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Jim: Where is Bill? I can?t 1._________________ him.

Why not?

2. _________________? Peter: I don?t think he can come. Jim:

Peter: She doesn?t feel well. Jim:

Peter: Yes. Jim: Peter: He has to look after his sister at home. Jim: 3. _________________ .Did she go and see the doctor? What did the doctor 4. _________________ ?

Peter: The doctor said it was 5. _________________ serious, but she has to rest.

<answer> 1. find2. What?s wrong with her? 3. I?m sorry to hear that. 4. say 5. nothing / not 2.

D: Docotor P: Patient

D: 1. _________________, young lady? P: I feel very weak, I cannot do any work, doctor. D: Do you have a 2. _________________? P: No, I don?t have a headache.

D: Do you sleep well at night? P: Yes, I sleep very well.

D: Do you have breakfast 3. _________________?

P: No, I don?t have breakfast. And I have only a little food for lunch and supper because I want to

keep thin.

D: Oh, I see. There?s nothing wrong. You need to eat 4. _________________ food and have three

meals a day. And do some exercise every day. Then 5. _________________ soon.

<answer>1. What?s the trouble/ matter/ What?s wrong with you 2. headache3. every day/morning

4. more 5. you?ll be/get better



Jim: Hi, Peter. 1._________________? Peter: Not very well. Oh, I?m 2. _________________ to hear that. 3._________________?

Peter: I have a cold and a terrible headache. Jim:Did you 4._________________?

Peter: Yes, I took some medicine. But they don?t work. I think I should go home and

take some 5. _________________.

Jim: Well, I hope you?ll feel better soon. Peter: Thank you.

4. take any medicine5. rest



A: An interviewer B: A famous singer

1 <answer>1.How are you2. sorry3. What?s wrong with you/What?s the trouble/ matter

A: Hello, James. Nice to meet you. B: 1. _________________,too.

A: 2. _________________I ask you some questions? B: Sure.

A: 3. _________________ B: I was born on July 14th, 1985.

A: Where were you born? B: I was born in Tokyo, the 4. _________________ of Japan.

A: And when did you start singing? B: At the age of eight. I sang in the school concert.

A: When did your first CD come out? B: Three years ago. And it was a great success.

A: I can imagine. 5. _________________ B: Jackie Chen is. I love his movies very much. <answer>1. Nice to meet you 2. May/ Can 3. When were you born? 4. capital

5. Who is your favorite movie star? /Who do you think is the greatest movie star?


A: Listen! What beautiful music! That is Right Where You Want Me!

B: What?s it? A: A new album by Jesse McCartney.

B: Who is he? Can you 1._________________about him?

A: Sure. He is a singer and an actor in the new TV show All My Children.

B: I?ve seen that movie, but I can?t remember him. 2._________________?

A: Well, he is handsome with blonde hair and blue eyes.

B: Is he quiet?

A: No, he is 3._________________with friendly smiles on his face. And he is very young, only 19. B: Oh, I remember! I like him! 4._________________do you know about him?

A: Well, 5._________________. He thinks they?re taller than other animals. Besides, he would like

to be a baseball player, too.

B: I hope I?ll see him on the baseball court some day.

<answer> 1.tell me something / say something2. What does he look like 3. energetic/outgoing

4. What else 5. he likes giraffes best/ his favorite animal is giraffes



A: Hi, Susan! B: Oh, Tom. I?m so 1. _________________ to see you again.

A: Me, too. I haven?t seen you for some time. How?s it going?

B: 2._________________. And you? A: Well, not bad. How is your family?

B: They are fine. Thanks. My father is still working and my mother has retired.


A: My parents have been living with me since they retired. They come to help me. I?m preparing for

my further studies.

B: You are always hard-working.

A: Thanks. I?m sorry, but I have to go. Someone is 4._________________ me.

B: All right, Tom. 5._________________ your parents.


A: The same to your parents. See you next time! B: See you.

<answer>1. glad/happy/excited 2. Pretty good/Great. 3. How/What about your parents4. waiting

for 5. Say hello to


Bob: Hi, Sarah! You look so tired. Sarah: Yeah, I had a bad morning.

Bob: You did?1._________________?

Sarah: Well, first of all I 2._________________ late. By the time I woke up, my sister had gotten

into the bathroom. Bob: Oh, what a pain!

