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2013-2014年人教版七年级英语上册期中考试试题 3

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一、听录音,选出你所听到的那一项,每小题读两遍。 ( )1. A. game ( )2. A. sisters ( )3. A. HB ( )4. A. map ( )5. A. what’s 两遍。

( )6.A.Good evening ( )7. A.It’s OK

( )8.A.It’s my book. ( )9. A. It’s a pen.

( )10.A. It’s green. ( )11. A. Yes, it isn’t. ( )12.A.235-1695 ( )13.A. Orange

B.Good morning

C. Good afternoon. C. I’m fine, thanks. C. Thanks

B. I’m Bob. B. It’s red.

B. same

B. brothers

B. BBC B. color

C. name C. pencils C. CD C. table

C. T-shirt

B. jacket


B. He is my father. C. No, it isn’t. B. Yes, it is. C. On the table. B. Yes, it is. B. White

C. No, it isn’t.

C. Blue

C. Under the sofa C. It’s Cindy’s.


B. 235-2783 C. 235-6185 B. In the drawer B. No, he isn’t

( )14.A. On the table. ( )15.A. Yes, he is.

四、听短文,选择正确答案, 短文读两遍。 ( )16. Is my mother a teacher? A. No, she isn’t. B. Yes, she is. ( )17. Who’s my father?

A. Jack Brown

B. Frank Smith

C. Mary Smith C. Eight

( )18. How many(多少) people(人)are there in my family?

A. Four B. Seven ( )19. Do I have a sister?

A. Yes, you do. B. No, you don’t. C. I don’t know.

C. Yes, he is.


( )20. What’s my sister’s name?

A. Bill B. Linda C. Mary



( )21. –What’s this? –It’s________ orange.

A. / B. a C. an D. the

( )22. –Is this your book? –Yes, ___________.

A. this is B. it is C. it isn’t D. he is

( )23. Mum, _________ my friend Jane.

A. this’s B. it is C. this is D. he is

( )24. Is that your _______?

A. a ruler B. pencil C. keys D. books

( )25. –______is the jacket? –It’s green.

A. Where B.How C. What’s D. What color

( ) 26. ______ name is Kate._______ is a teacher.

A. Her, She B. He’s, He C.His, She D. He, His

( )27. –Where ______ my pens? –

A. is, It’s B. is, Its C.are, They’re D. are, It’s

( ) 28. –Are these your rulers? – Yes, ________.

A. these are B. it is C. they are D. they aren’t

( ) 29. –_______ do you spell pencil? - P- E-N-C-I-L.

A. How B. What C. Where D. Who

( )30. Please call Mike ________ 578-4317 .

A. to B. in C. at D. of

( ) 31. –Is this your ruler? – Yes, it’s ________

A. my B. mine C. hers D. his.

( )32. The computer is in my __________ room.

A. uncle B. sister’ C. brother’s D. cousin 2

( )33. –_______ your father? –No, he is my uncle.

A.Who’s B. Is he C. What's D. Is she

( )34. Jack Brown is a boy. Jack is his _____________

A. first name B. last name C. family name D. full name ( )35. ______ these your _________?

A .Are, pencil C. Is, watch

B. Are, pencils D. Is , watches

( )36. She ________ a new pencil box.

A. are B. have C. has D. is

( )37. –Are you Jim?

–____________.I’m Bob. A. Yes, she is. C. No, he is.

( ) 38. –Thank you. –______________.

A. Thanks B. You’re welcome. C. I’m fine. D. OK.

( ) 39. –_______ he –Yes, he does.

A. Is, have B. Do, have C. Does, have. ( )40. Let’s _________.

A. to play basketball C. play the basketball

二、完形填空 (10分)

This is a photo a classroom. It’s a big room. In the photo, you can see a table ,some . You can see a teacher and two students(学生) Three are on the table. A pencil case is on the desk. Two pens

B. Yes, I’m.

D. No, I’m not.

D. Does, has B. play basketball

D. playing basketball


pencil case. A backpack The lady(女士) is the Chinese teacher. Her name is is 11. They are in Class 8.They’re good math(数学) teacher is Mr. Brown. He is not here.

