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graham,a student from

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We are very pleased with the 2011-2012 autumn-semester student photo competition.the third prize went to aura tanase,a student from the university of Vienna,for"shooting on Edinburgh".The second prize went to sara nairn,a student from the university of melbourne,for"7-legged Crawl"finally,the first pirze went to emily graham,a student from the university of melbourne,for"Me at the Top of snowdonia"!the pirze winners who were still in nottingham were presented with their prizes by International Office staff on the Universuty Park campus.

Now it'syour turn to enterthis year's competition!this year,the photo competition is open to all students from study Abroad,International Exchange,University o Nottingham.there are some great cash pirzes on offer:1st prize-$1,000;2nd prize-$500;and 3rd prize-$250 in addition to a University of nittingham shirt!

you must submit your photo before wednesday May 1 st,2013

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