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英语测试题2013 10 25

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九年级英语周统练 测试题

一. 选择填空 ( 34分 )

( ) 1. The little boy can’t wait ____his parents at the gate.

A. meeting B. to be met C. to meet

( ) 2. At the news, they can’ A. laugh B. laughing C. to laugh ( ) 3. _____fans hope that they can meet Zhou Jielun one day.

A. Millions B. Millions of C.Some hundred of

( ) 4. Where is this car __________? A. made in B. made C. making

( ) 5. He gave me some advice ______some money. A. as well as B. as well C. with ( ) 6. ---Is the environment good around your city? ---Yes, many trees _____here every year. A. are planted B. plant C. are cut down

( ) 7. --Dad, please open the door! It ______. --Ok, I am coming.

A. will be locked B. locked C. is locked

( ) 8. ---It’s ___ difficult for us _____climb up the mountain.

A. very, can’t B. too, not C. too, to

( ) 9. Hurry up, ______you won’t catch the early train. A. or B. but C. so

( ) 10. Grandma _____a bad cold since last Saturday.

A. has caught B. has taken C. has had

( ) 11. I’ll go to Fuzhou ______ next week. A. for busy B. on business C. in busibesses

( ) 12. Spanish is not _______English. A. similar to B.the same to C. different with

( ) 13. His father has no difficulty _______out this problem.

A. in work B. working C. to be working

( ) 14. Recent ____show that English is spoken ____the official language in many countries. A. studies, for B. studying, for C. studies, as

( ) 15. There are 54 students in our class, and _____of them are girls.

A. one second B. two thirds C. three quarter

( ) 16. Six ____came to our school last Saturday. A. Germans B. German C. Germen

( ) 17. My mother often asks us ________in the street.

A. not to play B. not play C. to not play

( ) 18. In the ______century, England became a powerful country.

A. nineteen B. nineteenth C. nineth

( ) 19. --_________. ---I’m going to Cuba on business.

A. Why are you packing your bags? B. Are you going to Cuba? C. Have a good time. ( ) 20. _____the book bought by your father? A. Does B. Did C. Is ( )21. Someone has ______ a label(标签)_____ the bottle.

A. stick; to B. sticked; into C. stuck; on

( )22. If we change places, you will ____ see better from here.

A. is able to B. can C. be able to

( )23. I’m very sad, but I ____ to explain. I’m afraid I’ll lose my best friend.

A. have a chance B. have no chance C. don’t have

( )24. How many countries will ____ the international conference in Doha?

A. attend B. join C. taken part in

( )25. English is spoken as _____ second language in many countries. But in England, it’s

_____ first language. A. a; a B. the; a C. a; the

( )26. The number of the students in the university _____ than before.

A. are more B. is larger C. is bigger

( )27. Did you have any trouble in ____ the post office? A. in finding B. finding C. to find

( )28. English is spoken ___ second language ___ Indians. A. as a; by B. like; in C. as; in

( )29. they have trouble, the tall man can

A. whenever, give support to B. No matter when, support C. A and B

( )30. Do you find it easy ____ the boy _____ English?

A. to encourage; to speak B. to encourage; speak C. encourage; to speak

( )31. ---I’m not very good at English. I’m a little afraid. ---__________.

A. Don’t say so. You must study hard. B. do you want me to help you?

C. Don’t’ worry. Try your best.

( )32. –I think English is very useful. A. play, part B. acts, port C. plays, role

( )33. –I’m flying to Disneyland tomorrow. ---_______.

A. Oh, I see B. Enjoy you C. Have a good trip

( )34. Which stress is different? A. divide B. conference C. translate

二.词汇应用 ( 19分 )


1. I’

of these foreign words?

are held in Geneva (日内瓦)every year. 4. The tourist trade(旅游业)these years. (教授) . II. 用所给词的适当形式填空

(smell) terrible. 2. The Great Wall _____________(visit) by people all over the world.

3. People ________(call) her Amily, but she ___________(call) Amy by her parents. 4. Most of the toys _____________(make) in China.

5. Jim is _______(interest) in reading this book because this book is very _______(interest). (thousand) of children in China. 7. My father gives me a present in the box, I can’ (wide) reported. 9. Try ______ (you) best and work harder, you can succeed. (power) country. 三.句型转换(改为被动语态)( 47分 ) 1. Many people speak English around the world.

--- English ______ ________ ______ many people around the world. 2. Chinese built the Great Wall in the old days.

--- The Great Wall _______ _______ ________ Chinese in the old days.

3. They are planting trees now. --- Trees _______ being ________ ________ them now. 4. We haven’t bought them the food.

The food them by us.

5. We will plant more trees next year. --- More trees ________ ________ ________ next year. 6. He said they would plant more trees the next year.

--- He said more trees _______ _____ ________ the next year.

7. He has just finished his homework. --- His homework ______ just ______ _________. 8. He said his homework had just been finished.

--- He said his homework ______ just ______ __________. 9. We often use a recorder in our English class.

A recorder _______ (对画线部分提问)

________ this kind of mobile phone ________?

11. One of the classrooms was often cleaned by them. (改为一般疑问句) 12. People use stamps for sending letters. Stamps _____sending letters by people. 13. These flowers in my garden are taken good care of by my grandfather. (改为主动语态) ________ good care of these flowers in my garden. 14. Did they offer the little boy the good book? the good book?

the little boy? 15 Last Sunday they heard those girls sing the English song.

Those girls the English song.

四. 完形填空( 10分 )

Do you know how to study better and make your study more effective(有效的)? We all know that Chinese students usually study very hard for a This is very good, but it lot, an effective student must have enough sleep, enough food, enough rest and exercise. You need to go out for a walk or visit some friends or some nice places. It's good for your study.

When you studies, your mind will be refreshed(清醒)and you'll learn (心理学家) At some point You'll see that you really have been learning all along. If you get enough sleep, food, rest and exercise, studying English get a good result.

( )1. A. days B. time C. hours D. weeks ( )2. A. help B. give C. make D. take ( )3. A. after B. for C. at D. to ( )4. A. yet B. and C. or D. but

( )5. A. have found B. have taught C. told D. said

( )6. A. with B. for C. as D. to

( )7. A. to have B. to make C. to take D. to stay

( )8. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

( )9. A. work B. jump C. walk D. result

( )10. A. hard B. common C. interesting D. possible

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