Sarah: Then after she 3._________________ the bathroom, I could only have a quick shower and

got dressed. But when I got to school, I found I had 4.________________ my keys at home.

Bob: Oh, no!

Sarah: Oh, yes! And when my math teacher asked me for my homework, I realized I hadn?t done it. Bob: 5._________________?

Sarah: I stayed up studying for the English exam, so I forgot my math homework.

Bob: Oh, God! No wonder you look so embarrassed.

<answer> 1. What happened? 2. got up3. got out of4. left5. Why not/Why didn?t you do it?



A: I?d better say goodbye now. I still have classes tomorrow morning.

B: Yes. But I feel you are 1._________________ these days. Remember, “All work and no play

make Jack a dull boy.” You really2._________________ a rest.

A: I often feel sleepy in class 3._________________ I have already had a long sleep.

B: Maybe you are stressed out.4. _________________?

A: Yes, I often dream at night. B: If so, you?d better take more rest and do something different.

Don?t study 5._________________.

A: I think so. I?ll try your idea later. It?s a little late. Good night.

B: Good night. See you later.

<answer>1. tired2. need3. although/though4. Do you often dream (at night)? 5. too late/till midnight 9.

A: I?m making a survey about people?s lifestyle. 1._________________?

B: Sure. Go ahead. A:2._________________?

B: I often do exercise. I feel uncomfortable if I don?t do sport.

A: Oh. How often do you 3._________________?

B: I eat them twice a week. I don?t like vegetables very much. But I like meat. I eat it every day. A: 4._________________do you sleep every night?

B: I feel sleepy at 9:00 every night and then I go to bed. I usually get up at 6:00. So about 9 hours. 3

A: That?s really enough. Last question. Do you eat junk food?

B: 5._________________. I can?t stand it.

<answer> 1. May/Can I ask you some questions? 2. How often do you (do) exercise3. eat

vegetables4. How long / How many hours5. No, never./Never./Hardly ever./


A: What?s the matter? You look so upset!

B: Oh, I feel sad. I missed my English class this morning.

A:1._________________ B: I overslept because my alarm clock didn?t go off.

A: 2._________________

B: You know I missed the bus, so I just rode my bike to school. But I was late.

A: 3._________________ B: No, never. So I feel so sad.

A: Was your English teacher angry?

B: 4._________________ She asked the reason and told me not to be late again.

A: Your English teacher is very kind. B: 5._________________

A: Me? I?ve never been late. But I sometimes forgot my homework.

<answer>1. What happened?/ Why? 2. How did you get to school?

3. Have you ever been late for school? 4. No, she wasn?t. 5. What about you?


A: Hi, Peter! You?re early today. B: Yes. I come to school early 1._________________

A: 2._________________ At seven o?clock?

B: No, that?s 3 ._________________late. I get up at 6:30.

A: Oh, but I usually get up at seven. I live near my school. I can 4._________________ lunch at

home. Do you have lunch at home, too?

B: No, I usually have lunch at school. After lunch I often play games 5._____________ my friends. A: That?s good.

<answer>1. every day2. What time do you get up 3. too 4. have 5. with



A: Excuse me? B: Yes?

A: 1._________________, but could you tell me the way to Tianjin Nanshi Food Street?

B: Let me see. Go straight along this road 2._________________ you come to a crossing. Then turn

left and go on walking about 200 meters. You?ll see a big supermarket. Then turn right

3._________________the supermarket and you?ll come to Tianjin Nanshi Food Street.

A: Thank you for your help.

B: 4._________________. I?m walking that way. I?ll go with you as far as the supermarket. You

just keep going down that street. If you can?t get it, you may 5._________________.


A: That?s great! Thanks a lot!

<answer>1. I?m sorry to trouble you. 2. until/till3. at4. You?re welcome./ Not at all

5. ask the police/ask another person/ ask a policeman



M: Hello. This is Lucky Italian Take Away Restaurant. 1._________________?

W: Yes. I would like to order something to eat.

M: Sure. 2._________________? W: I?d like steak, please.

M: Yes. And our pizzas are very nice. Would you like to try?

W: All right. I?d like to have a size 9. Do you have a salad?

M: Sure. What kind of salad would you like? We have a fresh fruit salad and a vegetable salad. W: A fresh fruit salad, please. M: OK. Would you like 3._________________?

