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Unit 5Can you come to my party Section A

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Unit 5

Section A

Can you come to my party/go to movies… Would you like to come to my party…… Sure, I’d love / like to. Yes, I’ d love /like to. I’m sorry, I can’t. I have to… I’d love to. But I have to babysit my sister ( help my parents, have a piano lesson……)

A: Can you come to my party? /go shopping with me / go to the movies… B: Sure/Yes, I love to . C: Sorry, I have to …… D: I’m sorry, too. I have to ……
study for a test have a piano lesson visit my aunt go to the doctor help my parents …...

Read the invitation. Then fill in the blanks. ? Lisa: Hi,Simon, can you come to my ______________? birthday party ? Simon:When _______ is it? ? Lisa: It’s _________30, Friday, June at_________. four-thirty ? Simon: Great! I’d love to!

It’s a Birthday party!

From whom: Lisa.
Time: Friday,June 30 , at fourthirty Place: Lisa’s house, 15th street Come and have fun.

? Pair work ? . Make an invitation card
with your partners, make an conversation by using when, where, who

It’s a birthday Party! From whom:____ Time: _______________ Place: ___________________
Come and have fun.

Invite a friend!
Eliza want to invite Lu Qing to the mall. Look at Lu Qing’s Calendar and find a time when they can both go there. Lu Qing’s Calendar

A: Lu Qing, can you go to the mall this week? B: Sure, I’d love to. When? A: Well, what are you doing Thursday afternoon? B: I have a piano lesson. What are you doing on Monday? A: What about……

Morning: school Afternoon: soccer practice Evening: do homework

Morning: school Afternoon: babysitting Evening: help my parents



Morning: school Morning: school Evening: study for the Evening: Susan’s math test party

Morning: school Evening: do homework

Saturday: Sunday:


Bye !

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