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Unit6 I’m going to study computer science.单元检测



—I’m going to practice basketball every day.

A. a basketball player B. a teacher C. a pianist D. a pilot 2. — does he want to be when he —He wants to be a computer programmer.

A. What, grows up B. How, grows up C. What, grow up D. How, grow up 3. The boy wants to be a(n) . He studies math really hard. A. writer B. cleaner C. engineer D. artist

4.— My New Year’s resolution is to travel to Qingdao. — A. That sounds great B. Sorry to hear that C. Sure D. I’d love to 5.— actor?

—Yes. She is taking lessons on weekends now.

A. a, actor B. an, actor C. an, acting D. a, action

6. —Where is Linda? — She may be at home. But I’m not sure it. A. at B. about C. with D. in 7. This is an important problem. Please .

A. write it down B. write down it C. write it in D. write in it 8. —are you going to visit your uncle?— Next week. A. Where B. Who C. Why D. When

9. My grandfather me a postcard from New York last week.

A. gave B. sent C. passed D. borrowed 10. —What is a resolution?—It’s .

A. a promise B. an action C. a message D. a letter

11. the beginning of the term, my mother bought me a new schoolbag. A. With B. On C. At D. By 12.His resolution the life in the next year.

A. has to do with B. is good at C. is next to D. cross from 13. You are coughing! You should take some

A. medicine B. meat C. hamburgers D. juice 14. I want to go to the movie tonight. But my parents don’t agree A. with B. on C. at D. in 15. —What’s your ?— I like swimming.

A. hobby B. name C. age D. habit

16.He’s going to _____ an engineer when he _____ up. A.do;grow B.do;grows C.be;grow D.be;grows 17.An _____ must take _____ lessons.

A.actor;act B.actor;acting C.acting;actor D.acting;act 18.What is he going to do when he _____ some money?

A.is going to save B.save C.saves D.will save 19.I’m going to travel _____.

A.a place interesting B.a interesting place C.somewhere interesting D.interesting somewhere 20.That sounds _____.

A.like good B.like a good plan C.likes good D.likes a good plan 21.--_____ the Greens going to move?

--Maybe Beijing or Shanghai. I’m not sure yet.

A.What is B.What are C.Where is D.Where are

22.Mr Brown is an editor. And he finds a _____ job _____ a teacher in our school. A.part-time;as B.part-time;for C.full-time;as D.full-time;for 23.More exercise can help you _____.

A.fit B.keep fit C.keep joy D.keep busy

24.--What is your New Year’s _____ ?--I’m going to study a lot. A.exercise B.resolution C.job D.subject 25.I think the exhibiiton will _____ me rich and famous. A.let B.have C.make D.help


1.What’s the (关系) between the man and the woman? 2.What we are talking is about (自身提高).

3.The boy is not happy because of the much (学校作业). 4. Don’t open that box. It’s my (个人的) thing. 5.He joined the English club to (提高) his English. 6.Li Lei likes delicious food and he wants to be a c . 7. Mary is writing an a for a magazine.

8. I’m going to a c after I leave the high school.

9. He cares more about his p health. He exercises every morning. 10. There are some f_________ friends visiting our school. 三、 用所给词的正确形式填空(每小题1分,共5分)。

1. I am going to ___________ (be) a doctor when I grow up.

2. Jack plays the violin very well. He must be a (violin) when he grows up. 3.He goes back home (week).

4.What’s the (mean) of what he said?

5. The (begin) of the meeting is a video about animals. 四、根据汉语完成句子(每空1分,共10分) 1. 李伟昨天制定了他的新年计划。

Li Wei his New Year’s yesterday. 2. 他打算怎样成为一名职业篮球运动员?

is he going to a basketball player?



The best is to have no . 4. 我打算努力学习并取得好成绩。

I am going to study and good grades.

5.下一年你打算做什么? are you to do next year?

