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七年级上册英语unit7 period2

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Unit 7 How much are these socks? Section A

clothes stores

Talk about what are on sale.

What color is it? What’s this ?

(a) purple sweater (a) blue and white jacket (a) red skirt blue trousers (a) black bag

(a) yellow T-shirt (a) blue hat red socks red shoes Please finish 1a

green shorts

Talk about what are on sale.


--How much is this/ that $4 yellow T-shirt? --It’s $9.

$8 $9 $2 $10 $7

--How much are these/those blue trousers?

$7 --They are $10. $6 $5 --How much is/ are …? --It’s/ They’re…

Please listen to 1b

Finish 3b .
1.How much is the hat? It’s five(5) dollars. 2.How much is the bag? It’s ten(10) dollars. 3.How much is the T-shirt? It’s $6./(It’s six(6) dollars. 4.How /much are the/ these/those socks? They’re three dollars. 5.How much is the/this/that sweater? It’s nine dollars. 6.How much is /the/ this/ that skirt? It’s eight dollars.

Finish 3a.
How much is …? How much are ..?

the yellow T-shirt

the/ these/those yellow trousers the/ this / that purple hat the/these/those/ brown socks the /this/ that brown skirt the/these/ those blue shoes …. …… the/ this/ that+颜色+n (单数名词)? the/ these/ those+ 颜色+n(复数名词)

Let’s talk about 2b.

For example: Picture(1) A: The hats are so beautiful. What color do you like? B: I like the purple/ yellow / black one. A: How much is it? B: I think it’s $5. Picture(2)….
Ⅳ Listen to 2b and 2c 2c 答案: (1) big purple hat $5 (3) red shorts $6 (2) brown sweater $8 (4) green T-shirt $7 (6)black trousers $9

(5) long blue and yellow socks $2

Listen to 2e,and answer some questions. 1.What does Mary buy? What color are they?

She buys a blue sweater for school and two pairs of yellow socks.

2. Is the sweater $10? And How much are these socks?
Ⅳ The sweater is $9 dollars, and two pairs of socks are $3

Ⅵ 2e 注解
1. (购物时)我可以帮助你吗? --①Can I help you ? --Yes, please. / NO, thanks. --②What can I do for you ? / what do you want? --I want … 2. Two dollars for one pair and three dollars for two pairs. 每双两美元,两双三美元。

3.I need a sweater for school.
我需要一件毛衣上学穿。 我想为我的女儿买一件毛衣。

I want to buy a sweater for my daughter. 4. It looks nice.
它看起来很漂亮。 他看起来很强壮。 He looks strong. 她看起来很漂亮。 She looks beautiful.

5.I’ll take it. 我将买下它了。

I’ll buy it. Work in pairs and role play 2e.

Make a new dialogue. A: Can I help you?/ What do you want?/ What can I do for you ? B: Yes, please. I want …for… A: What color do you want? B: I want …. B: What colors do you have?(你们有什么颜色?) A: We have ……and …….? D o you like this one? B: It looks nice. / I don’t like… I like … /It’s a little big/ small. Do you have a big/ small one? (这个有点儿大/小,你们有小/大的吗?) A: How / What about (this one)? B: This one is good. I like (it.) How much (is it

/ are they?) A: It’s/ They are … / (…for….) B: Great. I’ll take (it/ them.) A: Here you are. B: Thank you . A: You’re welcome.

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