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2013秋人教版八年级上unit7 period1

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Unit7 Will people have robots?
period one

What are you going to be when you grow up? (What will you be when you grow up?)

I’m going to be a/an…

(I will be a/an…)
How are you going to do that? I’m going to … (I will…)

Will people have robots in their homes in 50 years?

Yes, they will.

Will kids go to school ?

No, they won’t.

They will study at home. And books will not be on paper.

Will People use money? No,they won’t. Everything will be free.
一般将来时: 主+will+动词原形 一般疑问句: Will +主+动词原形?
肯否定回答: Yes,主+will


Listen and circle the predictions you hear.

1. People will have robots in their homes. 2. People won’t use money. Everything will be free. 3. Books will only be on computers, not on paper. 4. Kids won’t go to school. They’ll study at home on computers. 5. There will be only one country. 6. People will live to be 200 years old.

be on computers

A: Will … …in 100 years? B: No, …won’t.

go to school

Will… …?
have robots

A: Yes, … will.
live to be …years old

study at home on computers

use money

Look and compare
In ten years

more trees
more trees will There ____ be ____ ______in 10 years. 可数名词 more +


more water
will There ____ be more water ____ ______in 10 years.

less meat
less meat will There ____ be ____ ______in ten years.

less + 不可数名词

fewer people
will There ____ be fewer ______in ten years. ____ people

fewer + 可数名词

few—fewer—fewest 修饰可数名词

little—less—least 修饰不可数名词


Listen and circle the words you hear.

1. There will be (more/ less/ fewer) people.

2. There will be (more/ less /fewer) free time.
3. There will be (more/ less/ fewer) cars.

4. There will be (more/ less/ fewer) pollution
5. There will be (more/ less/ fewer) trees.


Listen again. Check (√) the predictions you hear.

______1. There will be fewer people. ______2. There will be less free time. _____ 3. People will use the subways less. _____ 4. There will be more pollution. _____ 5. Cities will be very big and crowed.

what will the future be like in 100 years?
school life daily life future world city…


In 100 years, I will… I won’t… My friend ** will… She/He won’t… There will be more/less/fewer… There won’t be more/less/fewer…

1.一般将来时的表达: (1).be going to +动词原形 (2).Will +动词原形
疑问式:Will提前 否定式:won’t +动词原形

2.There will be more pollution in the future.

否定式: There will not (won’t) be more pollution in the future. 疑问式: Will there be more pollution in the future? 肯定回答:Yes, there will. 否定回答:No, there won’t.

Write down a report about your life in the future. Please use “will”.

Our future is not just a dream !We must study hard for ourselves!

es: In 100 years, I will… I won’t… My friend ** will… She/He won’t…There will be… There won’t be…

Goodbye, thanks!

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