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牛津初中英语 8上Unit6 reading1PPT

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By Bu Wenguo from Chenjun School

?To get some information about Zhalong Nature Reserve ?To master the new words and expressions in this article ?To think about how to protect birds in future

Let’s have a competition and see who can name the birds first.








They are rare 稀有的birds, there aren’t many of them in the world.

A Birds in Zhalong We’ve learnt a lot about different kinds of birds. Some of them are in danger. What can we do? We can build nature reserves for birds. Our government has built many nature reserves for birds. Zhalong is one of them. Today we’re going to learn about Zhalong.

Kekexili 青藏可可西里 Changbaishan 吉林长白山

Wolong 四川卧龙

Dafeng 江苏大丰 麋鹿 Tianmushan 浙江天目山

1. Where is Zhalong? 2. What is it? 3. Why is it a special place? 4. Who built it? Why?

Where is Zhalong?


It’s in north-east China. It’s in the northeast of China. north




What is Zhalong?

a nature reserve wetlands a great place for wildlife

Why is it a special place?

provide food and cover the perfect home for different kinds rare birds

Who built it? Why?
The Chinese government.

It understands the importance of protecting wildlife.
It wants to do something for the birds, especially some rare birds.

Enjoy nice pictures

n. 大自然,自然界


n. (尤指为野生动物保存的) 湿地


vt. 提供


n. 庇护所


n. 野生动物 adj.极好的、完美的 adv. 周围、绕一圈 / 转过来

Wildlife perfect round

Words and expressions review
一年到头 while conj. 然而 stay n. 停留,逗留 adv. 容易地,不费力地 easily cent n. 分;分币 per cent n. <英>百分之…… = <美>percent 以便,为的是 in order to space n. 空间
all year round

Words and expressions review vi. & vt. 领导,带领 lead to 导致 less and less 越来越少 adv. 此外 moreover n. (pl. fishermen) fisherman 渔民,钓鱼的人 fish v. 捕鱼;钓鱼 government n. 政府 prevent vt. 防止,预防

Words review
n. 协会;社会 vt. 记录 n. 改变,变化 n. 旅行者,观光者 vt. & vi. 计算(或清点)总数; 数数 vt. 描述 vt. & vi. 理解,明白 n. 重要性 society record change tourist count

describe understand importance

Match the words on the left with the meanings on the right. provide perfect lead to prevent tourist understand stop sth. from happening know a person who is travelling or visiting a place give sth. to someone or sth. else the best have sth. as a result

Task1 Listen to the record .Write a T if a sentence is
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.Zhalong is an important wetland in the world. 2.Birds can find food and cover in Zhalong. 3.The birds in Zhalong live in large cages. 4. Most birds are acti

ve at night.

true or an F if it is false.

5. Forty per cent of cranes live in other parts of the world.

6. The Chinese government has made laws to protect wildlife. 7. Zhalong needs more people to feed the birds.

8. Studying Zhalong helps us learn about protecting wildlife.


Read and answer.

1. Where is Zhalong Nature Reserve? It is in Heilongjiang Province in North-east China. 2. What’s Zhalong famous for? It’s famous for many kinds of birds. Every year, a lot of tourists go to Zhalong to watch the birds.

Read the article more carefully to answer the following questions 1. Why is it a great place for wildlife? 2. Do all the birds live in Zhalong all year round? 3. What will happen if people make the wetlands smaller to have more space for farms and buildings?


4. What do the members of the Birdwatching club do every year?
5. What does the Birdwatching society need more people to do ?

1.Why is it a great place for
Because it provides food and cover for them


2. Do all the birds live in
Zhalong all year round?

No.Many birds live there all year round, while some go there only for a short stay.

3.What will happen if people make the wetlands smaller to have more space for farms and buildings?
It’ll lead to less and less space for wildlife

4.What do the members of the Birdwatching club do every year?
They study the birds there.They rocord the types and changes in their numbers.

5.What does the Birdwatching society need more people to do ?
They need more people to count and describe the birds.

Further reading
Task1.Match Read each paragraph more carefully to get the main points of each paragraph

a. About birds in Zhalong b. What the Birdwatching Society members do c. More people can help count and describe the birds d. Birds in Zhalong are in danger e. About Zhalong Nature Reserve

Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4 Paragraph 5

Task 2.Complete the conversation with the words in the article on page 70.
? ? ? ? ?

