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初一英语期中试卷(黄亚芳)试卷 2

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七年级 英语

考试时间:120分钟 分值:150分 命题人:黄亚芳

第一部分 选择题 (共90分)

一、听力(本题满分20分 每小题1分)

A) 听录音,选出最佳答案(听两遍)






6. A. It’s a photo. B. Yes, it’s an old picture. C. It’s a book.

7. A. A red flower. B. Yes, it is. C. I can see it.

8. A. Good morning. B. Good evening. C. Goodbye.

9. A. Yes, I am. B. No, I don’t C. Yes, she does.

10. A. Thank you. B. No, I’m not. C. Sorry, I don’

t know.

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11. How many lessons does Meimei have every day?

A. 4 B. 2 C. 6

12. Where was Lily born?

A. In London. B. In Shanghai . C. In England.

13. What does Amy like doing?

A. Playing basketball. B. Playing volleyball. C. Playing football.

14. When is the woman’s birthday?

A. On November 12. B. On November 13. C. On November 2.

15. How does Mill Li go to school today?

A. By bus. B. On foot. C. By bike.

C. 根据所听短文,选择正确的答案(听两遍)

16. What time does Mr Hu often get up on Sundays?

A. At 7:00. B. At 7:30. C. At 6:30.

17. Where does he go after breakfast?

A. He goes to work. B. He goes to the park. C. He goes to the bookshop.

18. What does he often do in the park?

A. He runs for half an hour. B. He waters flowers. C. He swims there.

19. Who does he play basketball with?

A. His students.

A. Two hours. B. His teachers. B. An hour. C. His friends. 20. How long does he look for things on the Internet? C. Half an hour.

二、单项选择(本题满分20分 每小题1分)

1.-It’s time to go to bed, Jim! -OK, Mum. _______!

A. Good morning B. Good evening C. Goodbye D. Good night

2. _____your friend come from England? Yes, he’s an English boy.

A. Are B. Do C. Does D. Is

3.-Excuse me, are you and Simon in Class 2, Grade 7? - _________.

A. Yes, I’m. B. No, I’m not. C. Yes, we’re. D. No, we aren’t

4. Simon was born in Shanghai _____ he lives in Beijing now.

A. and B. but C. or D. because

5.-Shall we go running? -That sounds ______. Let’s go!

A. well B. bad C. great D. badly

6. What do you usually get______ your birthday.

A.to B. for C. and D. with

七年级英语试卷 共8页 第2页 ththnd

7. I have _____ football. Would you like to play ______ football with me ?

A. a, the B. a, a C. /, a D. a, /

8. Don’t forget to_______ “thanks” after someone helps you.

A. speak B. say C. talk D. tell

9. Jim has a happy birthday party and _______ friends have a good time.

A. he all B. his all C. all his D. all he

10. ---_____ comes to your party ?--- My friends, my uncle and my cousin.

A. Whose B. When C. Where D. Who

11. We usually go to school ________ Monday _______ Friday.

A. on, and B. from, to C. on, at D. from, on

12. Would you like _______ a CD for your birthday?

A. to get B. gets C. getting D. get

13. Can you _______ me about your school?

A. say B. tells C. tell D. says

14. He is American and he is from the _______ .


15. It’s 9.00 p.m . It’s time to_______.

A. have breakfast B. go to bed C. play games D. go home

16. --What time is it, please? --It is ______.

A. seven o’clock B. seven one o’clock

C. seven twenty o’clock D. Twenty o’clock

17. He plays basketball after school _____ Mondays.

A. in B. on C. at D.for

18. I like _____ music at weekends?

A. listen to B. listen C. listening D. listening to

19. Amy often helps her mother _____ the clothes.

A. wash B. washes C. washs D. washing

20. Millie’s birthday is _________ April 1 st.

A. in B. on C. at D. for

三、完形填空 (本题满分10分 每小题1分)

Peter is thirteen years old. He is __1__ Grade Two this year. He likes to play football and watch football matches. And he often __2__ newspapers. He does his best to know where and when a football match will be.

Now Peter is having lunch. He is __3__ the radio, too. He is very happy __4_ there will be a nice football match on TV at four __5__ this afternoon. He wants __6__ it very much. But he is going to have English and Chinese lessons. It’s __7__ for him to find a way.

“Hello, Mrs Black,” Peter says to his teacher __8__ the phone. “Peter is ill

七年级英语试卷 共8页 第3页

in bed. He wants to ask for half a day’s leave(请假).”

