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You are supposed to shake hands

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Unit 7

1.shake :v 摇动、震动 ①P. shook P.P. shaken

② shake hands with sb 与某人握手 ③shake one’s head 摇头

Our headmaster is shaking hands with his friend now.

2. custom : n 风俗、习惯—customer 顾客

Eg.不同的国家有不同的风俗。a. There are ______ _______ in ________ ________. b. _________ _____have _________ _________.

3. relaxed :adj 放松的、宽松的 、感到轻松的 eg: relaxed rules 宽松的制度

①relaxing 令人轻松的(多修饰物)

They are very _________after seeing the __________ film.(relax)

②relax :v 使放松、使休息 eg: relax oneself 放松放松

(4)drop by +地点名词 = drop in at 顺便拜访某处 ; drop in on + 人 顺便拜访某人

5. greet sb =say hello to sb 问候某人 greeting n.

6.pick up 为动副词组 ,意思是:①拾起 ②pick sb up 中途接某人上车

3)pick out= choose挑选

7.make noise/make a noise /make noises 发出令人不愉快的声音make much noise 大声吵闹

8. stick :刺 ;戳 ;插 ------P. stuck P.P. stuck----stick…into…把。。。扎进。。。

Don't ______ your chopsticks ______ the rice. 不要把你的筷子插进米饭里。

9. point :指;指向----; point at 指着……(指近距离) point to ….指向(远处) He told me where Beijing was , __________(point) at the map.

10. table manners 餐桌礼仪good manners =polite有礼貌 bad manners=impolite 没礼貌

People _____ _____ ___should speak to others politely. (有礼貌的人应该有礼貌地对别人说话)

11.be /get used to +doing sth 习惯于做某事

李明习惯于早起. Li Ming ______ ___ _____ _______up.

12.full 吃饱的 ;满的

be full of =be filled with 装满的, 盛满的fill….with…用….装满…. fill 为动词 eg: The basket ________ ________ ________flowers

We________ the basket _______flowers just now.


13.. unfamiliar 不熟悉的,没有经验的 反义词:familiar 熟悉的

例如:一张熟悉的面孔 a familiar face

be familiar to sb 对某人来说很熟悉 be familiar with sth 熟悉某事

14.knife (pl)__knives

15.chat on line 网上聊天 =surf on the Internet

16.mark (1)为名词,意思是 记号、符号、分数

eg: full marks 满分; (2)为动词,意思是 做标记于

17. besides为副词 意思是 而且;还有

eg: I’m too tired to go, besides, it is too late .

18..e-mail 1为名词 意思是 电子邮件 ; eg: an e-mail

2)为动词 意思是 给某人发电子邮件=send sb an e-mail

19.learn…by oneself =teach oneself 自学

eg: He is learning English by himself.

20. an experiment =make an experiment 做实验 do an experiment with…用。。。做实验 do an experiment on…在。。。身上做实验

21.be pleased with 对。。。满意

be pleased\glad to do sth 做某事高兴

22. in queue 排队 wait in lihe =stand in a queue 排队等候 jump the queue 插队

23.French 法语 ___France 法国___Frenchman 法国人__Frenchmen (pl)

24.trandition 传统(n)___traditional (传统的 adj)


1. Social __________ are greatly different from country to country.(风俗)

2. People in Japan are supposed to b_________ when they meet for the first time .(鞠躬)

3. He k_________ his wife and children and said good bye.(吻)

4. In America they g________ each other by kissing . (问候)

5.What a ________(relax)day I’m having!

6.In our country ,we are supposed to s________ hands when meet for the first time (shake)

7. People in Korea are supposed to b_______ when they meet for the time.

8. The first thing is to g______ our teacher.

9. We often d_______ by our friends’ houses.

10. All of the students went to the cinema e______ Tom.

11. Wherever I’m from , we’re pretty r _______about time.

12. What k________of rules do they have in Colombia?

13. S________time with family and friends is very important to us.(spend )

14. What are you s_______to do when you meet someone for the first time?

15. We often just _______ _______ our friend’s home .( 顺便拜访)

16 .In Switzerland ,it’s very important to be ________ ________(按时)。

17. We usually________ _________(有计划)to see friend’s.

18. I used to ________(get)up late, but now I am used to ________(get)up early.

19. You aren’t supposed to make noise while _________(eat)noodles.

20 Here are some things you need to know about table m________ when you visit Japan.

21. They served us in the ______________(传统)way.

2 2. The ___________(好处)of using punctuation marks is that you can mark faces with them.