W: Yes. A bottle of orange juice. M: All right. 4._________________?

W: No, thanks. M: It?s 73 yuan in total. The food will be ready in 20 minutes.

What?s your 5._________________? W: No. 25 Ming Street.

<answer>1. May I help you?/Can I help you? 2. What would you like? 3. something to drink

4. Anything else5. address



A: Hi, Sally. You look very sad. What?s the problem?

B: I failed my monthly exam. And the final exam is coming soon. What should I do?

A: I know you 1._________________ your schoolwork and you always get good grades in the

exams. What happened this time?

B: I don?t know. I just feel terrible these days.

A: Have you talked with your parents about your trouble?

B: No. I don?t want them to 2. _________________ me. They have done much for me.

A: Did you ask your teacher for help?

B: Yes. She said I was too 3._________________ and I needed to relax myself.

A: Why not listen to some soft music? Maybe it will help you.

B: I?ve tried, but it doesn?t work.

A: 4._________________. I hear a new action movie is on show. On the way I can tell you some

funny jokes, and then you will feel better.

B: 5._________________. Thanks for your help.

<answer 1. do well in/are good at2. worry about3. tense/nervous4. I see/Don?t worry/Take it

easy/Let?s go to a movie5. Good idea /Sounds great




Tony: Say, Anna, let?s go out together tonight.

Anna: Oh, 1._________________, I can?t. I have to finish this report. Can we make it another time? Tony: Well, how about tomorrow evening? Are you doing anything then?

Anna: No, I?m not. 2._________________?

Tony: Let?s see the Ant Bully, the most popular science fiction now.

Anna:Sounds interesting! But let me 3._________________ the tickets this time. It?s my turn. Tony: All right. What kind of movies do you like best?

Anna:Comedies. They always make me 4._________________. So you like science fictions best? Tony: Yes. They are full of mysterious moments.

Anna: 5._________________? Tony: At six tomorrow evening.

Anna: So let?s meet in front of the cinema at five because there will be a big line.

Tony: OK. See you then.

<answer>1. sorry/ I?m sorry2. What should/shall we do? /What are we going to do? /What?s your

plan? 3. pay fo4. laugh/excited 5. What time/When is the movie (on)


A: Can you go to the movies tonight, Emily?

B: No, I can?t. I can?t 1._________________ with my friends after school.

A: Oh, that?s too bad. I can go out, but I have to be home 2._________________ten o?clock. B: You are lucky. I have so many rules. A: Like what?

B: And I have to practice my guitar every day. A: Really?

B: Yeah, I have to do my homework after school.

A: Oh, 3._________________ ,too. And I have to 4._________________ my guitar every day. B: Well, I have to clean my room every weekend.

A: Ugh. B: And I can?t watch TV after school. A: I can?t, 5._________________.

<answer>1. hang out/ go out 2. by/ before 3. I do/ me 4. practice 5. either



Ann: The summer vacation is coming. 1._________________?

Tim: Well, I?m going to work in McDonald?s this summer.

Ann: Really? Why?

Tim: You know I can?t afford to have a trip every year, so I really want to

2._________________for the next trip.

Ann: Sounds like a good idea. 3._________________?

Tim: No, I worked there last year. How about you?

Ann: I?m going to trek through the Amazon Jungle.


Tim: Oh, my god! Isn?t it 4._________________ to be dangerous?

Ann: Yes, it is. But it?s thrilling. Tim: I agree. 5._________________!

Ann: Thanks.

<answer> 1. What are you going to do?2. save some money 3. Is this your first time to work there?

4. supposed 5. Have fun./Have a good time./ Have a good trip.



Mike: Hi, Celia! How was your trip to the United States?

Celia: 1._________________. I really enjoyed it.

Mike: Great! 2._________________ were you away?

Celia: I was there for about three weeks.

Mike: That?s a long time! 3._________________?

Celia: It was OK most of the time. But it rained a lot in Chicago.

Mike: So, what was the best thing about your trip?

Celia: Oh, that?s 4._________________ to say. But I think I liked Niagara Falls the best. What

about you? Have you ever been to the United States?

Mike: Yeah, I?ve been there once. But I didn?t visit Niagara Falls.

Celia: 5._________________! You should have visited it. It?s really beautiful and fascinating.

<answer> 1. It was great.2. How long 3. How was the weather/ What?s the weather like 4. hard 5.

