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外研九上Module 10 Unit2Jamie is a cook whose ideas

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Module 10 Fitness Unit 2 Jamie is a cook whose ideas are changing school dinners.

Our school meal

What do you usually eat every day?

Describe your everyday meals and explain why do you like it.

Work in pairs. Describe the pictures. Use the words in the box to help you.
fat junk food sugar fresh healthy food tasty

(Try to say out these new words.)

1. junk m 2. 品enu chip 3. 菜单 pasta 4. 复数) 面 5. diet 6. 食 behave 7. persuade 8. ban 9. educate 10. tasty

/dVQNk/ food 垃圾食 /5menju:/ n. /tFip/ n. 薯条(常用 /5pA:stE/ n.意大利 /5daiEt/ n. 日常饮 /bi5heiv/ v.表现 /pE5sweid/ v.说服 /bB:n/ v.禁止 (banned, banning, bans) /5edju:keit/ v.教育 /5teisti/ adj. 好吃的 (tastier,

(Check the new words one by one.)

1. 薯条(常用复数) 2. 菜单 3. 垃圾食品 4. 意大利面 5. 禁止 6. 表现 7. 说服 8. 好吃的 9. 教育 10. 日常饮食

(Check the new words one by one.)

1. 日常饮食 2. 好吃的 3. 菜单 4. 意大利面 5. 禁止 6. 表现 7. 说服 8. 垃圾食品 9. 教育 10. 薯条(常用复数)

Can you match them together?
fit give up put on weight persuade should think about training consider encourage exercise get fatter had better healthy stop

(Choose the correct word.)

1. Junk food/ Healthy food can make us fit. 2.He thought the paste / menu was terrible. 3.The cook wants to ban / improve the school meals. 4.Jamie persuaded / refused them to try his cooking. 5.We should behave/ educate the children so that they can eat healthy food.

Complete the sentences with the words in the box
lose overweight put on unfit weight

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

He doesn’t take any exercise so he’s very unfit . I always eat too much, so I’m overweight . I’m fat and I want to lose weight. Because I ate too much, I have put on weight. What’s your weight ?

Jamie Oliver

Feed me better
Jamie Oliver is a young cook who wants to improve school dinner . In 2005 he went back to school to see what the children were eating .

Para 1 Jamie asked the children what their

meals were like . “We have hamburgers and chips , or pizza , ”they told him .” and sometimes there is fruit , but we prefer ice cream .” Jamie thought the menu was terrible . The children were eating junk food , and it was a problem . Junk food isn’t just bad for the body. Children whose midday meals were unhealthy were difficult to teach in the afternoon . Teachers said that children behaved very badly after lunch.

Para 2
When Jamie took vegetables into class , the children didn’t know what they were . Jamie realised that the children didn’t know about healthy food . Then he talked to the people who worked in the kitchens . He found out that they didn’t know enough about food and health , and they didn’t have very much money to spend.

Para 3
He decided to teach the cooks and children about healthy food . It was had work ! He cooked healthy meals for them including meat , rice pasta and vegetables , but a

lot of teenagers refused to eat the new food . Jamie showed them why the junk food wasn’t healthy . In the end , when Jamie persuaded them to try his cooking , they liked it .

Para 4
Jamie talked to the government . He told them they needed to ban junk food from schools , train the cooks , educate the children and spend more money on school dinners . A lot of parents , teachers and children agreed with him .The newspapers wrote articles about him a TV programme showed his visits to the school . Jamie is a cook whose ideas are changing school dinners all over Britain .

(Read the passage quickly and match the headings with the paragraphs.)

1 2 3 4 a b c d

________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ What is healthy food? Getting things done What’s on the menu? Improving school meals

(Read the passage carefully and check the sentences true(√) or false (╳) .) √ □ 1. Jamie went back to school to see what the children were eating. √ □ 2. Jamie thought the menu was terrible. ╳ □ 3. The children in the class know what the vegetables were. ╳ □ 4. The people in the kitchens know enough about food and health. ╳ □ 5. Jamie is a teacher whose ideas are changing school dinner.

(Read the passage carefully and complete the table. Write notes.)

Typical school meal Disadvantages of junk food Healthy food

Hamburgers, chips, ice cream, fruit. Bad for body, children difficult to teach after junk food. meat, rice, pasta, vegetable, fruit.

Making changes to Don’t eat junk food. Eat the diet healthy food.

(Read the passage carefully and complete the sentences.)

1.In 2005, Jamie Oliver went back to school to find out what children were eating _______________________________________ . 2. The teachers found that children whose meal is junk food were difficult to teach _______________________________________. 3. When he went into class with vegetables, Jamie the children didn’t know found out that____________________________ what vegetables were ________________________________________. 4. When Jamie changed the menu, __________________________ at first. the children didn’t like it 5. Jamie wanted the government to to train the school cooks, educate the children __________________________________________ _________________________________________. and spend more money on school dinners

(Read the passage carefully and complete the sentences with the words in the box.)

ban cook diet improve junk food persuade Jamie Oliver is a (1) ___________ whose idea cook is to (2) ___________ school dinners. (3) improve ___________ isn’t just a problem for the body, Junk food because children whose (4) __________ isn’t diet healthy can’t concentrate on their schoolwork. We should (5) ________it from ban school menus and (6) persuade children to ________ choose healthy food instead.

Answer the questions.
1) What junk food do you like? 2) How can you improve your diet? 3) Do y

ou think junk food should be banned? 4) What can you do to persuade people to eat healthy food? 5) Is it important to have a healthy meal at school? 6) Would you like to be a cook?

Make notes about healthy eating.
? Typical school meals: rice, dumplings, vegetables ? disadvantages if junk food: bad for body ? Healthy food: fruit ? Making changes to your diet: less junk food

Write a short passage called “Feed me better”.
? Use the notes in Activity 7 and write full sentences. Typical school meals include rice, dumplings and vegetables. ? Add your own opinion for each note. I think that our school meals are quite good. Typical meals include… ? When you have finished your sentences, read your passage and add more ideas, if you can.

My Diet and Lifestyle
Hi! My name is Pauline. I am 15 years old. I want to be a teacher or a doctor when I grow up. To be a doctor, I must be healthy. It is important for a doctor to be healthy . Before, I seldom ate vegetables. Because I disliked vegetables. I liked sweet snacks. They taste delicious but they are not good for me. They give me energy but they are not healthy. So I must change my diet.

Now, I eat a bowl of rice for breakfast, and I often eat an egg. For lunch, I usually eat a bowl of soup, vegetables and a bowl of rice. I eat meat and vegetables for dinner. If I want to be healthier, I must exercise. So I changed my lifestyle now. Now, I often exercise once a week. I do not eat snacks or fast food any more. So I think I am healthy. Now, I am very happy. I hope everybody is healthy and happy.

用方框里词的合适形式填空. body exercise give up think about unhealthy had better

Monday I’ve put on so much weight after the summer holidays! I should (1) exercise ______more, instead of watching so much TV unhealthy and eating (2)_______food…. I don’t want to get fat. So I had better (3)___________ start a fitness programme. I’m thinking about (4)_________ joining the sports centre. But I’m really not looking forward to it ! Thursday body Guess what? At first, my whole (5)___________hurt , and I felt so tired after my first class, I nearly (6) gave up ______________ ! But I know I should go on.

(Write something about our school meals.)

1. What do you think of our school meals? I think that our school meals are very… Typical meals include… 2. Do you have any suggestions about improving our school meals? But there is some disadvantage: At first, … The second,… Finally… 3. How to make us keep fit? I think that if you want to keep fit, you should …

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