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1. 知识目标: new words and expressions. 2. 能力目标:How to use “Do you have…”. 3. 情感目标: Encourage students to love life.

It is a soccer ball ________.

Woo! It’s interesting.

PLay soccer

9687462329783 +782357682 ×778698563433=

Haha! It’s difficult


Haha, it’s fun.

Ah! It’s relaxing.


啊…… 这个 ……

Hm. It’s boring.

Let’s read.

1.interesting 有趣的,令人感兴趣的 2.fun 有趣的,令人愉快的 3.relaxing 轻松的 4.difficult 困难的 5.boring 无聊的,令人生厌的


I think it’s…

1a Match the words with the pictures.
1.interesting c 3.fun e 5.relaxing a . 2.boring d 4.difficult b .

Let’s do them.

1b Listen and check ( hear in 1a.

)the words that you

Let’s listen.

1. interesting

2.boring 3.fun


1c Listen again. What does Paul say
about these activities? Choose a word from 1a to fill in each blank. playing computer games play volleyball watch TV play basketball ___________ interesting ___________ difficult

boring ___________ fun ___________

A: Let’s play volleyball . B:That sounds difficult.


A: Let’s play basketball .
B: That sounds fun.

A: Let’s play computer games. B: That sounds interesting.

A: Let’s …. B: That sounds good/interesting/difficult/

play computer games play soccer ball play volleyball

play basketball

watch TV

play tennis

2b Read the survey results in school magazine and answer the question:

Who has a soccer ball?
Alan and Gina Smith.

? Read Passage 1(Frank Brown): 第一段 Answer:
1. Do Frank and Alan go to the same school?

Yes, they do.


? 2. Do they love soccer? Yes, they do. They love soccer. ? 3. Who do they play it at school with? 和…在一起 Their friends.

? Read Passage 2(Gina Smith):
? True(T) or False(F)判断对错: ? 1. Gina doesn’t love sports(体育运动). ? ( F ) ? 2. She doesn’t play them(她;他;它们)--she only(只;仅)watches them on TV. ? ( T )

? Read Passage 3(Wang Wei):

easy ? 1. difficult(反义词)_________ ? 2. Translate(翻译) the sentence: ? After class, I play ping-pong with 下课后 my classmates.


2c Who do you think says these sentences? Check (√) F for Frank, G for Gina or W for Wang Wei.
F G W 1. play ping-pong with my classmates after class. 2. I have soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs and baseballs. √ √ √ √

3. My brother has a soccer ball but I don’t.
4. I only watch sports on TV. 5. Soccer is not easy for me. 6. My brother and I are in the same school.

Discuss (讨论)with your deskmate like this: A: Do you have a…? B: Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. I have a… . ? Then report(汇报)like this:

? I have a soccer. I don’t have… ? My classmate has… ? My classmate doesn’t has… ? Let’s play… . That sounds… .

Write about sports


things you have.

things and other

Ok! Let’s say goodbye!

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