What a pity


A: Good afternoon, madam! 1._________________

B: I?d like to spend my holiday abroad.

A: OK, Madam. Which 2._________________would you like to visit?

B: I haven?t decided which country I will go. I?m too tired and just want to relax.

A: 3._________________ consider visiting Singapore?

B: Singapore is too hot. Any other good place? A: What about England?

B: I?ll think about it. 4._________________ A: It?s never too cold or too hot all year round. B: OK. Thank you very much. A: 5._________________

<answer> 1. Where would you like to spend your holiday?2. country 3. Why not

4. What?s the weather like? /How?s the weather? 5. You?re welcome.



Henry, an American boy, is now in China. He comes to visit his friend Ming.

Ming: Hello, Henry! Welcome to my home! Come in, please.

Henry: Hello, Ming. Here is a present for you!


Ming: 1._________________! Henry: It?s my pleasure. You can open it!

Ming: Oh, no. I mustn?t open it now. Later!

Henry: But in America, when you get a present, you must open it 2._________________.

Ming: Not in China. And when we receive a present, we 3._________________ use both hands.

Henry: Oh, I see. Hey, Ming! You have 4._____________ books! You must love reading very much. Ming: Right. 5._________________? Henry: Hemingway. I like most of his novels. And you? Ming: My favorite writer is Lu Xun, one of the most famous Chinese writers.

<answer> 1. Thank you. 2. at once/right away 3. are supposed to/should 4. a lot of/lots of/plenty

of/so many 5. Who is your favorite author/writer?



A: Hi, Linda! Nice to see you. 1._________________? B: Not bad. How about you, Jack? A: Pretty good. What are you going to do next Saturday evening?

B: Nothing much. Why?

A: We?ll have a class party next Saturday evening. Can you come?

B: 2._________________, but what can I do at the party?

A: We?ll have interesting activities, such as dancing and playing games. I know you dance

3._________________. B: OK, Jack. I?ll go to your class party. When does it begin?

A: At 6:00. I?ll also invite Joanna and Karla. As you know, both of them

4._________________dancing, too.

B: Great! 5._________________ for inviting me. See you then!

<answer>1. How?s it going 2. Yes, I can./ Of course 3. (very) well 4. are good at

5. Thank you/ Thanks


Jerry: You look tired, Peter. Peter: Yeah. I had a really busy weekend.

Jerry: 1._________________ Peter: I did sports the whole weekend.

Jerry: Really? What sport did you do?

Peter: Our school had a 2._________________ against No. 11 High School on Saturday. You know,

I am on the school soccer team.

Jerry: Oh, yeah. I remember. What?s the result?

Peter: Of course 3._________________! We played pretty well. Jerry: Congratulations! Peter: Thank you. And the next day we went to the nearby mountain.

Jerry: 4._________________ Peter: My classmates. We had a picnic there and then went hiking. Jerry: How was your trip?

Peter: It was 5._________________ though we are still tired.

<answer>1. What did you do?2. soccer match/game 3 we won/we beat them.4. Who did you go 8

with?/Who went with you? 5. fantastic/great/wonderful/interesting



A: Shop assistant B: Jenny

A: Hi, young lady. Can I help you? B: Well, yeah. I?m 1._________________ a Mother?s Day gift. A: Okay. How about getting your mother a new handbag?

B: 2._________________ is that handbag? A: Oh. It?s only $50.

B: Huh? That?s too expensive for me. Do you have a 3._________________ one?

A: Hmm. How about this brown one?

B: Umm…I don't think my mother will like the design on the outside. How much is it anyway? A: It?s $35.

B: Well, I don?t have much money. A: Okay. How much do you have to spend?

B: Probably about ten dollars. I?ve been helping my mom around the house for the past week to

4._________________. This is all I have. A: Hmm. 5._________________?

B: The purse is really pretty, but the price tag says $15, and I know I don't have that much money. A: Well, let?s just say it is on sale. How about $6? What do you say?

B: Oh, thanks. I?ll take it.

<answer>1. looking for 2. How much 3. cheaper 4. save/make some money 5. What about the

wallet?/Why not take this wallet?

A: Do you have any problems, dear Jenny?

B: Oh, my clothes are 1._________________. I don?t look cool.

