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Unit 11

Unit 11 Could you please tell me

where the restrooms are?

Fill in each blank with the correct word given. Change the form of the word if necessary. Then make your

own sentences with each word.

beautiful safe delicious convenient fascinating 1. I live right next to a supermarket. It’s very __________. convenient 2. I find stamps __________. I’ve been fascinating collecting them for many years. 3. Mr Tan makes the best noodles in town. They’re delicious ________!

beautiful safe delicious conventient

4. The Fine Arts Museum is both

_________ and interesting. beautiful 5. Put your wallet in a _____ place. safe

Look at the map. Write five questions that a tourist might ask. 1. Excuse me, could you tell me where the bank is, please? 2. Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the movie theater?

3. Excuse me, do you know if there is a shopping mall? 4. Excuse me, can you please tell me if there are any restaurants around here? 5. Excuse me, could you please tell me how I can get to the nearest library?

1. I live right next to a supermarket. 我就住在超市的隔壁。 right在此起到强调的作用,它是副词, 含义很多,如:“对,顺利,直接地, 正好,完全,非常”等。 e.g. You have guessed right. 你猜对了。

Everything will go right with you if you follow the doctor’s advice. 如果你照医生的建议去做,一切都会 好的。 The wind was right in the face.


They placed the table right in the middle of the room. 他们把桌子放在房间正中。 He has read right through the book. 他把这本书全部读完了。 I am right glad to hear the news. 听到这个消息我非常高兴。

2. I’ve been collecting them for many

本句用的是现在完成进行时态,表示 现在以前这一段时间里一直在进行的 动作,这个动作可能仍然在进行,也 可能停止了一会儿。

e.g. How long has it been raining? 雨下多久了? We’ve just been talking about you. 我们正谈着你呢。

3. What kind of food are you looking for? 你在找哪种食品? look for强调“寻找”这一动作, 而find 则强调找的结果,表示“找到”; 类似 的词语还有hear和listen to。 e.g. The young lady is looking for her pet dog. 那位年轻的女士在找她的宠物狗。

He has found his lost bike. 他已找到丢失的自行车了。 They are listening to a piece of beautiful music. 他们正听一曲优美的曲子。 He heard their whisper. 他听见他们在低声说话。

museum park

toilet bookshop

Walk along this road,and take the first turning on the right. It’s about a hundred metres along on the left. a hundred metres

train station restaurant



museum park

toilet bookshop

train station school restaurant


How can we try not to offend people when makin

g requests? Is language etiquette as important as learning grammar or vocabulary? Why?

1. Knowing how to ask for information politely is important. T 2. “Where are the restrooms?” sounds more politely. F 3. Knowing how to use correct language is enough when you make requests. F

4. We needn’t change the way we speak when we talk with different people. F 5. A very direct order sounds rude in English. T

Look at the requests in the left-hand column, then a) describe a situation when the request would be suitable as it is, and b) make the request more polite.


Suitable situation

More polite request “Could you please tell me where the restroom are?”

1. “Where A team player are the asking restrooms? ” another team player.

2. “I want to go to the library. Where is it?”

a friend is in a hurry

“Excuse me, do you know where the library is?”

3. “How much did you pay for that soccer ball?”

a parent is asking a child

“Can you tell me how much you paid for

that soccer

Match each paragraph with its main idea.
a) Requests are made in any language.

Paragraph 1

b) Using certain extra words helps to make language more polite.
c) Knowing how to make requests politely is important. d) To become good English speakers, we need to do more than just learn language structure. e) Requests in English are the same as in Chinese. f) Choice of language depends on the relationship and situation.

Paragraph 2

Paragraph 3
Paragraph 4

Questions Direct requests looking for If you ask a restrooms friend, you can say “(1) ____________ Where are the __________ ?” restrooms

Polite requests
If you ask a stranger, you should say “(2) _______________ Could you please _______________ tell me where the _____________?” restrooms are

When you ask looking your brother,

When you ask your teacher,

for a

you can say “(3) you’d better Where is my _____________ say “(4) Excuse ______ book _____?” _____________ me. Do you
_____________ know where

___________?” my book is

asking the time

Your best friend can be

A stranger should be asked

asked “(5) “____________ Excuse me. I What time is ______________ ____________ wonder if you it / What’s the ______________ ____________ can tell me what time ________?”

____________?” time it is now

Role play the following situations.
1. A teenager wants to stay out late and asks a parent about it. 2. A foreign friends is interested in your new dictionary and asks about it. 3. Some students want to hand in their homework later than the teacher asked for it. 4. You want to change the time you asked a friend to come for a meal at your house.

How to ask politely? BAD Where are the corn chips? GOOD Could you tell me where the corn chips are, please?

There’s no Is there any more milk left. milk, (please)?

How does Can you show me how this work? this works? (e.g. a coffee grinder) Slice it I’d like it sliced thicker/ thicker/thinner, please. thinne

r. Give me a Will you give me a pound pound of of that, please? that. Can/could I have a pound of that, please?

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