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1.The students camped _____________the whole summer vacation.

A. in B. on C .for D. during

2.It is two years _____________ we came here.

A. for B. since C. in D. at

3.He handed me _____________ trousers.

A. a new set of B. a new pair of C. a piece of new D. a pair of new

4.We have ______wine of Scotland. Ask Mrs.Jones to lend us some.

A .run off B. run away with C. run down D. run out of

5.There is no _____for you.

A. room B. rooms C. sit D. space

6.His work is better than _____________ in the class.

A. anyone’s else B. anyone else’C. anyone else D. anyone’s else’s

7._________ the way, have you seen John lately?

A. On B. In C. By D. To

8.I really don’t know he is not _____________ in this.

A. interest B. interested C. interesting D .interested

9.This is the best _____________ to learn English.

A. way B. road C. journey D. trip

10.We’ll do _____________ best to do the work.

A. my B. I C. our D. we

11.These color don’t _____________.

A. get together B. go together C. work together D. all together

12.The three travelers were all tired after a few days of non-stop riding on horseback, so they found a village _____ they decided to stay there for the night.

A. theatre B. café C. hospital D. inn

13.This is a story that has a _____________of the sea.

A.attitude B.sight C.flavor D.flavors

14.I ______ him before.But my friends _______him two days ago.

A.didn’t meet;met B.haven’t;metC.don’tmeet;meet D.hadn’t;meet

15.How long have you been _____________ stamps?

A.collecting B.collected C.to collect D.writing

16.We all do ____ best to learn it.

A.us B.we C.our D.ourselves

17.There isn’t ______ in the room.

A.someone else B. else someone C.anyone else D. else anyone

18._____ you study, _____ grades you will get.

A.The hard, the good B.The harder, the better

C.Harder, better D.The better, the harder

19.We’ve been _____ for her for 5 hours.

A.wait B.waiting C.to wait D.waited

20.-When ___ you___ class today?

-At 8:30. I wasn’t late for class today.

A.will; start B.have; started C.did; start D.does; start

21.He has been running______.

A.since two hours B.for two hours C.two hours ago D.for two o’clock

22.Each student _____ a pair of tennis shoes.

A.buy B.have C.buys D.haves

th23.He’s got a birthday cake____ May 10, his thirteenth birthday.

A.on B.for C.at D.in

24.I said it was Tuesday, but ____it was Monday.

A.at fact B.on fact C.in fact D.to fact

25.-_____ , where are you going?

-To the supermarket.

A.On the way B.By the way C.In the way D.To the way

51.I got the pen on my ________(twelve) birthday.

52. Our English teacher is the _____(funny) teacher in our school.

53.It is _____(probable) my favorite.

54.Mary was ______(interest) in science when she was very young.

55.She ____(taste) the soup to see if it was too salty.

66._______(lucky), I found my lost watch. So I could know the time.

57.My brother’s hobby is _____ (collect) shells.

58.Tom has been _______(skate) this morning.

59.Tom was the first student ____(get) to schol every day.

60.He comes from Australia. He is an ____(Australia).


How long have you 62.我没有写完作文因为我用完了时间。

I didn’t time.




Ⅰ.1~5 ABBDA 6~10 BCBAC 11~15 BDCAA

16-20 CCBBC 21-25BCACB

51.twelfth 52.funniest

53.probably 54.interested 55.tasted

56.Luckily 57.collecting 58.skating

59.to get 60.Australian

五、61.been seeing English movies 62. finish writing, ran out of

63. the first, to come to school 64. to tell you about 65. had been to

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