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9a unit 5 Integrated Skill

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Unit 5 Films
Integrated skills

1.The old man ________(enter) the room just now. entered is 2. The actress ______now starring _______(star) in an American film. will last 3.The song and dance parade _________(last) for about three hours tomorrow. 4.We have drawn ________(draw) five pictures already. had eaten 5.My son _________(eat) six eggs before I could stop him.

6. Mum, you __________(want) on the phone. are wanted
7. We have known __________(know) each other since childhood. will take 8. I don’t know if my mother ________(take) me to Beijing next month.

9. True friendship _________(last) forever. lasts
10. He had to give up _______(argue) because no arguing support came to him.

11. She devoted ______(devote) herself to her students while she was teaching in a small village. had disappeared 12. The thief _________________(disappear) before the police arrived. 13. The results of the English competition __________________ (announce) at the end of will be announced this month.

How many types of films do you know? horror film action film science fiction film

romantic film
documentary cartoon

1.Do you often see films? 2.Do you prefer to watch films on DVD, VCD, TV or at the cinema? 3.Where can we find information about films?
( On the Internet, In magazines or newspapers, in the TV guide … )

Speak up: talking about films
1.What does Kitty think about fights in action films
She thinks they’re terrible. They have a bad effect on people, especially teenagers.

2.Why does Kitty love romantic films?
Because these films usually have interesting stories.

There are many famous film festivals around the world. People can enjoy different types of films at these film festivals.
Shanghai International Film Festival Venice Film Festival Cannes Film Festival

Read A1 and answer the questions: 1.Which cinema is showing Tales of Old Beijing? Is it suitable for all ages? How much is the ticket? 2.What is Sunshine Cinema showing? Is it suitable for all ages? How much is the ticket? 3.Is Love Ship suitable for children? How much is the ticket? When is the cheapest?

According to the report and the tape, fill in the blanks.
Tales of old Beijing

Type of film: a (1) __________ three-hour
documentary that shows

you what Beijing was like
(2) ___________ ago. many years

Name of cinema: (3) Olympic Cinema in _______________

(4) ______________ Olympic Road
Storyline: the story of a family that lived in the (5)______________________ hutong _____________

The world of Dinosaurs science fiction Type of film: a ___________________ about dinosaurs __________________ Sunshine Cinema Name of cinema: ____________________in Sunshine Road ______________________ Storyline : a baby dinosaur is chosen to be _______________

future king the ______________________of the
dinosaur family. amazing It is an ________ film, which brings dinosaurs alive ________ ______ on screen.

Love ship
romantic Type of film: a (12) ______ film Name of Cinema: (13)ABC Cinema in


(14) Forest Road _______________

Story: a woman falls in love with a man when
on a ship she travels(15)_________,but when
they start to plan their future _____________together, something terrible happens.

Check the answer: A3 1.Olympic 2.Olympic 3.documentary 4.all ages 5.a family 6the hutong 7.Sunshine Road 8.amazing 9.dinsaurs 10.baby dinosaurs 11.future king 12.all ages 13.ABC Cinema 14.Forest Road 15.romantic 16.children 17.on a ship 18.plan their future 19. ¥15 20 Tuesdays 21.6.00 pm.

1.fall in love with sb 爱上某人 1)你什么时候爱上她的? When did you _____________ her? fall in love with 2)他对她一见钟情,现在他们已经结婚五年 了。 in love with fell He ____________ her been married he met her. have the first time And now they ________________ for five years. have been in love with music 3)好多年以来他们一直深爱着音乐。 They _________________________ for many years. be in love with ---

? 2.对---有坏影响 have a bad effect on ? 对---有影响 have an effect on==affect 1)你刚才说的话对她产生了影响,她感觉好多 了。 What you said just now _______________ her, has an effect on much better he feels ____________now. 2)难道你不知道抽烟对人们,尤其对妇女有 不良影响吗? Don’t you know smoking ________________ has a bad effect especially __________ ,__________women. on people

3.It’s an amazing film, which brings dinosaurs alive on the screen. Bring ----alive on the screen alive 只做表语 living things 做定语, 生物 1)Is the dog alive or dead? 2)He may be eight years old, but he’s still lively. 3)What a lovely girl?

Task 7 Consolidations:
1. 工人电影院正在上映《英雄》。

Hero is shown//is showing//is on in the workers’ cinema.
2. 我回来时将把照片给你看。

I will show you the photos when I come back.
3. 地图向你指明到阳光公园如何走。

The map shows you how to go to the Sunshine Park.

Task 8 The useful expressions
I like / don’t like … I love/hate…

… makes me laugh/cry
… is very clever … is my favourite/least favourite kind of film. I like/don’t like …films because … I’m not interested in …

I find…very boring/interesting.
…is dull/interesting.

Task 9 The useful phrases:
1. a film festival 2. be suitable for all ages / ticket price 3. fall in love with(动作) be in love with(状态) 4.What’s on at the cinemas 5. Here is some information about the three films now showing in cinemas. 6.Tales of Old Beijing is showing //is shown//is on--7. It tells the story of a family that once lived in the hutong. 8. show a film called …

9 It is an amazing film, which bring dinosaurs alive on screen. 10 A baby dinosaur is chosen to be the future king of the dinosaur family. 11 There is a special offer on Tuesdays. 12 What do you think about fights in action films? 13 have a bad effect on/ have an effect on (affect)… 14 e

specially teenagers 15 I love romantic films because they usually have interesting stories.

Task 10 Exercise in class
1. ---All the people like playing football. --- _________. A. You are welcome. B. I can’t play it. C. So we do. D. I don’t think so. 2. ---Shall we go to the cinema? --- __________. A. That’s nothing. B. Good idea. C. You’re wrong. D. Thank you.

3. --- Maths is more important to learn than English. --- ___ I think Maths is as important as English. A. Yes, I agree. B. You are quite right. C. I am afraid I disagree with you. D. It’s really so.

4. ---Walking is good for your health.
--- _________.

A. Yes, you are right. B. So do I.
C. You’re wrong. D. No problem.

5. ---That’s a wonderful film. --- ____ I’ve never seen a better one. A. I disagree. B. I don’t like it at all. C. You’re quite wrong. D. That’s exactly what I think.

Translate the sentences into Chinese
1. The documentary shows you ____________________ what Beijing was like ten years ago. (北京十年前的样子). 2. The film is about a young man falls in love with an ____________ (爱上了一位美国科学家). American scientist this film is suitable for children. 3. I don’t think _____________ . (这部影片适合儿童观看) . has a bad effect on teenagers. 4. The violence in some films _________________(对青少 年有不利影响) . makes people feel frightened 5. The terrible scenes in horror films ___________. (使人 们感到恐惧).

1. Copy the useful phrases.
2. Read the text.

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