23. The students are doing e_______________ in the lab.

2 4. Shopping o______________ is becoming more and more popular today. 25. Can you sing the song b________ with ABC?


1. be supposed to do =should do 应该/被期望做某事

2. shake hands (with)sb 握手 shake-shoke-shaken

3. should have done sth.“情态动词+现在完成时”表示过去本该做某事,事实上没有做

4. be relaxed about sth.对某事随意、不严格

5. make plans to do -- plan to do. 打算做某事 plan on doing

6. drop by 顺便拜访 drop in on sb 顺便走访某人 drop by one's home =drop in at+地点 visit sb 拜访 come over to

7. invite sb. to do sth. 邀请某人做某事Sb. be invited to do sth….被邀请做某事。

8. go out of one’s way to do 特意,专门做某事

make sb. feel at home使某人感到宾至如归

9. make mistakes 犯错误(复数)make a mistake 犯错误(一个)

10. can’t stop/help doing 忍不住做某事 can’t wait to do sth. 迫不及待地做某事

11. learn sth. by oneself= teach oneself 自学

12. point to / at …. 指着…13. be important to sb. 对某人来说非常重要

14.after all 毕竟 first of all 首先 15.pick sth. up 捡起、拾起

16. make noise 发出令人不愉快的声音、制造噪音17. table manners 餐桌礼仪

18. be/get used to sth/doing 习惯于… used to do 过去常常做… be used to do被用于做… be used for doing 被用于做…

19. greet sb (in a right /wrong way ) 以(正确/错误的方式)问侯某人

20. different customs 不同的风俗 21. the land of sth /watches ?王国

22. wipe one's mouth(s) with the napkin(s)用纸巾擦嘴

eat with hands 用手抓着吃 talk at the table 在餐桌上讲话 pick up one's bowl of rice 端起饭碗 start eating first 先开始吃

make noise while eating 吃时发出声音

stick chopsticks into the food 用筷子插进食物里

point at sb with the chopsticks用筷子指向某人

eat or drink while walking down the street 边走边喝

put the hands in/on one's lap 把手放在大腿上

23. be full of sth be filled with sth 充满/装满… fill…with…

24. happen to sb 某人发生…. sth. take place in swh. 某处发生

25. give sb compliments 称赞sb 26.toast sb=make a toast to sb 向sb敬酒

27. be unfamiliar to sb 为某人所熟悉的 be unfamiliar with sth. 对…熟悉

28.Questions crowded my mind . 我脑袋里充满问题 be crowded with ...挤满了…

29.take out the rubbish /garbage/litter/trash 把垃圾拿出去

30. seek sb/sth 寻找sb.\sth 31.form good habits 养成好习惯

32. have online conversations with friends 和朋友上网聊天

33. combine A to B 把A和B结合 34.at the proper/right time 在合适的时间

35. show the emotion you are feeling 把你正感觉着的感情表现出来

36. send an e-mail to sb 给某人发送电子邮件 e-mail English 电子邮件英语

37.cut in line = jump in a queue 插队 wait in line = wait in a queue 排队等待 38.arrive a bit / a little late 迟到一点点

39. get/be angry with sb. 对sb生气 get/be angry at sth 对某事生气

40. wear the wrong clothes 穿错衣服 41.be excited about sth. 对sth很激动

42. leave for + 目的地 离开去某地. 43.what's more 而且,另外 44. be allowed to do sth. 被允许做sth Sb allow doing sth 某人允许做某事

45. find/feel it+adj.+to do sth. 发现\感觉做sth…

46. give sb. lesson on sth.给sb上关于…的课 47. make faces 做鬼脸

48.be made in + 地点 由某地制造 be made of / from 由….制成

49. in a/the traditional way 用传统的方法

50. send a message to sb. on a mobile phone 用手机发短息给sb

51. written English书面英语 52. introduce sb to sb介绍某人给人


1. You’re supposed to shake hands.

2. You should have asked what you’re supposed to wear.

3. Spending time with friends and family is very important to us.

4. It’s very important to be on time.

5. We usually plan to do something interesting.

6. They go out of their way to make me feel at home.

7. My biggest challenge is learning how to behave at the dinner table.

8. I find it difficult to remember everything.

9. I don’t find them so strange any more.

10. People can use their computers to talk to each other.

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