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一. 单选

1. _______When is Thanksgiving Day ?Is it __________ autumn ?

________Yes. It’s ________ November 28 this year .

A in ; in B on ; in C in ;on D on ;on

2._____ Tom , don’t play any tricks ________ me .I don’t like any of them .

________ Sorry ,I won’t

A with B to C on D for

3._____ Mum ,what about a watch for my birthday ?”

_______ Good idea . You need to ________ a watch now .

A put on B wear C carry D dress

4._____ does he feel at the party ? Is he very happy ?

_____ O f course .He has a good time .

A when B why C how D what


1.Andy _________ ( 看起来) to be happy today . What’s going on ?

2.Our “Festival Week ” starts this evening . There is a big ________ (演出 ) in the school hall .

3.Do you want to _______ (观看) the football match with me tonight ?

4.It is a good chance for you to learn more about _________ (节日) in China

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