman can't____ his son in the park.

A. read B. watch C. look D. find

( )4. Li Lei works in England. He comes to China____.

A. three time a year B. three times a year

C. three times year D. three time year

( )5. His grandmother is well because she often ____.

A. exercises B. smokes C. sleeps D. sings

( )6. —____ do they play football?

—Every day.

A. How soon B. How much C. How many D. How often

( )7. His mother wants him ___ at home today.

A. stays B. stayed C. to stay D. staying

( )8. Here ____ the results___ the student activity survey.

A. is; with B. are; of C. is; of D. are; with

( )9.______ homework, we do their homework on Sunday.

A. As for B. As to C. As of D. As from

( )10. These days Mrs Li looks____ healthy.


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A. nice B. pretty C. heavy D. cool

( ) 11. A: How often ______ she exercise?

B: Twice a week.

A. do B. does C. doing D. did

( ) 12. Is her lifestyle the same ______ yours or different?

A. as B. in C. at D. to


at home, but others like to go out for a walk or play football. Mr Smith hard in a factory during (在期间he goes with his family to a village(村庄a farm there. It isn't a big one, but and Mr Smith's them a big meal.

( )l. A. play B. stay C. be D. so

( )2. A. works B. does C. makes D. studies

( )3. A. day B. year C. week D. month

( )4. A. does B. do C. make D. has

( )5. A. Sunday B. Saturday C. Thursday D. Friday

( )6. A. have B. has C. bring D. find

( )7. A. much B. many C. any D. most

( )8. A. food B. rice C. cakes D. fruit

( )9. A. hungry B. angry C. full D. happy

( )10. A. give B. puts C. makes D. does


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三、阅读理解 A

Fish and chips, and Chinese take-away food are very popular in England. But they are less

popular in the U.S.A. In the U.S.A, they eat take-away food, too, like chicken. But the most popular kind of take-away food is the Hamburger(汉堡包). It looks like bread with meat in it. Ham(火腿)is a kind of pork-but the Hamburger does not have any pork in it. It has beef in it. The beef is inside a kind of cake. Hamburgers are delicious. They are very popular in the U.S.A. They are also popular in England and Australia. ( )1. Fish and chips are very popular ________.

A. in England B. in Australia C. in the U.S.A D. in Canada

( )2. In the U.S.A the most popular kind of take-away food is________.

A. Hamburger B. fish C. chips D. bread

( )3. The Hamburger does not have any ________ in it.

A. beef B. pork C. fish D. chips

( )4. Hamburgers are ________.

A. beef B. pork C. fish D. chips

( )5. Hamburger is a kind of ________.

A. meat B. drink C. food D. vegetable

Perhaps you have heard a lot about the Internet, but what is it?The Internet is many different

networks around the world. A network is a group of computers put together. These networks joined together are called the Internet.

Maybe that doesn’t sound interesting. But when we’ve joined the Internet. There are lots of things we can do. We can have a lot of interest on the World Wide Web (www). We can use the internet instead of a library to find all kinds of information for our homework.. We can find information about our favorite sports or film stars and do shopping on the Internet. We can also send messages to other people by e-mail. It is much cheaper and quicker than calling our friends or sending letters.

Thanks to the Internet, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. People can now work at home with a computer in front, getting and sending the information they need. They can buy or sell whatever they want by the Internet. But do you know 98%of the information is English? So what will English be like tomorrow?

( ) 6. The passage is mainly about_____.

A. the Internet B. information C. computers D. e-mail

( ) 7. The quickest and cheapest way for people to send message to their friends is _____.


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A. by post B. by e-mail C. by telephone D. by TV

( ) 8. The Internet can not be used to _____.

A. find information for our homework..

B. get some information about our favorite sports stars.

C. do some shopping. D. do some housework

( ) 9. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. The Internet is a big computer.

B. The Internet is lots of computer networks.

C. The Internet is very helpful.

D. People can work at home with the help of the Internet.

( ) 10. What does the writer try to tell us with the last two sentences?

A. The Internet is more and more popular.

B. All the information is English.

C. English is important in using the Internet.

D. Every computer must join the Internet.


Liu Xiang is a famous runner in the world. He was the winner(获胜者) of the Athens Olympics(雅典奥运会) . The Chinese people are proud (自豪) of him. He is a hard-working young man. He is still strong and healthy. Why is he in good health? He usually gets up early in the morning and exercises every day. He likes listening to music and he sings well. He has good eating habits. He never eats junk food and hardly ever smokes and drinks. He goes to bed early and sleeps 8 hours every night. He often says, “It is important(重要) for health to have a good lifestyle.”


( ) 1. Liu Xiang is a singer.

( ) 2. He never wins the Olympics.

( ) 3. He doesn’t have a healthy eating habit.

( ) 4. He likes singing and smoking very much.

( ) 5. He has enough (足够的) sleep and he is healthy.


1.I’m __________ ___________(比…更安静)most kids in my class.

2. He _______ _______ _________(擅长)English and very good with children.

3. Which book do you think is _______ ________?(更有趣)

4.My friend is _______ ________ ________(和…一样)me.

5.We must________ _______ __________(善待)the old people.


用Never sometimes usually once a week 描述你的生活习惯。


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