6.他不会在那儿。He _____ going to _____ there. 7.她不想成为一名篮球员。

She _____ want to be a basketball _____.

8.我将做我想做的事。I’m going to _____ _____ I want to do. 9.他们打算搬到某个有趣的地方。

They are going to _____ somewhere _____. 10.我想成为一名时装杂志的记者。

I want to be a _____ for a fashion magazine.


1. He is going to go to a cooking school. (对划线部分提问) is he going to ?

2.My father wants to be a pilot. (写出一般疑问句) your father to be a pilot?

3.It’s a good time to make resolutions at the beginning of the year.(写出同义句) The of the year is a good time for resolutions. 4.Will you make a model plane for her? (写出同义句) you to make a model plane for her?

5.The resolution is so hard that he can’t keep it. (写出同义句) The resolution is hard for him keep.

6.We got over 1,000 letters from our readers about their New Year’s resolutions.(改为同义句) We got _____ _____ 1,000 letters from our readers about their New Year’s resolutions. 7.She is going to take acting lessons tomorrow.(改为否定句) She _____ going to _____ acting lessons tomorrow.

对划线部分提问) _____ _____ your cousin going to leave? 9.What are you going to do?(改为同义句) What _____ you _____ to do?

10.Many students are going to work harder at school this year.(改为同义句) _____ _____ students are going to work hard at school this year. 六、补全对话,首字母已给出

Lucy: Did you ___1__ a New Year’s resolution this year, Kim? Kim: Yes, Lucy, I did.

Lucy: ___2__ are you going to do?

Kim: Well, I’m going to make the soccer team. Lucy: ___3__ are going to do that?

Kim: I’m going to practice really __4___, and I’m going to go to a summer camp. I’m going to

play soccer every day there.

Manuel: How ___5__ you, Lucy? Did you make s resolution? Lucy: Oh, sure. I’m going to learn to __6___ an instrument. Kim: Cool. How are you going to do that? Lucy: I’m going to take piano ___7__. Kim: How about you, Manuel?

Manuel: My New Year’s resolution is to get good __8___. Kim: How are you going to do that?

Manuel: I’m going to study hard and do my __9___ every day. Lucy: That __10___ good!

1.m_____ 2.W_____ 3.H_____ 4.h_____ 5.a_____ 6.p_____ 7.l_____ 8.g_____ 9.h_____ 10.s_____ 七、阅读理解

Steven Jobs, the designer of Apple Computer, was not clever when he was in school. At that time, he was not a good student and he always made troubles with his schoolmates. When he went into college, he didn’t change a lot. Then he dropped out(退学). But he was full of new ideas.

After he left college, Steven Jobs worked as a video game designer. He worked there for only several months and then he went to India. He hoped that the trip would give him some new ideas and give him a change in life.

Steven Jobs lived on a farm in California for a year after he returned from India.

In 1975, he began to make a new type of computer. He designed the Apple Computer with his friend in his garage(汽车库). He chose the name “Apple” just because it could help him to remember a happy summer he once spent in an apple tree garden. His Apple Computer was such a great success that Steven Jobs soon became famous all over the world. 1. Steven Jobs was not a good student in school because he _____. A.never did his lessons B.was full of new ideas

C.always made troubles with his schoolmates D.dropped out 2. Steven Jobs didn’t finish college, did he?

A.Yes, he did. B.No, he didn’t. C.Yes, he didn’t. D.No, he did. 3. Steven Jobs designed his new computer _____.

A.in India B.with his friend C.in an apple tree garden D.by himself 4. Steven Jobs was famous for his _____ all over the world.

A.new ideas B.apple C.Apple Computer D.video games 5. From this passage we know _____.

A.Steven Jobs didn’t finish his studies in the college because he hated his schoolmates B. Steven Jobs liked travelling in India and California

C. Steven Jobs liked trying new things and making his new ideas become true D. Steven Jobs could only design video games


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