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unit7 Will people have robots sectionB 3a-3c 11.20

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What do the robots look like?

What can robots do?

Read and answer the following questions.

1)When we watch the movies about the future, what do we sometimes see? 2). Which country has robots that can walk and dance? 3) What are the scientists trying to do? 4) Do the robots get bored if they do the simple jobs over and over again? 5) What kind of job can a snake robot do?
Answers: 1.Robots. 2.Japan. 3.To make robots look like human 4. No. 5. It can look for people under buildings.

Fill in the blanks with the right words.
already Today there are ________ robots working in ___________. For example, factories build they can help to ______ cars, and they do simple ______ jobs over and over again. They do jobs like working in dirty or dangerous places _________ ______.

Fewer people will do such jobs in future because they are boring, but robots will never get _______. Some scientists bored _______ that there will more robots in believe ________ of hundreds ____ years. They are trying to make robots look like ________. humans

Key points:

1. For example, they can help to build cars, and they do simple jobs over and over again.例如他们可以帮助制造 汽车并一遍又一遍做简单的事情。 over and over again 一遍又一遍地 eg. She read the book over and over again. 她一遍又一 遍的读那本书. 2. Fewer people will do such jobs in the future because they are boring, but robots will never get bored.未来会有 更少的人做这样的工作,因为他们会很厌烦,但是机器人 却从来都不会 1) such adj. 这样,如此 eg. It is such bad weather.天气如此恶劣。 2) get bored 变得烦躁 get + adj. 变得 eg. He got angry when his son didn’t finish the homework. 当他知道他儿子未完成作业时,他变得很生气。


Some scientists believe that there will be such robots in the future. However. They agree it may take hundreds of years.有些科学家相信在将来会有这种机 器人.然而,他们认为这可能需要数百年的时间. 1)take 花费 It takes sb some time to do sth 花费某人多长时间做某事. eg. It takes me an hour to do my homework every day.做 作业 每天要花费我一个小时的时间。 2) hundreds of许许多多(好几百) 4. Scientists are now trying to make robots look like humans and do the same things as us.科学家们正试着 把机器人制作的更像人并且和我们人类做相同的事情。 1) make sb. do sth使某人做某事,make 后面接宾语和省 掉了to的不定式作宾语补足语。 eg. My father makes me play the piano every day. 我爸爸让我每天弹钢琴。

5. But scientist James White thinks that it will be difficult for a robot to do the same things as a person.但是科学 家詹姆斯怀特认为:对机器人来时和人做一样的事情是很 困难的。 1) It + be +形容词+ (for sb) + to do sth (某人)做某事怎 么样 eg. It is not easy for me to get up early on Sunday morning.周日早起对我 来

说很不容易。 2) the same…as… 同??一样的?? eg. I don’t like to wear the same clothes as you do every day. 我不喜欢 每天都和你穿一样的衣服。 6. They think that robots will be able to talk to people in 25 to 50 years.他们相信在25至50年以后机器人将能够和 人对话。 1)be able to 为“能,会”,表示能力,有人称和时态的 变化。 eg. 我能打篮球。

2e What kind of animals might robots look like in the future? What do you think these robots will be able to do?

Write your ideas and discuss them
with your partner.

I think some future robots might look like spiders. able to help us clean _______They will be___________________ the window, sweep the floor. __________________________________ Some robots might look like snakes. They will be able to help look for people under the buildings. If buildings fall down with people inside.

Some robots will be look like people. They will be able to sing, dance and talk with us. They will also be able to help us with housework. They can make dinner, do the dishes and cook coffee for us. Some robots might look like big arms. They will be able to work in factories. They can help make cars and do simple jobs over and over again.

1. hundreds of


hundreds of books

There are hundreds of books in our
school library.

=There are a few hundred books in _ ___
our school library.