( )41. A. to

B. of

C. for

D. in

( )42. A. desk and chair

C. desk and chairs

( )43. A. too ( )44. A. book ( )45. A. / ( )46. A. am

B. desks and chair D. desks and chairs C. yes D. OK C. pen D. photo C. the D. my the C. is D. does

D. teachers D. They

B. please B. books B. an B. are

( )47. A. Wangying B. Wang ying

C. wang ying D. Wang Ying

( )48. A. He ( )49. A.girls ( )50. A. His

三 阅读理解((共15小题,每小题2分)

B. His B. Her

C. He’s

B. friends

C. sisters C. Their

D. Him


( )51. The _______ is red.

A. pen B.CD C. map D. book ( )52. ________has a map.

A. Mike B. Cindy C. Eric D. Dale


( )53. The ruler is _______.

A. red B. blue C. yellow

( )54. Dale has ________.

A. a CD B. a pen C. a book

A. Blue D. a map ( )55. What color is not mentioned (没有被提到)? B. Red C. Yellow D. White D. green


My name’s Mary. This is my family tree. These are my parents. Their names are Bill and Grace Brown. Those are my grandparents. Their names are Henry and Linda Brown. This is my uncle. His name is John. That boy is my brother. His name is Tony. This is Susan. She is my uncle’s daughter.

( )56. Mary’s brother is ______.

A. Susan B. John

A. father C. Tony D. Linda C. uncle D. son ( )57. Bill is John’s ________. B. brother ( )58. Henry is Susan’s _______.

A.father B. grandfather C. uncle

( )59. Grace is Susan’s________.

A.sister B. mother C. aunt

( )60. Tony and Mary are Susan’s_______.

A. brothers B. sisters C. cousins D. friends D. grandmother D. grandmother


I’m Kate, and my sister is Gina. I am tidy, but Gina is not. In our room, my books and tapes are in the bookcase. My keys are in my schoolbag. I have a clock. It is on the desk. Gina’s books are everywhere——on her bed, on her sofa and under her chair. The white model plane is hers. It is under the desk. ― Where is my ruler?‖ ―Where are my keys?‖ Gina always asks.


( )61. Who is tidy? A. Gina

B. Kate

C. Gina and Kate D. We don’t know

( )62. What does Kate have in the room?

A. Rulers B. The white model C. Tapes D. Beds ( )63. Where are Gina’s books?

A. On her bed B. On her sofa C. On her table D. A and B ( )64. Are Kate’s keys in her schoolbag?C. Yes, they aren’t

A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t.

. D. No, they are.

( )65. Which statement is NOT TRUE (下面哪一项不对)? A. Kate’s books are under the chair B. The white model plane is Gina’sD. Gina is Kate’s sister. 四.补全对话(5分) A:B: Yes, I do.

A:Do you like carrots ?

A: Let’s have chicken. B:A: No?


What do you like? 五 任务型阅读(共5分) 阅读下文并回答问题

My name is Jim Smith . I have two brothers, Mike and Dale .We play basketball after class. And in the evening we play

computer games.But

C. Kate has a clock


Dale thinks it’s boring. He likes to watch Tv. He thinks it’s interesting.My father likes to watch Tv , too. I like to play soccer . It’s not easy for me.

71. What are the names of my brothers ?

72.Dose Dale think TV is boring?

73. What does my father like?

74.Who likes to play soccer?

75.Who play basketball after class?

六 用 画出句中的错误,再改在横线上(5分)

76 A set of keys are on the desk. 78 That sounds well

79 She has three ping-pong bat 80 The book is her 七 句型转换(5分)

computer game?

82 She doesn’t like apples. (变成肯定句)


83 Tina likes English.(改为一般疑问句)

Tina English?

84 This is my eraesr.(改为同义句)


八 选词填空 (共10小题,每小题1分)

Jane is from Canada. She years old. Now she is in Ren’4, Grade 7.

number is (010)9267-6929.

is ten,too.

He is in Class number is (010)9252-5233. not in the same class, they are good .

九 书面表达(10分)

请参照下表,假如你是Li Lei, 根据中英文提示,写一篇介绍自己的文章,字数不少于40



Hello, everyone! My name is …… ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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