“Oh, I’m __9__ to hear that,” says Mrs Black. “But __10_ is that?” “It’s my father, Mrs Black.” 1. A. on 2. A. sees 4. A. so 5. A. in

B. at B. look

C. in

D. from D. reads D. listening to D. but D. /

D. to watch D. interesting D. with D. sorry D. How

C. watches C. listening C. and C. at C. good C. on

3. A. hearing B. listen to B. because B. to look B. easy B.by

B. on

6. A. sees 8. A. in

C. watches

7. A. hard 9. A. happy 10. A. where

B. glad C. afraid

B. who C. what


四 阅读理解((本题满分40分 每小题2分))

Hello !My name is Becky Sharp. I'm eleven years old. I have one brother. His name's Jason and he's fourteen. I don’t have any sisters.

We live with grandma in a small house in Chesterfield, in the north(北部) of England. My friends and I often go to the cinema on Saturdays.

Do you like games? I like football. My favourite team is Manchester United(曼联队). I sometimes play football with my brother. I'm excellent(棒极了) but he isn't very good.

I have seven pets -- two birds and five goldfishes. I want a dog and a cat, but my mother doesn't like them. 1. The girl wants to have a ____.

A. sister B. brother C. dog D. penfriend 2. The girl's mother doesn't like ___.

A. birds or goldfishes B. birds or dogs C. dogs or cats D. goldfishes or cats 3. Does the girl have a sister?

A. No,she does B. Yes,she doesn’t C. Yes,she does D. No she doesn’t. 4. The girl's family live in __

A. a big house B. a cinema C. the west(西部) of England D. a small house 5. What does "pet" mean(意思) in Chinese?

七年级英语试卷 共8页 第4页

A 朋友 B. 宠物 C. 玩具 D.同样


Whose house is this? It’s the Dawson’s new house in the village. The name of this village is Belmont. It’s a little village near the big city. There are two small lakes in Belmont, and they live near one of them. They like it very much.

Mrs Dawson is usually busy because she does her housework, she cooks the meals, she cleans the house, she washes the clothes, and she does the shopping for the family. Her daughter, Ann often helps her. Mr Dawson sometimes helps his wife, too.

Many people are now moving from the cities to the village. It is like a little town(城镇),but it’s usually more quiet and people are more friendly.

6.Who is the busiest in the Dawsons?

A. Mr Dawson. B. Mrs Dawson and her daughter.

C. Mrs Dawson. D. Mr Dawson and his daughter.

7.Where is Belmont?

A. It is near a big city. B. It’s near a big town.

C. It’s near another city. D. It’s near the two lakes

8.Mr Dawson _________.

A. often helps Mrs Dawson B. helps Mrs Dawson every day

B. never helps Mrs Dawson D. sometimes helps Mrs Dawson

9.Does Ann helps her mother a lot?

A. Yes,she doesn’t. B.She never helps her mother

C. She helps her mother with the housework twice a week.

D. Yes, she does.

10. Many people are moving to the village because(因为)_______.

A. there are lakes near the village

B. the village looks like the city

C. it is like a little town

D. it’s usually more quiet and people are more friendly


Waiter: Good morning, sir! Can I help you?

Mr Read: Yes , please. What would you like, Ann?

Ann: A hamburger and some potato chips.

Mr Read: Anything to drink?

Ann: A glass of Coke.

Waiter: With ice?

七年级英语试卷 共8页 第5页

Ann: Yes, thank you.

Mr Read: Tom, what would you like?

Tom: I am not hungry. Just a big glass of Coke with ice, please.

Mr Read: No food?

Tom: No, but what would you like, Dad?

Mr Read: I would like some rice and fish, and a glass of Coke with ice.

11. How many people are there in the dialogue?

A. Three. B. Four. C. Five. D. Six.

12. Where do you think this dialogue may take place(发生)?

A. At school. B. At home. C. At a restaurant. D. In a bookshop.

13. What does Ann want to drink?

A. Coke. B. Tea. C. Coffee. D. Orange juice.

14. Does Tom want to eat something?

A. Yes. B. No. C. I don’t know. D. It’s a secret.

15. Mr Read wants to eat _________.

A. some potato chips

C. some rice and fish


Mr. Brad wants to see a film. After lunch, he goes to a cinema, buys a ticket (票) and goes in. But two or three minutes he comes out and buys a second ticket and then walks in again.

