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( )1. Mum, _________my teacher(老师), Mr Wang.

A.she is B.this is C.here is

( )2. —Are you Mr Li?


A. Yes, I am B. No, you’re not C. Yes, you are

( )3.—Is this _____ basketball?

—No.It's _____ basketball.

A.you;my B. my;you C.your;his

( )4. —What are those?

— _______ are their books.

A.That B. They’re C.They

( )5.Please ____these things to your brother.He is at school

A.bring B. look C.take

( )6. — ______are my keys?

—They are on the sofa.

A. What B. Where C.Why

( )7. —Do you like English?

—Yes, it's________.

A.boring B. interesting C.difficult

( )8.—What’s this in English, Miss Zhang? —It’s ______ eraser.

A. an B. the C.a

( )9.—Do you have a tennis racket?

—______. But I have a baseball bat.

A.Yes, I do B.No, I don’t C.Yes, you do

( )10. —What do you have ______ breakfast? —I eat eggs and hamburgers.

A. in B.for C.on

( )11. — Where is your ruler?

—_______ in the pencil case.

A.They are B.It’s C.This is

( )12. — Is that man(男人) his uncle? —_________.

A. Yes, he is B.Yes, it is C. No, she isn’t

( )13. —_______ are your pens?


—________ black.

A.What; It’s B. What color; They’re C. Where; Them

( )14.He can sing(唱) lots of songs(歌曲) ________ English.

A. in B. with C. on

( )15. What_____your brother have for dinner?

A.is B.are C.does

( )16.--Do you like milk?

---Yes,I like____ very much.

A.it B.them C.that

( )17.I don`t eat ice-cream.I don`t want _______.

A.fat B.be fat D.to be fat

( )18.These students have good_______.

A.eat habit B.eating habits C. eat habits

( )19.I like red but my brother______.

A.likes red ,too B.doesn`t C.doesn`t like

( )20.Mary likes______healthy food very much.

A.eat B.eats C.eating


Tony is four years father and mother doctors. They are very busy and Tony is home alone(单独的). Tony likes drawing very much. He often draws dogs, cocks, foxes and flowers the floor or on the wall. One afternoon, Tony’s mother buys brushes and many books for Tony is very happy. After supper his watch TV, but he begins to draw carefully at the table. do you draw, Tony?” asks his father. “God,” the “But we can’t God and what does God ? ” “When I finish drawing , you will know about it,” says the little boy.

( ) 21 A His B Her C He’s D She’s

( ) 22 A is B am C are D have

( ) 23 A with B at C for D on

( ) 24 A in B between C under D on

( ) 25 A him B her C he D his

( ) 26 A mother B father C parent D parents

( ) 27 A Where B What C How D Why

( ) 28 A girl B man C boy D men


( ) 29 A look B look at C see D watch

( ) 30 A look like B look at C look for D look after



nglish breakfast is a very big meal –eggs , tomatoes , tea , coffee …

For many people lunch is a quick meal . In sandwich bars , office workers can buy the kind of bread they want and tehn all kind of salad sandwiches .School children can have a hot meal at school , but many just take a sandwich , a drink and some fruit from home.

“Tea”means tow things . It is a drink and a meal . Some people have afternoon tea , with sandwiches , cakes and a cup of tea .

They usually have the evening meal quite early , between (在…之间)six and eight , and often all the family eat together .

On Sundays many families have a traditional(传统的)lunch . They have chicken and vegetables .

The Englishmen like food form other countries , too . People often get take-away meals –they buy the food and bring it home to eat .E

31.Many Englishmen have a _____ breakfast and a ______lunch.

A big;slow B small;slow C big;quick D small;quick

32.Some school children ____at school .

A have a traditional breakfast B have a hot meal at lunch time

C have afternoon tea D have chicken and vegetables for lunch

33.They usually have their evening meal between ____.

A four and six B five and seven C six and seven D six and eight

34.When they get take-away meals , they eat it ______

A at home B in the school C in the store D in the bars

35.What is the best title of the passage ?

