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Unit 8 How was your school trip?

第二课时Section A (3a-4)

教师寄语: There will be no regret and sorrow if you fight with all your strength.



1. 扎实掌握end, monitor等单词、短语和句子,并能熟练运用一般过去时谈论或描述过去的


2. 通过小组合作探究,熟练复述课文并编制一个小故事。

3. 学会用英语写日记,记录生活中的点点滴滴。



Key words: outdoor, octopus, end, monitor

Key phrases: on the school trip, at the end of, in the end of…

Key sentences: What did you see?



1. How was your day off? 你休息日过得怎样?


How was your school trip? 你的学校旅行如何?

2. —Did you go to the zoo? 你去过动物园吗?

—No, I didn’t. I went to the aquarium. 没,我没去过。我去了水族馆。


—Did they take any photos? 他们照了一些照片吗?

—Yes, they did. 是的,他们照过。


1. 预习单词表中的单词p49的单词,不会读的请记录

. ________________________________________.

2. 翻译并熟读下列短语及句子。

玩得愉快_______________________ 在学校的旅行_________________

户外的泳池________________________ 礼品店__________________


照相__________________ 还有什么__________________

本学期结束时__________________ 在…的末尾_______________ They took the subway back to school. _________________________________________



The students watched a movie about dolphins. ______________________________________ The class monitor cleaned the bus after the trip. _______________________________________



Task 1:检查预习作业完成情况

Task 2:快速读3a,完成下列问题。

1、 Did Class 9 have a bad time on the school trip? _________________________.

2、 Where did they go? _________________________________.

3、 Why was science teacher very happy? _______________________________________.

4、What did they do there first? _______________________________________.

5、 After lunch, what did they do? _______________________________________.

6、 .What did they do finally?_______________________________________.

Task 3:读文后的5个句子,听录音,修改句子。

Task 4:仔细阅读课文,复述3a.

First,_______________________________________________________________________ . Then,_______________________________________________________________________ After that,_____________________________________________________________________. After lunch, ___________________________________________________________________. Finally, ______________________________________________________________________. At the end of the day ,_________________________________________________________.

Task 5:Pair work 完成3b,可以用下面的结构进行对话:

Were there…..? Did you see…..? Did you go…..?




Task 6: Group work (故事接龙)

Last week, I went to Beijing_____________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________



eg: There are many_______(visit)in the park.

2、outdoor户外的,副词为outdoors. eg: I like outdoor sports.



3. on the school trip 在学校旅行中 a school trip 学校旅行

A weekend trip 周末旅行 go on a trip 去旅行

Make /take a trip to +地点 去某地旅行

4. at the end of意思是:_____________________,可用来指时间和地点。

在街道的尽头有一所医院:_______________________________________ at the end of the street 在街道末端

at the end of January 在一月底

at the end of the day 在当天结束时

拓展:by the end of 到。。。末为止。

in the end 最后, 终于…. 相当于finally, at last.

5、have a good/nice(great)/wonderful time 意思是:_____________.

相当于____________________ / ____________________.

后面如果跟做sth ,应该用动词-ing形式。如:have fun doing sth.




1. 他们工作了一整天。 They worked ________ ________.

2. 他刚才和朋友出去闲逛了。He ________ ________ with his friends just now.

3. 我刚从纽约回来。 I just ________ ________ from New York.


1.Class 9 had a wonderful time on the school trip.(否定句)


2. They went to Blue Water Aquarium.(一般疑问句)


3. Tom and I enjoyed ourselves on the trip.(同义句)



1.We went hiking, tired ______happy. A. and B. but C. though

2.We went out and ________in the lake.

A. swim B. to swim C. swam

3. The music sounds_______, so I like it.

A. good B. well C.bad

4.We went to visit the park_______of last month.

A. in the end B. by the end C. at the end


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