A: Well, maybe you need some new clothes. 2._________________

B: But I want to choose my own clothes, Mum. We should be allowed to choose our own clothes as


A: I guess so. I just want to be sure you get something nice.

B: I?m sure I will. Susan and I will go to the mall in Tom?s car.

A: I?m sorry you can?t. I don?t think sixteen-year-olds should 3._________________drive. They are

not serious enough at that age. B: Is it OK if we take a bus?

A: You have to. Taking a bus is much 4._________________ than driving by yourselves .

B: OK. 5._________________ A: You are always welcome.

<answer>1. out of style 2. I?ll buy some for you 3. be allowed to 4. safer 5. Thank you(, Mum). 十四、周围的人



Andrew: My uncle told me about an accident last Sunday. Maria: What happened to him? Andrew: Nothing happened to him, but to his son. Maria: I know his son is only six years old. 9

Andrew: Yeah. He is a very lovely boy 1._________________Sam. His mother can?t

2._________________, so she often takes some sleeping pills. But Sam thought the pills

were candies, and he took some last Sunday.

Maria: How terrible! Andrew: Fortunately, my uncle found it. He let Sam drink

3._________________and sent him to the nearby hospital at once.

Maria: 4._________________? Andrew: No, nothing serious.

Maria: So we should put the medicine where children can?t reach it.

Andrew: 5._________________. Children are too curious(好奇的) sometimes.

<answer>1. called/named 2. sleep well 3. a lot of water/much water 4. Is there anything serious?

/Anything serious? 5. I agree./You?re right. /That?s right.



Teacher: Today I?d like to know your ideal jobs in the future. 1._________________?

Student 1: I want to be an actor. I want to be famous. I think it?s an 2._________________ job. Teacher: A wonderful job. So you must learn music and read many plays now.

Student 2: I want to work in a TV station. I like to 3._________________people. I?ll meet many

different kinds of people every day and ask them questions.

Teacher: So you want to be a reporter, 4._________________? You can?t be 5._________________

speaking in public.

Student 2: I always enjoy doing that. Teacher: Great!

<answer> 1. What do you want to be when you grow up? 2. interesting/exciting3. meet/talk

with/interview4. don?t you5. afraid of/terrified of



A: Hey, Cathy. Will you go to the school party tomorrow evening?

B: Of course. But I am still worried. A: What are you 1._________________?

B: I don?t know what to wear.

A: 2._________________ go shopping this afternoon? I also need something to buy.

B: Good idea! A: I want to 3._________________ my new friend, Ted, to you.

B: Ted? Who?s that? A: A new student. He has just come to our school.

B: 4._________________?

A: He is tall and athletic. He is good at sports. He has a pair of blue eyes that can speak.

B: Cool. What is he like?

A: He is really 5._________________. When he meets strangers, his face turns red.

B: An interesting boy.

<answer>1. worried about 2 Why not.3. introduce 4. What does he look like? 5. shy




Sam: Hello. Maria: Sam? This is Maria.

Sam: Hi, Maria. You are in Australia, 1._________________?

Maria: Yeah. I?m calling to say 2._________________ Sam: Thank you. How is it going there?

Maria: 3.________________. But the weather is not fine. It?s windy and cold. What are you doing? Sam: A group of friends are here. They are having a birthday party for me.

Maria: I hope you can have a great time. 4._________________?

Sam: Warm and humid. 5._________________?

Maria: Maybe next month. I will call you if I get back. Sam: Make sure to inform(通知) me. Maria: I will. Bye. Enjoy yourself. Sam: Thank you. Bye.

<answer>1. aren?t you 2. happy birthday 3. Pretty good 4. How is the weather there/What is the

weather like there 5. When will you come back/get back?


Mr Help: Hello! I?m Mr Help. What can I do for you?

Susana: Hi, I?m Susana. I really need your help. Mr Help: Oh? 1 ._________________

Susana:I?m good at schoolwork and I study hard, but I 2 ._____________ my classmates at school. Mr Help: Well, are you friendly to your classmates? Susana: I think I am.

Mr Help: Do you often help your classmates when they have problems in studying?

Susana: 3 ._________________. And nobody comes to ask me questions, either.

Mr Help: That?s the problem. When you see someone has problems, just go to help.

Susana: OK. I?ll 4 ._________________help them.

Mr Help: I?m sure you can be good with your classmates and you can have many friends.

