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Module6 unit2 It's in the north of China

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Book6 Module6

Unit2 It’s in the north of China.

炭库学校:周 丹


1.知识目标:学习本课新单词parent/rode/horse/climb/holiday和句型Where’s…?It’s in the…,并掌握本课


2.能力目标:能运用句型Where’s …?It’s in the…来描述方位,运用所学知识描述自己的旅行经历。




四、教学准备:PPT、单词卡片、录音机、调查表;学生准备前置性作业:My travel


Step I. Warming up

1.Greetings. T:Hello,boys and girls.How are you? SS:Hello,Ms Zhou.

2.Free talk and dute report. T:What day is today?What’s the wather like? SS:It’s…..

3.Show ppt and play the tape.

T:Let’s sing a song:Where did you go? SS: Clap the hands and sing the song.

Step II. Revision and presentation

1.T:(Show word cards检查预习):Please read together. SS:Read together.

2.Show ppt and say:Do you like traveling?I like traveling very much.

Look,I’ve got some photos.Can you guess:Where did I go last year? S:Maybe,you went…..

3.T:Ah,That’s right.I went Guang’an and Emei Mountain last year.

Now please guess again,where are these?(Show PPT) S:I think picture 1 is….

4.T:I’m very happy.Because you’re so cleve.

Please answer my questions now:Where is Beijing/Hainan/Shanghai/xinjiang?

SS:It’s in the north/south/east/west of China.

5.T:That’s right.Can you chant with me?(show PPT ,clap and say the chant.)

SS:Clap and say the chant with teacher.

6.Lingling like traveling too.Do you want to know where did Lingling go?What did she do?Let’s look. Step III.New teaching

1.T:I’m going to play the tape.You should listen carefully and number.(Show PPT) SS:Listen and number.


3.Teach new words

1) T: (Show picture)What’s this?(teach:horse). What did lingling do?(teach:rode a horse ride-rode) Practice: 自由读、男女生读、大小声读、表演读。

Say the sentence: Lingling rode a horse.

2) 同方法教学:climb -- climbed—climbed the Tianshan Mountain

visit—visited—visited the Tianchi Lake

4.T:I’m going to play the tape again.Please listen and answer my questions.

1) When did Lingling go to Xinjiang?

2) Where is Xinjiang?

3) Which mountain did Lingling climb?

4) Which lake did Lingling visit?

5) Did she have a good time?

S:Listen and answer.

5.T:I’m going to play the tape again.Please listen to the tape and repeat it.(指导学生连读) SS:Listen and repeat.

6.T:Can you read the text self? SS:Read the text self.

Step IV. Practice

1. T:Can you describe Lingling’s travel? SS:Describe Lingling’s travel.

2.Describe Lingling’s travel together.(Show PPT)

3.Read the text together.(Show PPT)

4. Try to be a young reporter : make a survey.

T:你去旅游过吗?能告诉大家你的旅游经历吗?(Show PPT)

1) PPT出示自学要求并由生齐读。

小组合作学习时,先个人思考并完善小练笔”My travel”,然后在组长的组织下进行交流。 组内交流时要做到大胆发言,认真倾听,积极评价和补充;组长做好相关的记录。 各组做好在全班交流汇报的准备。

2) PPT出示表格,提醒学生完成表格时的注意事项。

3) 学生小组内完成学习任务

4) 交流、展示:抽1-2个小组上台展示小组合作学习成果,并组织全班进行评价。

5.Teach the song: My home’s the place (此环节根据上课时间是否充足而定)

Step V. Summary

Travel,a kind of life style.Closed to the nature.Experience the different lives.



Step VI. Homeworks

1.Talk about your travel with your friends.



M6 U2 It’s in the north of China.

连读: New words: north parent went to ride-rode in the west of west east horse

rode a horse climb-climbed had a lovely time south holiday

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