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1._________ is difficult to work out the maths problem.

A. This B. That C. It D. Its

2. We decided ________ at the end of this math.

A. Travel B. Not start out C. To leave D.going

3. They have no paper___________.

A. to write B. To write with C. Write on D. To write on.

4. The teacher told us ________ in the bed.

A. Don't read B. Read not C. Not read D. Not to read

5. The old man was _________ scary______ say a word.

A. So that B. As .......as C. Too........to D. Very to

6. We tried __________ on the beach

A. Swimming B. Swim C. To swim

1. It was interesting ________ (see) so many places of interest from all over the world.

2. He made the girl_________(cry) yesterday.

3. The old man likes to watch these children_________(play) in the park.

4. I often hear her__________(sing) in the parks.

5. He hopes _______(become) a teacher next year.

6. We have nothing _________(do) but _______(read ). 7. He plays an important role in __________(finish) this project.



heavy- thin-

funny- friendly-

clearly- loudly-

quietly- interesting-


1. She is ________ than ________ .

A. busier / us B. busier / we C. more busy / us D. more busy / we

2. Jane is ________ than Betty.

A. less taller B. less tallest C. less tall D. not as tall

3. China is ________ country in the world.

A. the third largest B. the largest third C. the third large D. a third largest

4. Shanghai has a larger population than ________ in china.

A. any city B. all the cities C. any other city D. all other cities

5. This is my friend. He is __________ outgoing and funnier than I am.

A. Much B. Mich more C. A little D. A lot of more

6. His job is ________ exciting __________ his sister's.

A. More; as B. As; as C. As; as D. Much; as

1. He walks ________ (quiet/ quietly) into the room in order not to wake up his father.race

2. Where is the ________ (near) bus-stop?

3. He is one of ________ (famous) politicians.

4. Tom drives much ________ (careful) than John

5. Grace is outgoing. I'm more outgoing. (合为一句)

I am ________ __________ ____________ Grace.

6. Tara works hard. Mary works hard, too. (合并为一句)

Tara works _______ __________ __________ Mary.

7. Tina is more hard-working at school. (对画线部分提问)

________ is more hard-working at school ?


1. Have you ever been to Disneyland?

-----No, ________. I hope I can go there next ye ar.

A. Always B. Sometimes C. Hardly D. Never

2. We ________ play sports on school days. You know, we don't have enough time.

A. Often B. Usually C. Hardly D. Ever

3. What ______ she usually _______ on Sunday ?

A. Is; do B. Does; do C. Does; does D. Did , do

4. We have music class____________ a week.

A. Two B. Once C. Three D. fourth

1. 你多久读一次英语?

________ __________ do you read English.

2. 你每天读几个小时英语?

_________ _________ __________ do you read English every day.


1. Jack, is there __________ in today's newspaper ?

A. Anything important B. Something important C. Important anything D. Important something A.

2. Do you have _______ to say for yourself ?

-----No, I have ______ to say.

3. ------Would you like ________ to eat ? -----Thanks, please.

A. Something B. Anything C. Some things D. Any things

4. You aren't __________ to drive a car.

A. Old enough B. Enough old C. Young enough D. Enough young

5. I want to buy a computer, but i don't bring ___________.

A. Enough money B. Time enough C. Enough time D. Many money


1、-------Where _________ she go on vacation last summer ?

--------- She___________ to New York City.

A. Did; go B. Does; went C. Did; went D. Do; go

2. Jim visited his grandparents last weekend.(改为否定句)

Jim ________ __________ his grandparents last weekend.


1. Nancy didn't seem___________(be) happy today. But i don't know why.

How was the weather there ?

2. A. It was sunny and warm B. I loved C. It was delicious D. Very friendly

3. Although they feel tired, _____________ they still go on working.

A. And B. But C. / D. so

4. Some people like to rest in their free time.______ like to travel.

A. Other B. The others C. Others D. Another

2. There will be _________ pollution this year than last year.

A. fewer B. much C. less D. many

3. I think people here are friendly. Do you agree _________ me?

A. with B. to C. on D. from



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