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新版牛津8A unit5 wild animals 周测练习题

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一( )1. __________like eating bamboo shoots and leaves very much.

A. Tigers B. Pandas C. Dolphins D. Kangaroos

( )2. The flowers look_________, so they sell___________.

A. good; good B. well; well C. good; well D. well; good

( )3. No one will look after you _______I die.

A. while B. because C. since D. if

( )4. When I thought of my mother’s _____,I feel very_______.

A. dead; sad B. died; sad C. death; sad D. death; sadly

( )5 The building is on fire. He is inside so he is__________.

A. in greatly dangerous B. in great danger

C. in great dangerous D. of greatly dangerous

( )6. The old man lives________, but he doesn’t feel__________.

A. alone; alone B. lonely; alone C. alone; lonely D. alone; by himself

( )7. My mother __________160 Yuan on this skirt.

A. cost B. paid C. took D. spent

( )8. Does __________know it?

A. somebody else B. anybody else C. somebody D. else anybody

( )9. Here ____________.

A. the teacher is B. are your teacher C. is he D. is Mr. Hu

( )10. This is a ________ zebra.

A. ten-months-old B. ten months old C. ten-month-old D. ten-month old

( )11. Would you please ________ the children ________ with snake?

A. to ask, not to play B. ask, not to play C. ask, not play D. ask, don’t play

( )12. Let’s find a seat ________ and have a rest.

A. to sit down B. sit on C. to sit D. to sit in

( )13. If you sell the poison ________ you will be caught by the police.

A. and B. but C. then D. or

( )14. They will walk ________ the rainforest ________.

A. though, after one or two weeks B. past, in one or two week

C. through, in one or two weeks D. across, in a week or two

( )15. Dinosaurs lived ________ years ago.

A. million of B. five millions C. millions of D. five millions of

( ) 16. His parents went there with a friend of ____.

A. them B. theirs C. they D. themselves

( ) 17. How ____ we are at the ____ news!

A. excited; excited B. exciting; exciting C. excited; exciting D. exciting; excited

( ) 18. ____ only live in China.

A. Tigers B. Squirrels C. Giant pandas D. Kangaroos

( ) 19. The old man is sure of living ____ one hundred years old.

A. on B. at C. up to D. up

( ) 20. People should make giant panda reserves bigger ____.

A. protect them B. to protect them C. hunt them easily D. to kill them easily

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( ) 21. My teddy bear is red, so this blue one must be ____.

A. else someone’s B. someone else’s C. other one’s D. some other’s

( )22. There are ____ giant pandas in Africa.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( ) 23. You’d better ____ the wild animals.

A. not hurt B. not to hurt C. don’t hurt D. not hurting

( ) 24 This is a ____ zebra.

A. ten-months-old B. ten months old C. ten month old D. ten-month-old

( ) 25. Dinosaurs lived ____ years ago.

A. million of B. five millions C. millions of D. five millions of

( )26. _________ important news he told me this morning!

A. How B. What C. How an D. What an

( )27. ---Who is making much noise? ---It ____ be Timmy. He is sleeping now.

A. can’t B. may not C. mustn’t D. couldn’t

( ) 28. She likes to sleep with the windows _________.

A. opened B. opening C. open D. opens

( )29. He speaks English ________ an American, so we all think he stays in America for many years.

A. as good as B. worse than C. as badly as D. as well as

( ) 30. ---_____ is it from our school to Bridge School? --- Only 15 ________. You can use my bicycle.

A. How long; minutes ride B. How far; minutes ride

C. How long; minutes’ ride D. How far; minutes’ ride


1.不再 _____________________6. 在出生时 _________________________

2.开始___________________7.重只有100克 3. 八年以后___________________8.将来 __________________

4.在野外生存_________________9.照料好她自己 5.没地方可住_________________10.采取行动做。。。


20. no way________________

21. 十岁看起来像一只小白鼠

23. 重仅走出她的家


27. 在一开始制定法律

29. 建更多的熊猫保护区

30. 采取下面的行动来保护大熊猫


1.A baby panda is only 100 __________ (克) at birth, do you know?

