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姓名 得分_________


①1.clean up_____ ○2.give away_____ ○3.set up_____ ○4. think up______

○5.plan to do sth________ ○6.elementary school_______ ○7.ask for_____

○8.make use of________ ○9.take after __________ ○10.fix up_______ ○11.put up_______ ○12..run out of______ ○13. be similar to______ ○14.call up______ ○15 .work out________○16. in general________ ○17.prefer…to…________○18.闲逛_________

○19.使高兴_______○20.赚钱__________○21.不但……而且……_______ ○22.推迟_________○23.分发_________ ○24.不知道________

○25. 陈列,展览__________○26.写下___________○27.自学__________ ○28.梦想__________ ○29.别急_________ ○30.属于________


( )1.We had to put off ___the sports meet because of the beavy rain.

A.have B.to have C.had D.having

( )2.They ____a large ad. Board by the roadside to introduce their products.

A.put up B.put on C.put off D.put out

( )3._____to cooege is not easy for us.

A.Go B.Going C.Goes D.Went

( )4.Not only ___help him with his math ,but you should help him with his Chinese.

A.you should B.should you C.you will D.will you

( )5.Not only the students but also their teacher ____it

A.like B.likes C.liking D.to like

( )6.I can’t write on . I have ____ink.

A.run after B.run back C.run out D.run out of

( )7.Does Zhao Ping ___ his father or his mother?

A.take place B.take out C.take after D.take off

( )8.The food in that restaurant is terrible .So I don’t go there____

A.no longer B.no more C.any longer D.any more

( )9.He’s very sad .I’d like to_____.

A.cheer up him B.cheer him up C.clean him up D.think him up

( )10.He always asks me _____advice whatever he does.

A.for B.on C.of D.at

( )11.Bill Gates ,Chairman of Software in the USA ,has a habit of ______his evenings ____books.

A. taking ;to read B.spending;looking at

C.costing;watching D.spending ;reading

( )12.-Must we hand in the money for the tickets now?


A.mustn’t B.can’t C.needn’t D.may not

( )13.Gold is similar in color ____brass(黄铜).

A.at B.of C.for D.to

( )14.We’ll have a ___holiday. What about going to the West Lake?

A.two days B.two-day C.two-days D.two-day’

( )15.The students need to ___up with a plan on Clean-Day.

A.come B.go C.work D.study

( )16.The woman ____some clothes to charity because they are too small for her.

A.takes after B.hangs out C.gives away D.puts off

( )17.___ of them love to play basketball.

A.Each B.Everyone C.Every D.Both

( )18.The students ____the windows already ,so the classroom looks much bright.

A.clean B.have cleaned C.are cleaning D.will clean

( )19.Nick is a boy ____many hobbies.

A.in B.on C.with D.for

( )20.Don’t be ____. Is the news so ____?

A.excited;excited B.exciting;exciting

C. excited ; exciting D. exciting; excited

( )21.She likes neither summer nor winter. They are ____too hot ____too cold.

A.both;and B.either;or C.neither;nor D.not ;but

( )23.Tom has ___my pen everywhere,but he can’t ___it.

A.found;find B.looked for; found

C.looked for ;find D.find ;found

( )24.The story is very ____. We are all____in it .

A.interesting;interesting B.interested;interested

C.interested;interesting D.interesting;interesting

( )25.When she died ,she gave____all her money to a charity for cats.

A.away B.out C.on D.off

( )26.It often snows in ___winter.

A.a B.an C./ D.the

( )27.Johnson wrote the notice and I_____.

A.set it up B.put it up C.set up it D.put up it

( )28.This dress is nice . Can I____?

A.try it on B.try on it C.try it out D.try out it

( )29.Now I spend time____what I love to do.

A.to do B.doing C.do D.did

( )30.Please tell him ___me a call as soon as he___home from work.

A.to give ;come B.give ;comes

C.to give; comes D.gives; will come


1.My bike is broken . Can you repair it?(改为同义句)

My bike is broken . Can you _____ ______ ______?

2.I will leave for Chengdu tomorrow.(改为否定句)

I ____ _____ for Chengdu tomorrow.

3.The man is our new headmaster. He visited our class yesterday.(改为定语从句)

The man _____ ______ _____ ______yesterday is our new headmaster.

4.Tony likes music . He can sing along with it .(改为定语从句) Tony likes music_______he can sing along with.


1.My sister and I take turns _________(look after) my sick mother.

2.They decided to try their best to help the ________(home)children.

3.The movie is so exciting that the boy can’t stop _______(laugh).

4.The boy always __________(volunteer) his time to clean the park. 用bring ,take ,fetch的适当形式填空。(6分)

5.He ______us some good news.

6.It’s raining outside. _______an umbrella with you.

7.Would you please _______some cleaning things on her head.

8.Don’t forget to ______a dictionary with you.

9.Please _______the small blackboard to the classroom.

10.Will you please _______me some water.


clean up cheer up give out put off take after fix up hand out call up set up come up with

1.You weren’t in the office this mouning when I _______you ______.

2.Can you ______Tom ______with a room here ?

3.Don’t _____ ______ until tomorrow what can be done today.

4.Please _______the candies_______to the children.

5.They’re going to _______ ______a school football team.

6.Jack _____ ________his father.

7.He even _______ ______advertisements at a lacal supermarket yesterday.

8.They won the match at last ,and we ______ _______ them.

9.The waiter hurried to _____ ______the pieces of the broken plates.

10.He couldn’t ______ _____ _____ an apporpriate answer at the time . 阅读理解(10分)

Our eating habits(习惯)are very important for good health and strong body. There are times when most of us like eating sweets and ice cream better than meat and rice. Sweets and ice cream are not bad for us if we eat them at the end of a meal. If we eat them before a meal, they may take away our appetite(食欲). So the doctors suggest us we should have our meal regularly.

In old England, the judges usually asked the prisoners to eat bread

without water. If they couldn’t swallow(吞)the bread, it meant that they weren’t telling the truth. Though this seems strange and foolish, they thought it was an excellent way of finding out the truth. A man who is worrying about something has difficulties in swallowing dry bread, because he loses his appetite.

( )66. Good eating habits make us_____.

A. strong B. happier C. more beautiful

( )67. It is good for us to have sweets and ice cream every day _______.

A. after a meal B. before a meal C. when we are hungry

( )68. It is good for us to have our meal every day ________.

A. earlier B. at the same time C. at any time

( )69 The judges in old England thought if a man didn’t tell the truth, he could _____.

A. drink milk or tea B. eat a lot of dry bread C. hardly eat dry bread

( )70. A person who feels ______ may not want to eat.

A. happy B. shy C. unhappy

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