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Unit 5 secA 3a-4

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Unit 5 It must belong to Carla
Period 3

Words & expressions
belong to 属于 hair band 发带 at the picnic 在野餐 听古典音乐 listen to classical music 太,非常 much too too much too many 太多 play the guitar 弹吉他 去听音乐会 go to the concert

be sb’s=belong to sb

The notebook could be Miss Wang’s =the notebook _____ _____ _____ could belong to ______________ Miss wang
The dictionary is Qinyujie’s The dictionary ______ _____ ______ belongs to QYJ 变疑问句和否定句 Does the dictionary belong to QYJ The dictionary doesn’t belong to QYJ


Whose hair band this? is

It _______________ ________a boy’s. could/might be

It could be a present for his mother or girlfriend

Can you guess what it is?
a white vase It could be _________________. two faces It also might be ______________.

Can you guess what it is?
It could be ___________. a dog

two girls It also might be___________.

Here are some persons. They have different jobs. Can you guess what their jobs are?
She/He must/might/could /can’t be---.


What’s he/she doing? must be watching TV

She must be having class

They must be catching a thief

could/might/must/can’t do 可能,一定,不可能做某事 表示推测 could/might/must/can’t be 可能,一定,不可能是---could/might/must/can’t be doing 可能、一定、不可能正在做某事 一定有人在外面叫你
There must be someone calling you outside

There must be 一定有----

Linda’s writing a thank-you message to Anna.
Dear Anna, ____If you have any idea where it might be, please call me. 5 ____I think I dropped it during the concert so it might still 2 be in the symphony hall. ____I tried to call you but your mom said you were still a 4 your optometrist appointment( I hope your new glasses look nice). ____I really need it because I have a math test tomorrow. 3 It’s crucial that I study for it because it makes up 30% of the final exam. ____I’m really anxious, because I can’t find my backpack. 1 Thanks, Linda

1.Where was Anna when Linda called her At her optometrist appointment 2.Where did she drop her backpack She dropped it in the symphany hall 3.What will she do tomorrow She will have a math test 4.Why is the math test crucial Because it makes up 30% for the final exam

A: What do you think “anxious” means? B: Well , it can’t mean “happy”. A: It might mean “ worried”. B: Oh, yes. She’s worried because of her test.

Because 加一句话,because of 加名 词或名词短语

in the symphony hall try to do sth. at the optometrist appointment look nice study for make up the final exam because of a present for

在交响乐大厅 设法/努力做某事 在配镜室 看起来很好 为┅…而学习 由……组成 期末考试 因为…… 给……的礼物

A: What do you think “crucial” means? B: Well , it can’t mean “easy”. A: It might mean “ important”. B: Oh, yes. It’s crucial because it co

unts 30% to the final exam.

A: What do you think “concert” mean? B: Well, it can’t mean “music”. A: It might mean “a performance of music by players or singers”. B: Oh, yes. She was in the symphony hall.

A: Here’s a school T-shirt. The owner must be a student. B: Well, it could be a classmate of ours. The school T-shirt is the same as ours. A: Here’s a hair band. The owner can’t be a boy. B: Well, it could be a boy. The hair band might be a present for his mother.

根据自己的猜测将第4部分写成 一段文章,要求分别用上must,can’t might,could ,并且要有推断依据。

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