2.Giant pandas love to eat ___________(竹子) ___________(竹笋) and leaves.

3.___________(杀死) the birds is not right.

4.Some ___________(猎人) kill pandas for their __________(皮毛)

5.Maybe someday these animals will be __________(无处) to be found.

6.Can you answer the ___________(以下的) questions?

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7.Doing eye exercise is good for __________(保护) our eyes.

8.They are building more ___________(保护区) for wild animals.

9.It’s our turn to take some ___________(行动) to help the animals.

10. ___________(令人难过的是), farmers cut down trees and ___________(森林).

11.A bear has long and ____________(厚的) hair on its body.

12.A reserve is a ________(特别的) areas for wild animals.

(三) 用括号内所给词的正确形式填空:

1. He looks ______(sadly) today.

2. When she was born, she _______ (weight) three kilos.

3. When she was five years old, she ______ (begin) to study English.

4. We love the panda ______(call) Xi Wang.

5. At the ______ (begin) of the 21st century, many young people liked wearing jeans.

6. Now many pandas are in _________(dangerous).

7. If it rains tomorrow, we ______(stay) at home.

8. They asked the hunters __________ (not kill) the tigers.

9. Eddie ________ 500 grams when he was born. What a heavy baby dog!(weigh)

10. The _______ of Eddie is 40 kilograms now. How heavy he is!(weigh)


1. Good _____ is important to everyone. If you want to keep _______, you need to exercise. (health)

2. My little dog’s __________ (weigh) two kilograms.

3. When she was five years old, she __________ (begin) to study English.

4. It is very important for us to __________ (exercise) more often.

6. When autumn comes, the ground is covered with __________ (leaf).

_ (he).

___(kill) wild animals for their fur. 12. The dishes in the restaurant are very __________(taste). We often eat there.

13. What’s the _______ (long) of your teddy bear? It’s about one meter.

___(health), you have to take more exercise. because he often makes mistakes. (care)

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16. When Tom was born, he ____________ (weigh) 3 kilograms.

17. We should encourage him _____________ (help) his good friend.

18. If you ______ (be) thirsty, you can use tea ______ (leaf) to make tea.

19. We should take _______________ (act) before it’s too late.

20. It’s __________ (danger) for you _____________ (play) in the street.

21. I am ______ in the places of ________ because they are very ________ (interest)

22. I can’t decide which one _______. (choose)

23. The workers were very tired and they stopped ________ (have) a rest.

24. Who writes _______ (careful) of the three?

25. She didn’t go to school today. Because she wasn’t _______ (her) today.

26. There are fewer ______ (wolf) in the world than before.

27. If I _______ (arrive) here tomorrow, I ______ (call) you at once.

28. It’s _______ (danger) for the children to play with fire.

29. She was ______ (worry) about her little son.

30. ______ (sad), we lost the match in the end.

四句型转换.2分一题 就划线部分提问) ___________ __________ you call her? 就划线部分提问) How ___________ did she __________?

3. When she was 20 months old, she learnt to look after herself. (保持句意基本不变)

______ 20 months ________, she learnt to look after herself.

4. To have babies is very difficult for giant pandas. (保持句意基本不变)

_______ is ________ for giant pandas to have babies. 就划线部分提问)

___________ _________ she begin to eat bamboo?

2.How helpful you are! Thank you for your ____________(kind).

3.I have the same ____________(feel) as you.

4.Many wild animals are in danger because of _______________(hunt).

5.We should share our ______________(happy) and ____________(sad) with each other.

6.The children need our ____________(protect).

7.Thank you for accepting our ______________(invite).

8.We should use ______________(shop) bags that can be used again.

★作文:写一篇“My favourite wild animal”的作文在作文本上。不少于80词。要求运用本单元知识,发挥想象,多用短语。句式。

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