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Do you know the man called Nick Vujicic, a 29-year-old Australian?

Nick was born without limbs(四肢), so life was not 71______for him.At school many students played jokes on him 72______he looked different from everyone else.He was refused to be 72______friends, so he always felt 74______.However, he faced that bravely.He learn to type and write with two toes at the 75______of six, and he could even surf and play golf.In college, he was one of the best 76______in the studies.And he decided on 77______to do later in his life-to encourage others to work hard for their dreams.

Now Nick is 78______of the most popular speakers in the world.He always says, “Living life happily is about looking at what you 79_____, not what you don’t have.” His story encourages millions of people.“I tell people to keep on getting up 80_____they fall and to always love themselves,” he said.



It was a fine day last Sunday. John went to a supermarket to do some71____. Because it’s a little far away from his home, he 72______his car there.It was difficult for him to find a place to park his car.At last he found one at the corner between two buildings.After parking his car he went into the supermarket to73_________the things he needed.Twenty minutes74_________, he finished shopping and took the things slowly back to the car park.Suddenly he75_________two young men trying hard to open the door of his car.They were both wearing black76_________.John knew they were the car thieves. But he was77_________and didn’t know what to do.He thought for a moment. Then he got an78_________.He went up to them and shouted loudly: “Can I help you? I think you lost your keys. You can use79_________.” “Can your keys open this door? Why?” “Yes, because it’s my car.” When the two men heard this, they ran away as80_________as they could. In this way, he stopped the thieves from stealing his car.How clever John was!

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