After a few minutes he comes out again and buys a third ticket. Two or three minutes after that he comes out a third time and asks for another ticket. But the girl says to him, “Why are you buying all these tickets? Are you meeting your friends in the cinema all the time?” “No, I’m not doing that.” Mr. Brad says, “But a big woman always stops me at the gate of cinema and she tears (撕) all my tickets.” The girl has a good laugh(笑) and says, “One ticket is enough. She is on duty.”

16.Mr. Brad ______ goes to cinema after lunch.

A. himself(他自己) B. and his wife C. and his friends D. and a girl

17. “No, I’m not doing that .” means ______.

A. he isn’t seeing a film

B. he isn’t meeting his friends

C. the big woman doesn’t let him in

D. he wants to buy tickets for the big woman

18. Mr. Brad buys _____ tickets altogether (一共).

A. two B. three C. four D. five B. a hamburger D. some potato chips and a hamburger

七年级英语试卷 共8页 第6页

19. The woman tears his tickets because she _______________.

A. likes to do that

B. doesn’t like Mr. Brad

C. thinks they’re false (假的) tickets

D. is checking up(检查) all the tickets

20.From the story we can know _______________.

A. It is the first time for Mr. Brad to go to the cinema.

B. the big woman doesn’t like him

C. Mr. Brad is afraid of the big woman

D. Mr. Brad doesn’t want the woman to tear his tickets up

第二部分 非选择题(共60分)

五.阅读表达 阅读短文,按要求完成短文后的各项任务。(本题满分10分 每小题2分)

This is Peter’s family. There are five people in his family. They are his father, his mother, his grandfather, his sister Kate and him. His father, Mr Brown, is a doctor.(1) _____ is thirty. His (2)_____, Mrs Brown, is a teacher. She is thirty too. Peter and his sister study in their mother’s school. Peter is in Class Two, Grade Eight. Kate is in Class Two, Grade Seven. (3)They go to school at 6:30 in the morning. Look! That old man is Peter’s grandfather. He is very old. He walks his dog every morning. Where is Kate? Look! She is under that big tree.


2.回答问题: Where do Kate and Peter study?


4.在文中找出He takes his dog for a walk every morning.的同义句。


六. 词汇运用 用括号内所给词的正确形式填空,每空不限一词(本题满分10分 每小题1分)

1. We each ______________ (have) a good time during summer holiday.

2. Let Amy ______________ (teach) us English.

3. Sandy ______________ (not be) often late for school.

4. They have much homework ______________ (do) now.

5. Can Jack and his classmates ______________ good friends? (be)

6. What about ______________ (meet) my old friends? They are really great.

7. I am good at ______________ (make) model planes.

8. It’s time for Sandy ______________ (tell) us a story.

七年级英语试卷 共8页 第7页

9. My ruler is very long. What about_______? (you)

10. Would you like _______(drink) a cup of tea?

七. 按要求句型转换,每空一词。(本题满分15分 每一空格1分)

1. I can find my purse. (改为一般疑问句)

______ you find _______purse?

2. You can’t close the door,boys.(同义句)

_______ close the door, boys.

3. I have lunch at school.(对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ you have lunch? 4.Neil goes to school at 7:00 a.m.(对划线部分提问)

______ ______ Neil ______ to school a.m.?

5. Millie feels very happy.(对划线部分提问)

________ does Millie _______? 6. I go to school by bike. (对划线部分提问)

________ do you go to school ? 7. My friends come to my party. (对划线部分提问)

______ _______ to your party?

8.Simon takes a bus to school every day.(同义句)

Simon _______ to school_______bus every day.

八.根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺的单词。(本题满分10分 每一空格1分) My mother is a Chinese teacher. She usually gets up e__1___ on Sundays. After she washes her face, she cooks b___2__ for us. Then she waters the f__3__ in the garden. After that, she r__4__ with the dog in the park for about forty minutes. Then she goes home for breakfast. At about 9:00, she goes to the b__5___ to have a look at new books. When she goes home, she doesn’t t__6__ a bus. She often walks down the street and e__7___ the sunshine. Sometimes she v__8__ her friends. She often cooks d___9__ for us at home. Then she w__10__ TV. She always has a good time at weekends.


根据所给中文提示,以“My Friend”为题,写一篇不少于60词的小短文。

1.我的朋友叫李华,英文名字叫 Tom,高而瘦,短头发,戴眼镜。

2.就读于第一中学(No.1 Middle School),在七年级3班,每天七点上学,中午在校吃饭,放学后喜欢打篮球。他想成为一名篮球运动员。



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