当这类数词前面有具体的数字时, 数词不能 用复数形式。如: We have more than five hundred this kind of books. 我们有500多本这种书。 three hundred 三百, five thousand五千, a few hundred 几百。

类似的数词还有thousand , million, 当数词 前没有具体数字时, 数词用复数形式, 后面接 短语, 再加可数名词的复数形式。

1. Every year, _____ people go to visit their D factory. A. a thousand of B. thousands

C. thousand of

D. thousands of

2. _______ people lost their homes in Japan’s C earthquake. A. Two thousands C. Thousands of B. Thousand D. Thousand of

2. It is/was/will be + 形容词+ for sb. +to do sth. 对某人来说做…..是…. 3. wake up sb. 叫醒某人 不要叫醒我。 Don’t wake me up.(宾语是代词要放中间) 4. be able to +原形 (可以用各种时态)

can + 原形 (只用在过去时和一般现在时)

? For example, scientist James White thinks that robots will never be able to wake up and know where they are.(P53) ? be able to“能够做某事”
Be able to can “能够,强调能力,有时态、人称和 数的变化,可用于各种时态,但是不 与can连用。 “能,会”无人称和数的变化,只有 一般现在式和一般过去式两种形式.

? She is able to answer the question. ? Can you finish the work on time?

Exercise:Fill in the blanks with the expressions be able to or can. were able to 1.All the people ______________ escape from the fire in time th

at night.

2. He said he _____________ finish his homework could
in an hour.
用be able to can 填空: will be able to 1. I don’t think you ___________live to be 100. 2. When I was five, Iwas able to ________swim.


5. There be sb. + doing sth. 有某人正在做… 那时侯有四个人正在睡觉。 There were four persons sleeping at that time. are =Four persons ______ sleeping ______at that time. 有个人正在讲话。 There is a man talking. 6. over and over 三翻四次, 反反复复,不断 婴儿喜欢反复说同一句话。 Babies like saying the same words over and over.

7. so+ 形容词/副词, such+名词

so +much/many/little/few
I am surprised that___a little boy can eat ____much food.

The panda is _____ cute that we all like it.

8. sb. seem +


to do sth.

9. get bored=be bored=feel bored 形容词 * 10. Sb. seem + like+名词 某人看来似乎… to do sth.

他看来似乎病得很严重。 He seems/seemed very ill/ill badly. =He seems/seemed to be very ill/to be ill badly. 看来那件事是没可能的。 That thing seems/seemed impossible. to be impossible. =That thing seems/seemed ___ ____ _______. * It seems/seemed that + 句子 看来….. 看来天要下雪了。 It seems that it will rain. 看来那只老虎要死了。 It seems that the tiger will die/is going to die /is dying.

11.使某人干某事 make sb. do sth. 12.花费某人一段时间干某事 It takes sb. some time to do sth. 8.寻找 look for look for/find look for 寻找强调找的动作 find找到 强调找的


I look for book everywhere but i can't find it. What are they ___ ____?他们在寻找什么?

1. They spend too much time A the report.

A. writing B. to write C. on writing D. write
2. It will A me too much time to read this book. A. take B. cost C. spend D. pay

3.This science book ____ me a great amount of B money. A. took B. cost C. used D. spent

? Some scientist believe that there will be more
? ? ? ? ?

robots in the future.(P53) believe动词,“相信,认为有可能” 用法1. believe后既可以直接接名词、代词做宾 语,也可以跟that等引导的宾语从句。 用法2.当believe后跟宾语从句且主句主语为第 一人称时,从句的否定一般要转移到主句中。 I don’t believe he knows that place. 类似词:know, think

Believe sb和believe in sb

? 1. believe sb “相信某人(所说的话是真 的)” ? 2. believe in sb “信任某人” ? I believe him, but I don’t believe in him.