Susana: 5 ._________________, Mr Help. Mr Help: You?re welcome.

<answer>1. What?s your problem/trouble?2. am not good with/can?t get on well with 3. No, I don?t

4. try to 5. Thank you



Tony: Hi, Dave. What are you doing? Dave: 1._________________

Tony: Learning English? Well, it?s too difficult. Dave: What?s your 2._________________? Tony: My problem is that I can?t memorize so many English words. 3._________________?

Dave: You can do it by singing English songs and also, you can do it 4._________________ an

English club. In the club, you can meet many interesting people. You can have a try.

Tony: 5._________________ Dave: You?re welcome.

<answer>1. I?m learning English.2. problem 3. How can I memorize English words

4. by joining 5. Thank you



Mr. Lee: Linda, you look worried. What?s wrong?

Linda: I have 1._________________learning English.

Mr. Lee: You said you liked English. What?s the problem?

Linda:I always forget a lot of new words.

Mr. Lee: I think 2._________________ to learn new words is by reading English magazines and

making vocabulary cards.

Linda: That might really help! Thanks!

Mr. Lee: 3._________________ when people talk to you?

Linda: Well, no. Not always. Sometimes I just don't understand when people speak too fast. Mr. Lee: Well, you should try to listen for the most important words, not every word.

Linda:That?s a good idea. Then 4._________________my spoken English?

Mr. Lee: What about having conversations with friends? It?s a good way.

Linda: I 5._________________with you. I will try to practice speaking English with friends, as

much as possible.

<answer>1. trouble/problems 2. the best way 3. Can you understand 4. how can I improve 5. . agree 十九、爱好和学习


A: Li Ming, 1._________________ B: My hobby is playing football.

A: Oh? Are you allowed to practice it every day?

B: 2._________________. My father is a professional athlete. .

A: You are so lucky. I like running very much. B: 3._________________?

A: Yes,I am . But my parents don?t allow me to practice running on school days.

B: Your parents might worry about your success at school. Sometimes hobbies can get in the way of

your schoolwork. A: Really? 4._________________

B: No. I?m weak in math and English.

A: I think if you want to 5._________________, you have to give up something.

B: Maybe you?re right. But I think knowledge is very important. So I must work hard at my study. A: I hope you will succeed.

<answer>1. What?s your hobby?2. Yes, I am 3 Are you allowed to practice?.4 Do you do well in

your study?/Are you good at your study?.5. achieve your dream


Tom: Hi,John! Did you use to collect stamps?

John: No, I 1._________________. But now I?m more interested in swimming and football. Tom: You have changed a lot. John: That?s right. 2._________________?

Tom: I used to surf the Internet. But now 3._________________.


John: Walking? 4._________________ Tom: Yeah, you are right. It makes me feel fit.

John: What else did you use to do? Tom: 5._________________

John: I think taking photos is interesting. You have to get a good camera.

Tom: Yes. You are right.

<answer>1. didn?t 2. What about you 3. I enjoy/like walking 4. It?s good for you

5. I used to take photos too.


A: Hi, Mr. White. Can I ask you some questions? B: Of course, Mrs Green.

A: 1 ._________________ B: I like swimming best.

A: Yes, you are really 2._________________it. You can swim very well.

B: Thank you. What do you like? A: I like 3._________________ stamps.

B: 4._________________ have you been collecting stamps?

A: 5._________________about 10 years.

B: Wow! That?s a long time. Can you show your stamps to me? I?d like to have a look.

A: No problem.

<answer>1. What?s your favorite sport?/What sport do you like best? 2. good at 3. collecting

4. How long 5. For


A: Hello, Eli! B: Hello!

A: 1._________________, Eli? B: I'm a bank clerk.

A: Do you have a pen 2. _________________? B: Yes, I have one. His name is Tony.

A: 3._________________? B: He 4._________________ from Australia.

A: What do you like 5._________________ on weekends?

B: I like watching TV, reading books, and playing chess.

A: Do you play any sports, ... what about baseball?

B: Baseball? Oh, no! I don't play it.

<answer>1. What do you do 2. pal 3. Where is he from/does he come from 4. is/comes 5. doing 二十、电话


Mary: Hello, Tom. This is Mary speaking. Tony: Hi, Mary. How are you?

Mary: Fine. I?m calling to 1._________________. Tony: Do you like it?

like the color.

