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牛津(新) 8A U6语法测试题

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2013牛津8A Unit6 Grammar 测试题

I. 用括号中的动词适当形式填空

1. We are so glad ________ (hear) the news.

2. I saw him ________ (cross) the road safely and ________ (run) away.

3. You can’t make him ________ (do) what you want.

4. I don’t know where ________ (meet) him.

5. What makes you ________ (think) I’m a policeman?

6. Did you see him ________ (go) upstairs?

7. It is better ________ (put) your money in a bank.

8. It is difficult for the boy ________ (swim) across the river.

9. I let him ________ (go) early as he wanted ________ (meet) his uncle at the station.

10. Will you help me ________ (move) the bed?

11. If he doesn’t know, how ______ (use) the recorder, you’d better ________ (show) him.

12. He is the last one ________ (leave) the office every day.

13.The boy is old enough ________ (dress) himself.14.She is too ill ________ (go) to school. II. 单项选择 1. Please remember ________ the door before you leave the room.

A. lock B. locking C. to lock D. locked

2. The police told the boys ________ on the road.

A. don’t play football B. not to play football

C. not playing football D. don’t to play football

3. I’ll try ________ the same mistakes again.

A. to not make B. not make C. not to make D. make

4. It’s too hard ________ it by himself.

A. not to do B. to do C. that I do D. doing

5.I would like ________ your new bicycle.

A. to see B. seeing C. see D. saw

6.It’s not easy for me ________ the work.

A. finishing B. to finishing C. to finish D. finished

7.Ask him____more careful next time.

A. be B. to be C. is D. /

8. I hope __________ finish your homework first.

A. you to B. you C. to you D. that

9. Hurry up, there’s no time __________.

A. leaving B. left C. leaves D. leave

10. My brother and I want to visit __________ at hospital.

A. one of our good friend B. one of our best friend

C. one of our good friends D. one of our best friends

11. The parents __________ food and clothes.

A. provide the children to B. provide the children for

C. provide the children against D. provide the children with

12.He knows ________. A. what do next B. what to do next C. what to do it next

13. He didn’t know ________.

A. how get there B. how to get there C. where to get there D. when get there 1

14. —Do you think the rain will stop tomorrow?

—_______. It has rained for ten days. It’s too wet everywhere.

A. I hope not B. I’m sure it is C. I’m afraid it will D. I hope so

15. The words are too small. I can’t see them _______.

A. clear enough B. enough clear C. clearly enough D. enough clearly

16. He made a fire _______ himself _______ warm.

A. make; to keep B. to make; to keep C. to make; keep D. make; keep

17.They are too noisy. Let them ______any more.

A. don’t talk B. not talk C. not to talk D. to not talk

二. 完成句子。1.我们政府必须建立更多的自然保护区来保护稀有鸟类。

Our ________ must build more nature reserves ________ ________ rare birds.

2.这本新书帮助人们明白湿地的重要性。The new book helps more people __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ .

3.Mr.Wu agreed ________(let) him _______(join) in their school trip.

三、阅读理解。 Tom arrived at the bus station quite early for Paris bus. The bus for Paris would not leave until five to twelve. He saw a lot of people waiting in the station. Some were standing in line, others were walking around. There was a group of schoolgirls. Their teacher was trying to keep them in line. Tom looked around but there was no place for him to sit.

He walked into the station cafe. He looked up at the clock there. It was only twenty to twelve. He found a seat and sat down before a large mirror(镜子) on the wall. Just then, Mike, one of Tom’s workmates came in and sat with Tom.

“What time is your bus?” asked Mike.

“There’s plenty of time yet,” answered Tom.

“Well, I’ll get you some more tea then,” said Mike.

They talked while drinking. Then Tom looked at the clock again. “Oh! It’s going backward(倒行)!” he cried. “A few minutes ago it was twenty to twelve and now it’s half past eleven.” “You’re looking at the clock in the mirror.” said Mike. Tom was so sad. The next bus was not to leave for another hour. Since then Tom has never liked mirrors.

( .

A. Mike asked him to have a cup of tea

B. he didn’t like to stay with the schoolgirls

C. it was quite early and he could find a seat there

D. he wanted to have a drink with his workmate there

( ) 2. What time was it in fact when Tom looked at the clock in the mirror?

A. Half past twelve B. Twenty to twelve C. Half past eleven D. Half past one

( ) 3. From the story we know that when we look at a clock in a mirror, we will find

______________. A. the time is right B. it’s going slower

C. it’s going backward D. it’s going faster

( ) 4. Which of the following is true?

A. Tom arrived in Paris on time.

B. The next bus would leave in half an hour.

C. After that Tom didn’t like clocks any longer.

D. Tom looked at the clock in the mirror only once.

( ) 5. Which of the following is the title(题目) of the story? A. The Mirror of the Station

B. Not A Careful Man C. Missing A Bus D. The Clock In The Mirror


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