? Some will look like humans, and some others might look like animals.(P53) ? Some…others…“(表示许多人或物中的) 一些…另一些(并非全部)…” ? There are a lot of people in the park. Some are walking, others are looking at the flowers.公园里有一些人。一些在散步, 一些在看花。

Let’s review the phrases in 2b. 1. 在工厂 ______________ in f

actories 2. 做简单工作_________________ do simple jobs 4. 多次;反复地 ___________________ over and over again hundreds of 5. 许多;大量 ___________________ 6. 看起来像人类 ________________ look like humans

wake up 7. 醒来 ________ be able to 8. 能够 _____________ fall down 9. 突然倒下;跌倒___________ 10. 寻找;寻求 ______________ look for

1. probably adv. 很可能;大概 (=maybe) e.g. The boys probably dress up as ghost. 这些男孩可能会装扮成鬼。
2. during prep. 在……期间 e.g. He swims every day during the summer. 他夏天每天游泳。

2. As a reporter, I think I will meet lots of interesting people. 作为一名记者,我想我会认识很多有趣 的人。 句中as是介词, 作“作为”解, 后多接表 示职业的名词。 She works as an interpreter in that company. 她在该公司里担任翻译员。


Read Jill’s answers to the question “What will your life be like in the future?” Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.
meet work wear more live less look keep fewer take

阅读指导: 首先,阅读备选单词,明白每个单词的意 思;阅读并整体把握短文大意。 其次,分析有空格的每个句子,根据句意 及上下文意来判断每个空格应填的词。 最后,再通读一遍短文,看是否通顺合理。

In 20 years, I think I’ll be a newspaper reporter. I’ll _____ in Shanghai, because live there will be ______ jobs in that city. As a more reporter, I think I will _____ lots of meet interesting people, so I’ll have more friends. I’ll have _____ pets, though, keep because I’ll have less free time. And my _____ apartment will be no good for pets because it’ll be too small.

keep So I’ll probably just ____ a bird. During the week, I’ll wear smart clothes. On the _____ weekend, I’ll _____ less smart but I’ll be look more comfortable. In the future, people will _____ more so they’ll probably have work fewer vacations, but I think I’ll _____ a take holiday in HongKong when possible. One day I’ll even go to Australia.

Complete the chart about your life 20 years from now. You can add more items.

What will your…be like?
job home free time activities neighborhood

in an apartment keep some plants near a park

Write about your life 20 years from now. Use 3a and 3b to help you.
___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________


ll work in Beijing, because my parents work in Beijing. I want to live with them. I’ll live in a large apartment. As a pilot, I can have a few days off every month. I think I’ll keep some plants in my apartment. There’ll be a park near my home. I’ll take a walk after supper. I like chess, so I can also play chess with my friends in the park.

Discuss how you think a robot will help students with schoolwork in the future. Write down your group’s ideas and draw a picture of your robot.

I think students won’t need dictionaries because a robot will tell them the meaning of the words.

Ⅱ. 请根据汉语提示完成下列句子,每空 一词。 1. He will ________ go swimming probably ____ ________(可能 去游泳) tomorrow. 2. _____ ___the moon Flying to ___ _____(飞往月球) is a dream of mine. 3. There are _______ ___ _______(几百人) hundreds of people in the meeting room.

4. No one knows _____ will happen what _____ _____(将会 发生什么事) in the future. 5. The children _____ up wake _____(醒来) very early every morning.

Ⅲ. 请按括号内所给要求完成下列句子, 每空一词(含缩写)。 1. We will have robots in our homes in the future. (改为一般疑问句) ____ ____ have robots in your homes in Will you the future? 2. There will be lots of cars in the town in five years. (改为否定句) There _____ _____ lots of cars in the won’t be town in five years.

3. Will there be more pollution in the future? (作肯定回答) _____, there _____. Yes will 4. Sandy will be a reporter in ten years. (就划线部分提问) _____ _____ Sandy _____ in ten years? What will be 5. The old man likes living alone. (改为同义句) The old man likes living _____ _____. by himself

8.寻找 9.(不)想要做某事 10.帮助做家务活 数百个学生 2.对于某人来说做某事 11.一遍又一遍的 12.变得(觉得)厌烦 怎么样 13.一些......另一些 3.醒来叫醒 14.和我们做同样的事情 把某人叫醒 15.能够做某事 4.他似乎高兴 5.有某人正在干某事 16.似乎不可能 6.使某人干某事 17.不同意同人 7.花费某人一段时间做 18.这样的工作 某事。 19.跌倒 20.看起来像……
Reading:词组 1.200个学生

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