Tony: I choose blue because I think it?s just the right color for you. By the way, you looked

wonderful at the party.

Mary: 2._________________. I really enjoyed it. I called you yesterday evening, but you were not 13 Mary: Yes, very much. The skirt you bought is probably my favorite. It?s really in fine style. I also


Tony: Oh, I?m sorry. I went to the City Science Museum.

Mary: Wow! Can you see any new inventions?

Tony: Yes! They are from all over the world. 4._________________?

Mary: Sounds wonderful! But I don?t know the way to the museum.

Tony:5._________________. I?ll go with you and give you a hand.

Mary: Great! Thanks!

<answer>1. thank you for your present 2. Thank you 3. in/at home 4. Why don?t you go there and

have a look/How about going there and having a look 5 It doesn?t matter/ Don?t worry.


A: Hello, could I speak to Wang Ping? B: Speaking, please.

A: I hear you?ll go to Hawaii during summer holidays.

B: Yes. And I?m going there with my parents. A: Have you ever been there before?

B: 1._________________. It?s the first time for my parents, too.

A: When are you going to leave? B: On August 10th.

A: 2._________________ will you stay in Hawaii?

B: For about two weeks. We?ll return on 24 August. A: 3._________________? Do you know? B: It is too hot, I think. I don?t like such weather.

A: But I don?t think so. It will be good for you to swim in the sea. I?m sure you will

4._________________ yourself there.

B: Thank you! Well, I must say goodbye to you now because I have to 5._________________ early

tomorrow morning. A: Bye-bye.

<answer>1. No, I haven?t.2. How long 3 How?s the weather there.4. enjoy 5. get up



Fei Hua: Hi, Li Fang. You look unhappy. 1._________________?

Li Fang: My father doesn?t allow me to go out on Sundays.

Fei Hua: I don?t think that?s a good idea. We aren?t children any longer.

Li Fang: That?s right. My parents don?t allow me to make friends with boys, either.

Fei Hua: Really? My father allows me to make friends with all of my classmates, but my mother

doesn?t 2._________________him.

Li Fang: How kind your father is! My mother doesn't let me play computer games when I?m free,


Fei Hua: it?s too 3._________________. We shouldn't spend much time in playing computer games.

But my father doesn?t allow me to have short hair. He thinks a girl who has long hair



Li Fang: I agree. My father always tells me not to ride to school, because he thinks


Fei Hua: I don't think so. But you must ride slowly in the street. It?s too dangerous to ride fast. Li Fang: You are right. Sometimes our parents don't understand us.

Fei Hua: I think we should have a talk with them. Li Fang: I agree.

<answer>1. What?s wrong (with you)2. agree with 3. dangerous

4. looks more beautiful 5. he is right



A: Are you online ? B: Yes, I am reading a letter.

A: 1._________________?

B: I use it almost every day, but I only use it to check my 2._________________ to see if there are

letters from my pen pal. You use the Internet a lot, don?t you?

A: Yes, I use it to 3._________________ . I buy a lot of things at the lowest prices.

B: It sounds 4._________________ . So, you?re online many hours a day?

A: Yes. I like to do that. It makes me feel good.

B: Do you think the Internet is very 5._________________ in our daily lives?

A: Yes, I think so. It seems that we can?t live without it. But there are some disadventages, too. B: For example?

A: A lot of the information you find online is not true. So you must be very careful.

B: I see. Thanks for your advice.

<answer> 1. How often do you use the Internet? 2. emails 3. do some shopping 4. great/good 5.

useful /important



Sally: What will you be when you 1._________________up, Linda?

Linda: I?m not sure. Maybe I?ll be a doctor. 2._________________ you?

Sally: I don?t have any plans yet. I think I?ll be a teacher. I?m 3._________________ with kids.

Linda: Teachers will be easier, I think, because students will study on computers at home. If they

have problems, they can ask the teachers on the Internet.

Sally: Right. And teachers can stay at home.

Linda: I agree with you, and maybe there won?t be teachers.

Sally: 4._______________. There will also be teachers, some students need to learn how to write. Linda: Maybe you?re right. Who knows 5._________________ in the future? Let?s see.

Sally: Yeah. We never know things in the future.

<answer>1. grow 2. What/How about 3. good 4. I don?t think so.5. what will happen


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