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( )1. 369-0182 my telephone number.

A. is B.am C. are D. be

( )2. —What’s your phone number, Lisa?

— 210-2854. A. She is B.I am C. He is D. It’s

( )3.His name is Nick Hand.His________name is Hand

A. first B. last C. one D.given ( )4. is Chinese, name is Han Mei.

A. She,she B.She,her C.His,she D.Her,her ( )5. We Chinese put our first.

A.last name B.first name C.given name

( )6. —My name is Gina. Nice to meet you!

—Hi, Gina. . A. Nice to meet you, too B. Thank you C. Nice meet you D. I’m sorry

( )7.What’s her name? A. first B. one C. two D. three ( )8. a cat. name is Mimi.

A.It’s Its B.Its It’s C. It’s It’s D. Its Its

( )9. —Is your name Jim Green?

— . A.Yes,I am B.Yes, it is C.No, I am D.Yes, I’m ( )10. This is ruler.That’s orange.

A.a;an B.a;a C.an;an D.an;a

( )11.My family a big one. A.am B.is C.are D.be

( )12. — . What's your name?

—My name is Jim. A.Excuse me B.Oh C.Sorry D.OK

( )13. —His name is Tony Williams.His name is Williams.

A.first B.last C.one D.the first

( )14.—What color are the pens?

— red. A.It’s B.They are C.These’re D.That

( )15. —I Mark. — you Jim?

A. am , are B. am, Are C. is ,is D. is, Are

( )16. —My name is Linda Green. —My last name is

A. Linda B. Green C.Linda Green D.Green Linda

( )17. —What's this in English?

—It's ID card. A. a B. an C. the D. in ( )18. He is a boy. What's name? A.he B.his C.she D.her

( )19. ______ name is Mark and ______ name is Gina.

A. My, he B. His, her C. his, Her D. Her,his

( )20.—How your brother?

—Fine. A. an B. is C. be D. are ( )21.This is a book and book is new. A.an B.a C.the D./

( )22. That’s a girl. Her name is ________.

A. Wang Xiaohong B. Wang Xiao Hong

C. Wang xiaohong D. Wang xiao hong

( )23.— What color is pencil?

—It’s red. A.his B.you C.I D.she


( )24.This is my good friend(朋友). name is Tony.

A.He B.His C.She D.Her ( )25.Mum,this is teacher. name is Li Hui.

A.your,my B.his,Your C.you,His D.my, His ( )26.Is that an ? A.map B.pen C. English book D.key

( )27.—

— K-E-Y, key. A.What’s this? B.Spell “key” ,please.

C.What color is the key? D.This is a key.

( )28.— What’s name?

— name’s Nick. A.my,My B.your,Your C.his,His D.her,His

( )29.—Hello! Are you Li Lei?

—_________. A. Yes, I’ m not B. Hello

C. My name is Kate D. Sorry, I’m not ( )30.Nike and David English. A.be B.an C.is D.are

二、完型填空。 She is a(n) 1 girl. 2 name is Lingling. 3 is thirteen years now. She's 4 No.10 Middle school. She is in 5 . She has a good friend at school. His name is Jim. He is 6 American boy. 7 eleven. He is in No.10 Middle school, 8 . Mrs Zhang is 9 English teacher. She is a 10 teacher. ( )1. A Chinese B English C American D Japanese

( )2. A His B She's C He's D Her

( )3. A He B She C We D I

( )4. A on B / C a D in

( )5. A Class Two, grade one B Grade One, Class Two

C Class Two, Grade One D grade one, class two

( )6. A a B an C / D the ( )7. A His B Her C He's D She's ( )8. A too B and C teacher D student

( )9. A their B they C my D your

( )10.A very B very good C right D old

三、阅读理解 A

I have a good friend. Her name is Zhang Ying. She is thirteen years old. We are in the same (相同的) class. She has a brother. He is in Grade Two. His name is Zhang Wei. He is eight years old. Their father ,Mr Zhang is a teacher. He teaches (教) English in No. 2 Middle School. His office (办公室) telephone number is 87649521. Mrs Zhang is a teacher, too. But she teaches Chinese. Their home telephone number is 87546836.

( )1. What’s Zhang Ying’s family name? A. Ying B. Zhang Ying C. Zhang.

( )2. Are Zhang Ying and Zhang Wei students?

A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t. C. We don’t know.

( )3. Are Mr Zhang and Mrs Zhang in the same school? A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t. C. We don’t know.

( )4. How many (多少) people are there in Zhang Ying’s family?

A. Three. B. Two. C. Four.

( )5. What’s the telephone number of Mr Zhang’s office?

A. 87642951. B. 87649521. C. 87546836



Hello, boys and girls. My name is Li Qiang. My English name is Michael. I am from Shanghai, China. I am eleven years old. Now I am in No.1 Middle School. I am in Class Three, Grade Seven. My new QQ number is 403654749.I have a good friend(朋友).His name is Mike. He is from Canada. We are in the same(相同的)class. My English is not very good. He helps me with my English.


( )6.Li Qiang is an English boy.

( )7.Li Qiang is a teacher in No.1 Middle School. ( )8.Mike is Li Qiang’s good friend.

( )9.Mike and Li Qiang are in the same class.

( )10.Mike’s English is not very good.


根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正(T)误(F)。 A lot of English people have three names:a first name,a middle name and a family name.Their family name comes last.For example(例如),my full name is Bill Allan Green.Green is my family name.My first name is Bill,and my middle name is Allan.People don't use their middle names very much.

In China,the first name is the family name,and the last name is the given name.

( )11. All English people have three names.

( )12. People use their middle names all the time.

( )13. In England,their family name comes last.

( )14. In China,the first name is the given name.

( )15. Bill is a family name.


1. Linda, name, my, is __________________________.

2. name, what, is, please, your __________________________?

3. your, what, number, is, telephone _______________________________?

4. first, my, is, name, Gina __________________________.



1.She is a new student.(改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)

— a new student? —No, she . 2.This desk is black.(就画线部分提问) this desk? 3.My phone number is 0536-8764342.(就画线部分提问) phone number? 4.My name is Jim Green.(就画线部分提问) name?

5.Her name is Helen Brown.(改为同义句) Helen Brown.

六. 用恰当的人称代词填空: 10% 1. This is a boy. is Tony. I am friend. 2. Linda is my sister. is ten. I am brother.

3. ---Hi. My name is Nick. What’s name?

---Hi. _______ am Kim.


4. --- first name is Jack. family name is Smith. What’s first name? ---_____________ first name is Millar. How do you do?

---How do you do?




A:(1) ?

B:My name’s Beck.

A:Nice to meet you!

B:(2) .

A:(3) ____________?

B:It’s 555—6547.

A:(4) ?

B:Her name’s Rose。

A:(5) ?

B:Her family name is White.

A:(6) ?

B:It’s 555—7246.

A:Thank you.

B:(7) .


Jim: Hello! My name’s Jim. 1 ? Rose: My name is Rose. 2 , Jim. Jim: Nice to meet you, too. 3 , Rose? Rose: My family name’s Bush. Jim: 4 ? Rose: It’s B-U-S-H. Rose Bush. Jim: That’s an interesting(有趣的) name. 5 ? Rose: Yes. It’s 5575-9032.

Jim: Thank you.

九、根据表格中所给的信息,以My pen friend(朋友)为题,写一篇短文,要求包括所给的



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