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Period 1

four great inventions in China

Paper making

gun powder


modern inventions



Let’s guess.
Here is a box. You can use it to cook many kinds of delicious food, such as fish, chicken, meat and rice. You can also use it to make cold dish and food hot in a few minutes.

It looks like a TV, but it isn’t a TV. It can be used for working very fast. It can help you study or work.
This thing has got numbers from 0 to 9. It is small and you can count with it.

It was invented by Edison. It can give us light. So when it’s dark we can turn it on.

Talk about with your parterner.
A: I think the calculator was invented before the computer. B: well, I think the calculator was invented after the computer.

1b Listen and match the inventions with the dates.

d ___ 1876 a ___ 1885 e ___ 1927 c ___ 1971

b ___ 1976



Sample dialogues: A: When was the telephone invented? B: I think it was invented in 1876.
A: When was the car invented? B: I think it was invented in 1885.

When was the calculator invented? What is it used for? It is used for counting.

A: What is the _______ used for? B: I think it is used for talking with people _______________.(talk with people)

What are they used for?

light bulbs

They are used forgiving light.(give light)

music candle
activity glasses temperature cup

Describe one of your inventions and write it down.

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