A How to eat English meals B English meals

C What do Englsih people eat D Where do English people eat meals.



Tom and Jack want to play computer games , but they don`t have a computer . Jack has a TV, but they don`t watch it because they think it`s boring . They want to play tennis . Tom has a tennis ball . It`s on the sofa . But he doesn`t have a racket(球拍).Jack`s brother has two tennis rackets , and he often plays tennis after school . So they go and ask him .

36.Who doesn`t have a computer ?

A Tom and his brother B Jack and his brother C Jack`s brother D Tom and Jack

37.Who has a TV ?

A Jack B Tom C Jack`s brother D Tom`s brother

38.What don`t Tom and Jack want to do ?

A Play basketball B Play computer games .

C Play tennis . D Watch Tv

39.Where`s Tom`s tennis ball ?

A It`s under the sofa B It`s on the sofa .

C It`s under the table . D It`s on the table .

40.What does Jack`s brother have ?

A Two tennis balls . B Two tennis rackests

C One basketball D One tennis racket


My sister si at school . She calls her Mom to bring something to her : her English book , the pencil box , the notebook , the baseball , Eric`s tape and the dictionary . The English book is on the desk . The baseball is under the chair . The note book is under the model plane . Eric`s tape is in the tape and the pencil box is on the sofa . Where is the dictionary ? Sorry , I don`t know .

41.Where is the writer`s sister ?

A At home B At work C At school

42.Mom doesn`t need to bring ____ to school .

A the dictionary B the tape C the clock

43.Where is the note book ?

A Under the chair . B Under the model plane C On the desk .

44. Where is Eric`s tape ?

A On the sofa B In the tape player . C I don`t know


45. How many things does Mom need to bring to school ? A Four B Five C Six


Hello , my nave is Tom . I`m eight . This is my mother . Her name is Linda Smith . Her phone number is 15156487512.And this is my father . His name is mike Smith . His phone number is 15178956686.And this is my sister .What`s her name ?Her name is Mary . Look !The boy is my brother Bob .Mary is six and Bob is five . 46.Tom`s mother is _____

A Mary Smith B Mike Smith C Linda Smith 47.Tom`s father`s phone number is _____

A 15156487512 B 15178956686 C 13052864515 48.Mary is _____

A six B nine C eight 49.Tom`s family name is _______ A Tom B Mike C Bob 50.Tom`s family name is ______. A Smith B Bob C Mike



1.Is that your sister? (改为复数形式)

______ _______ your ___________? 对画线部分提问)

_______ _______ your books?

3. Her brother has a ball.(改为一般疑问句)

_____ he brother _____ a ball?

4. She does her homework every day.(改为否定句)

She ______ _______ her homework every day.

5.Alice doesn’t have many soccer balls.(改为肯定句)

Alice _______ many soccer ball.


1. Our English teacher has many good ____________ (词典)。

2. Do you have good _________ ________ (饮食习惯)?

3. We don’t eat hamburgers, because we ________ ________ (不想) to be fat.

4. What do you like ______ lunch (午饭)? I like some vegetables.

5. I like fruit, because I think it is ________ (健康的).

6. Let’s eat ____________ (草莓). No, I like pears.

7. Our school ________ _________ (电话号码) is 0543-4761055.


(让我们)play basketball.

-That (听起来)good.

2. I don`t play sports. I only (观看)them on TV.

3.What do you like (早餐)?



6. Today is my b my brother does.



(喜欢) hamburgers.


1.-Is this ID card?(your/yours)

-Yes, it is.

2. I`m a girl. 3.-Is this boy your cousin?

-What`s name?(he/his)

4.-What are these?


-They are . (watch/watches)

5. Our English teacher has many good .(dictionary/dictionaries) 6 There are some in the room.(photo/photos)

7. These are my 8 .- -Yes, they are.

9.-Where are your .(brother/brothers)

-They are not in China. They are in England .

10. They are their pencils. Those are books.(hers/her)


将下表补充完整,并根据下表表格信息,写一篇短文介绍Alice,Tom和你 的饮食习惯,50词左右。(共10分)



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