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一、根据给出的话题词,找出相应的单词。 1、boat A read B climb C row 2、trip A excited B cinema C feel 3、elephant A teacher B strong C writer 4、get A school B stamps C week 5、prepare A maths B match C each 6、dance A watch B actress C where 7、what A in B where C bank 8、snow A have B ski C wait 9、subject A how B see C English 10、see A stop B elephant C swim 11、tail A study B park C longer

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

12、by A train B foot C shop 13、turn A north B right C light 14、hobby A reading B singer C cleaner 15、drive A book B bus C water 16、cm A tall B heavy C deep 17draw pictures A singer B artist C actor 18、fruit stand A banana B dog C bike 19 kick A nose B football C pet shop 20 post card A sore B post office C cinema 21 south A train B east C to 22 magazine A library B bookstore C zoo

23、watch A better B TV C week 24、kg A longer B heavy C tall 25、feet A size B than C where 26、sick A hospital B cinema C bank 27、hurt A stop B go C medicine 28、fail A test B play C flu 29、match A angry B goal C matter 30、nose A hear B hurt C sad 31 did A fly B homework C dance 32 matter A toothache B stay C off 33 buy A leave B sing C present 34study A have B last C better 35cook A stay B eat C play

二、.写出下列单词的比较级。 tall_________ short __________ old __________ big __________ young___________ small__________ strong_________ thin_________ long_________ heavy_________ good________ 三、写出下列动词的过去式: watch wash clean play visit do cook go read study fly swim see row get buy have climb take eat dance sing learn leave win

四、选择题。把序号写在括号中(10分) ( )1. How you go there ? A. are B.do C .is ( ) 2. I go home foot . A. on B. by C. in ( ) 3. Stop a red light. A. for B. on C. at ( ) 4. Green light means “ .” A. go B. wait C. stop ( )5 Wait at a light. A. red B. green C. yellow ( ) 6. – What she like ?--She likes . A. do, sing B. does,sing C. does, singing ( ) 7. –What does your father do ? --He is a . He teaches English . A. singer B.writer C.teacher ( ) 8. We hiking yesterday. A. went B. go C. goes

( )9 Tom is------ than Mike.A. taller B. tall ( )10____ good he is! A. How B . What ( ) 11.Did they ___ kites last week? A. flew B. eat C. fly ( )12. ___ are you going to do tomorrow?. A.What B.Where C.How ( )13.Can you ___ your bedroom?. A. cleaner B cleaned C. clean ( )14.My mother ____. A. likes drawing pictures B. like drawing pictures ( )15.Sarah ____this morning. A. play football B.played football

? ( )1.How tall are you? ? ( )2.What did you do last week? ? ( )3.Did she play the piano? ? ( )4.What are you going to do next week? ? ( )5.What does she do? ? ( )6.Does he like diving? ? ( )7.What’s your hobby? ? ( )8.What’s the matter with you? ? ( )9.How does Amy feel? ? ( )10.I failed my math test. A.I’m going to visit my aunt. B. I’ m160cm. C. She ’s sad . D.I likecolle

cting stamps. E. No,she didn’t. F. I’m sorry to hear that. G. Yes,he does. H. I went hiking. I. I have


1.tall you how are ?

2. heavy is mike how ?
3. big how feet are your ? 4. matter what you is the with?

5. are you me taller than .
6. have throat a I sore . 7. I going trip am a on big?

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