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Unit 3 Topic 3
What would you like to drink?

Section A
王 高 伟

egg chicken fish rice bread hamburgers milk vegetables juice

f d h

g j b




bananas eggs Countable Nouns: ___________ hamburgers, vegetables __________________
Uncountable Nouns: milk fish, rice ____________ bread, chicken, juice, water, ______________________________


可数名词 不可数名词

可数名词: cake egg apple banana vegetable pencil car
(some+可数名词) some cakes eggs vegetables

不可数名词:fish bread meat rice chicken milk water tea
(some+不可数名词) some fish rice milk

some bread

an egg

some milk

A: Would you like …? B: Yes, please. / No, thanks.

some rice

some fish

some chicken

A: What would you like to drink? B: I’d like some ...

some apples some bananas some eggs

A: What would you like to eat? B: I’d like some ...

some hamburgers

some vegetables

A: What would you like to have? B: I’d like some ...

Listen and answer


1.What would Maria like to eat? She would like some chicken. 2.Would Jane like some chicken, too? Yes, she would.

Listen to 1a and complete the table. (录音)

Name Michael Maria Jane



an egg and some fish some chicken

milk milk

rice and chicken apple juice


1.Kids, Boys\Girls\Children, Help yourselves! 孩 子 们,请随便吃! 单个人名, Help yourself 某某某,请随便吃! 2. would like = want\wants 想要… would like sth = want\wants sth 想要某物 would like to do sth = want\wants to do sth 想要做某事 3. What about…? = How about…?…怎么样? 4. What would you like to drink? 你想喝点什么? 5. Milk for me=

I’d like milk for me.

What would you like (to eat/drink )? I’d like … Would you like …? Yes, please. / No, thanks.

2 Listen and fill in the blanks


A: What would you like to have? B: I’d like some ____and________. rice chicken orange A: Would you like some_______ _______? juice B: No, thanks . I don’t like it at all. milk A: What about some _____? B: Good idea .


vegetable, bread ...

juice, milk ...


Make a report according to 1a. Michael, Maria and Jane are at Kangkang’s home. They’re having lunch. Michael would like…

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