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Lesson 30
Keep the Candle Burning!

Ⅰ. Learning aims:

知识目标 ? Master the new words: match, light, burn, use up, shallow, candleholder, oxygen,one-fifth 2) The important sentences: ① Fill the dish half full of water. ② As the candle burns, it uses up oxygen in the air. ③ There is about one-fifth oxygen in the air, so the water rises and fills about one-fifth of the jar. ◆能力目标 :can describe and explain the experiment in English ◆情感目标:Cultivate the spirit of loving science.

Ⅱ. 教学重点:1. Describe and explain the experiment inEnglish.
2.分数的表达法 Ⅲ.教学难点:Describe and explain the experiment in English.


matches 1.match (pl)----__________ lighted/lit lighted/lit light (过去式)___________(过去分词)____________________ burn(过去式)___________ (过去分词)________ burned/t burned/t use up 用完;用光; one--fifth 五分之一 shallow(反义词)________ deep half(pl)______ halves

Look and Learn
matches 1 .What are they ?They are________ light They are used to _______something. I to light will use them ________a candle. I am _______ the candle with the lighting match. My father often uses matches to light _______his smoke. 2.This afternoon we’ll have a match basketball_______.

Look and Learn

What’s this? It’s a______ .It’s a candle burning _______candle . If I put the jar over the burning candle, what will happen?
burning ----It will go out / stop _______ why? oxygen -----Because burning needs _______. when the candle stops buirning, it has ___ up used ____ all the oxygen in the jar. use up (______:They have used up all the _______ water. )

一. 自主探究,合作学习
put in 1.He _____the spoon____the bowl.他把汤匙放到了碗里面。
with 2.Lily _____the bottle____water. Lily 把瓶子装满了水。 filled
3.The room is full of/is filled with smoking. 屋子里充满了烟。 ___________________

over 4.Please put the jar _____the candle.请把罐子放到蜡烛的 上面。 used up 5.My mother________her money to buy clothing yesterday.

two-thirds one-third 6.In our class,______ students are boys,______ students are girls. 在我们班,三分之二的学生是男生,三分之一的学生 是女生。
二. 小组合作操练,用上述新知识点造句,并在小组 内核对,交 流。


Comepare and Find

. There is about one-fifth oxygen in the air, so the
water rises and fillsabout one-fifth of the jar.




Practise 1/4 one-fourth a quarter 3/7 three-sevenths

基数词 序数词

1/5 4/5 1/3 2/3

One - fifth


four – fifths
one - third two - thirds

分子大于 1
分母加 S



A 1.The bottle is only____full. A.half B.a half
2.She ____the chicken bones to make soup. C A.Used for B. used to C.used up

C. halfs D.halves

D.used w


3.___of the students in our school____from countryside.(乡村) D
A.Four-fifths,comes B.Fourth-five,come C.Four-fifth,come D.Four-fifths,come

C 4.____of water____. A. Three-fourths, are B.Three-four,is C.Three-quarters,is D. Three-fourth, is C 4.The river is _____here; we can walk across. A. deep B. fast C. shallow B 5.Yellow is a _______colour, but black is dark. A. orange B. light C. heavy

Watch ,Say,answer and Fill

How do we do the experiment
put First. _____the candle ____the candleholder. in put in Then. _____the candleholder ____the dish. half full of Third. _____the dish ___________water . Fill Fourth. ______the candle . Light

burn Fifth. ______the candle ______for two minutes . let Sixth.carefully____the jar_____the candle over put rests until the top of the jar_____on the dish.
What observation can you make?

Think ,Read and Anwser

1. Why did the candle stop burning ? no

because there was ___oxygen in the jar .

2. Why did the water rise ?
The force outside the jar is ______ than the force inside the stronger jar .

3. How far did the water rise ? Why?
one-fifth It rose about ____________of the jar . air Because there is one-fifth oxygen in the_____.

The new words: match, light, burn, shallow, candleholder, oxygen, The phrases and expressions: use up, one-fifth, keep sb/sth doing, keep sth/sb +adj Stop doing/to do sth, put….in/over 分数的表达:分子基,分母序,分子大于 1,分母加 S sentences ① Fill the dish half full of water. ② As the candle burns, it uses up oxygen in the air. ③ There is about one-fifth oxygen in the air, so the water rises and fills about one-fifth of the jar. How do “ keep the candle burning”

to have 1.You are very tired. You’d better stop ______(have) a rest. burn 2. What do you use to make a candle ________(burn)?

carefully 3. You should put the jar over the candle ________(careful).
observation(s) 4. What ______________(observe) can you make?

halves 5. Please cut the apple into __________(half).
lighted/lit 6. He __________(light) a candle and the room was bright. burning 7. He kept the candle _________(burn) for two hours. to play 8. It’s time ___________(play) basketball.

healthy 9. Eating green food can help to keep you ______ (health). waiting 10.I’m sorry, I kept you______ (wait) for a long time.

1.Read the text aloud and recite the experment of this lesson.

2. Write “How do …”that you have learned in this unit
3.Preview lesson31.

Class is over


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