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( ) 1.--Is this your ruler? --Yes, ______.

A. it is B. he is C. she is D. this is

( ) 2. --Are those his parents? --No, ______

A. it is B. he is C. those aren’t D. they aren’t

( ) 3.______do you spell your name?

A. What B. How C. Who D. What color

( ) 4.--What’s this in English? --It’s a ______.

A.orange B. eraser C. apple D. watch

( ) 5. ______.Is this your bag?

A. Excuse me B. Thank you C. Hello D. How are you

( ) 6.This is______watch. That is ______school ID card.

A. I, you B. my, you C. my, your D. I, your

( ) 7. --Is that______ pen? --No, it’s not______. It’s______.

A. your, my, Toms B. you, mine, Tom’s

C. yours, mine, Tom D. your, mine, Tom’s

( ) 8. This is ______ room.

A.lucy and Lily’s B. Lucy’s and Lily’s

C. lucy and Lily D. Lucy’s and Lily ( ) 9. --Is this your ruler? --Yes, it is. ______.

A. Thank you B. Here you are

C. Here are you D. It is your ruler

( ) 10.These are my ______. A. father B. mother C. parents D. parent

( ) 11. --Where is Tom? --Sorry, I________. A. know B. am know C. don't know D. am not know

( ) 12.______mothers are here.

A. Zan Lins’ and Li Leis B. Zan Lin and Li Lei

C. Zan Lin and Li Lei’s D. Zan Lin’s and Li Lei’s

( )13. There are two______ in the classroom.

A.man teacher B. men teacher

C. men teachers D. man teachers

( )14. Is your photo in your desk? ______.

A. Yes, I am B. No, it is C. Yes, it is D. No, I am not

( )15. My books ______ on the dresser. A. is B. am C. are ( )16. This is______apple. Those are______. A a, banana B an, bananas C an, banana D a ,bananas

( )17. This ruler isn’t mine. I think it is______.

A. his B. him C. he D. her

( )18. This is ______. A. a friend of my B. a friend of me

C. a friend of I D. a friend of mine

( )19. --Is Li Ming ______ friend? -- Yes, ______ is.

A. your, you B. my, his C. your, he D. she, he

( )20.Today is ______. A. Childrens’ Day B. Children’s Day

C. Children Day D. Childrens’s Day


( )21. ______ you soon.

A.Meet B.Look C.See D.Look at

( )22.Thanks______ your letter.

A.at B.in C.of D.for

( )23. ______ is my family photo.

A.She B.They C.Her D.Here

( )24. --______these his _______?

A.Are,watch B.Is,watches C.Are,watches D.Is,watch

( )25--Is the new dictionary ______? --Yes, it’s______.

A. you, me B. yours, mine C. your, my D. your, mine

二、完型填空 This is a 1 of Jim's family.This man 2 Mr Green. 3 is Jim's father. 4 woman is Mrs Green. 5 is Jim's mother.Who 6 this boy and 7 girl?The 8 is Jim,Mr Green's son.The 9 is Kate,Mr Green's daughter.Kate is 10 sister.Jim and Kate are brother and sister.

( )1. A.book B.photo C.map D.room

( )2. A.is B.am C.are D.be ( )3. A.She B.Her C.He D.His

( )4. A.A B.An C.These D.This

( )5. A.She B.Her C.He D.His

( )6. A.is B.am C.love D.are ( )7. A.a B.these C.this D. an

( )8. A.girl B.boy C.boys D.girls ( )9. A.girl B.boy C.boys D.girls

( )10. A.Jim B.Jims C.Jim's D.a Jim



Come and look at the picture. It is a picture of an American family. The man

in the hat is Mr. White. He is a teacher. He teaches(教)English in a middle school in China. You can see Mrs. White,too. She is Dora White. She’s from Canada. She’s a doctor. Mr. and Mrs. White have two children,Tom and Mary. Tom is ten and Mary is six. They love them very much.

( ) 1.Tom’s father in the picture is in the hat.

( ) 2.Mary’s father is Canadian and her mother is American.

( ) 3.Mrs. White is a teacher,too.

( ) 4.Tom,Mary and their father and mother are in China.

( ) 5.Tom is eight and Mary is eight,too.


My name is Tina. I'm in Class 4, Grade 2. I'm in Row(排) 3. Kate is my friend.

She is in my class, too. She is in Row 1. My father has a beautiful car. The number is B-047968. Her father has a beautiful car, too. The number is E-0-double 4-double 9-5. Her father often drives her to my home. We are good friends. We are both fifteen.

( )1. Are Tina and Kate both students?

A. No, they aren't. B. No, they are. C. Yes, they aren't. D. Yes, they are.

( )2. What row is Tina in? A. She is in Row Four. B. She is in Row Two.

C. She is in Row One. D. She is in Row Three.


( )3. What's the number of Kate's father's car? A. It's B-047968. B. It's E-032143. C. It's B-032146. D. It's E-044995.

( )4. How old is Tina? A. She is fifteen. B. She is thirteen.

C. She is fourteen. D. She is twelve.

( )5. What's the number of Tina's father’s car? It's ______.

A. B-zero, three, two, one, four, three B. E-zero, six, four, two, eight, four

C. B-zero, four, seven, nine, six, eight D.E-zero, seven, seven, nine, nine, five

四、句型转换.(5分) 1.Her erasers are in the bag.(变一般疑问句,做否定回答)

_______ her erasers in the bag? No,______ _______. 2.They're my aunts.(改为单数)

______ _____ my_______.

3.She is my sister.(变一般疑问句)

______ she ______ sister?

4. That is his brother .(改为复数句)


5.That is her aunt .(改为一般疑问句,并做否定回答)

—_____ ______ her ______?

—_____,_____ ______. 6.Those are my CD.(对画线部分提问)

_____ _____ _____?



________ you ______ your help.


My mother's father is _____ __________.


Are ______ _________ __________?

4.那些是他们的尺子吗? 不,不是.

______ _______ their__________?

No,______ _________.



______ that ______ mother? —_______,____ is my ______.


I love _____ ________ very _____.


Here _____ a ______ of my _______.


______ _______ my ________.


____ _____ your _______?


--_______. -- _____ _____ _____.



1. my , this, mother, is (.)


2. your, that ,sister , is (?)


3. photo is family your this (?)


4.are her these friends(.)


5.what English this excuse is in me (?)


6.your, the, for, of, thanks, photo, family, (.) __________________________________________________


1. Look, this is _________(I) mother.

2. These are his ________(parent).

3. __________(teacher) Day is coming.

4. My friends _____(be) students.

5.Is that ________(she) brother?

6.My ________(friend) are at home? 7._________ (that ) are my friends.

8.This is __________(Sally) sister.

9.These _______ (be) Gina and Lisa.

10.Are these books _______(his)?

八、将错处的标号填入题前括号内并在横线上改正。 ( )1.This is he brother. _________

A B C D ( )2.These is my grandparent. _________

A B C D ( )3.Tom and I am good friends. _________

A B C D ( )4.Is Alice your sister?Yes,she’s . _________

A B C D ( )5.This is Bob’s pencil. My is over there. _________

A B C D ( )6.The schoolbag on the desk is Tom. _________



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