? ?


Daniel: Where’s Zhalong Nature Reserve, Sandy? Sandy: It’s in (1) Heilongjiang Province in North-east China. Daniel: Do you know the importance of the reserve for wildlife? Sandy: Yes. It provides food and (2) cover for wildlife. It’s a (3) perfect place for some (4) rare birds . Daniel: Do lots of birds go there? Sandy: Yes. Many birds live there (5) all year round , while some go there only for a (6) short stay . Daniel: re the birds there facing any problems? laws Sandy: Yes, but our government has made (7) to protect them. Daniel: hat do members of the Birdwatching Society do? Sandy: They (8) study the birds in Zhalong once a year. Now they’re count inviting some tourists to (9) and (l0) describe the birds.

Task3.Task-based reading
Information about Zhalong Location(位置) 2) Importance of Zhalong In Heilongjiang in 1) northeast China. One of the 3) world’s most important wetlands. home A perfect 4) for differe

nt kinds of birds. An important 5) living place for redcrowned cranes. More and more wetlands are changed(被改变成) into 7) farms and buildings. Fishermen8)keep fishing there. Help more people to understand the importance of the wetlands and take 9) action to 10) protect wildlife

6) Danger Zhalong is facing

Things we should do

? ? ?

? ? ?

Task1.Discussion .What should we do to protect rare birds? (1)Is it good to build more and more tall buildings in the city? (2) Is it good to have glass walls all over the tall buildings? (3) Is it good to build factories near riversor lakes? (4)Can you see birds flying in the sky/fish swimming in the river now? (5)What can we do to protect the birds/fish?

Different people’s actions

Protect these endangered birds Build nature reserves for them

Members of birdwatching club

Study the different kinds of birds and the changes in their numbers

Different people’s actions

Tourists and some other people

Go to Zhalong to watch birds Help to count and do something to help the birds

What about your actions to protect the birds?


Write down some suggestions about it.

Some suggestions
Take part in the club or other activities to help birds!

Plant more trees and flowers to give birds a good environment to live!
Don’t frighten the birds! Don’t catch the birds! Ask the people around you to protect the birds!


the following passage and answer the questions






? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Penguins (企鹅)are lovely animals. Most people like them. But now as many as 10 of the 17 kinds of penguins are in danger of disappearing. The number of penguins has decreased by(减少) 30% since 1987. Penguins are black and white birds that live in the southern part of the world. They are common in the Antarctic Continent (南极大陆), New Zealand, Australia and South America. Many live near cold waters. But some live near warm waters in Galapagos Islands. Penguins cannot fly, but they are fine swimmers. The shape of their body helps them to survive. Penguins eat fish and krill(磷虾). They have short wings that help them to dive up to 900 feet to catch larger fish. They can swim 10-15 kilometres an hour which lets them protect themselves. They also have lots of body oil that helps in keeping them dry in the water. The warming of the earth is the reason for the decrease in the number of penguins. The hotter and hotter air has caused ocean waters to become warmer. Higher water temperature has decreased the fish and krill. Some years later these birds are completely unable to reproduce. And many adolt penguins die of hunger. Too much fishing, exploration for oil and oil leaks(泄漏) also make penguins in danger. Poisonous things in ocean waters are another danger. Penguins also have their enemies, including sharks, seals and sea lions. (B )1.penguins can do the following except__________. A. diving B. flying C. swimmin

g D. catching fish (C)2. Which of the following is NOT the reason for the decrease in the number of penguins? A. The warming of the earth. B. Too much fishing. C. Natural disasters(自然灾害). D. Poisonous things in ocean waters. ( A What does the underlined word “reproduce” mean? )3. A.繁殖 B、灭绝 C、迁徙 D、觅食 (D)4. What’s the passage mainly about?

? ?

A. Fish and krill have decreased. B. Ocean waters are polluted. C. Sharks and seals are the enemies of penguins B D. The decrease in the number of penguins.

To preview Grammar 1) Using to-infinitives for purpose 2) Using verbs + objects + to-infinitives

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