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Unit 10 阶段专题复习

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Unit 10 阶段专题复习

过去完成时态 【观察领悟】

仔细观察例句, 体会并写出画线部分的时态结构。
1. By the time she got to class, the teacher had already started teaching. 2. When she got to school, she realized she had left her backpack at home.

3. Tony told me that he had seen the movie. 4. Mom had already made breakfast before I got up yesterday. 时态结构: +

答案: had; 过去分词

【探究总结】 1. 构成: had 过去完成时由“助动词____(用于各种人称和数)+过去分 词”构成。 2. 用法: 之前 (1)表示在过去某一时间或动作_____已经发生或完成了的动

过去的过去 作, 动作发生的时间是“___________”。表示过去某一时间
by before 可用___, ______等构成的短语, 也可用when, before, by the time等引导的从句或通过上下文表示。 过去 (2)表示某个动作或状态一直延续到_____某一时间。

【实战演练】 Ⅰ. 用所给动词的适当形式填空

1. By the time I

(get) home, the rain


2. When she got to the gym, the football match (start). 3. I work. 答案: 1. got; had; stopped 2. had; started


(cook) the meal before my mother came back from

3. had cooked

4. Laura said that she

(read) the novel before. (on) for over ten

5. When she got to the cinema, the film minutes. 答案: 4. had read 5. had been on

Ⅱ. 单项选择
1. —Did you meet your friend at the train station? —No, I didn’t. By the time I arrived there, he A. leaves B. left C. has left .

D. had left more than seven

2. By the end of last month, David hundred stamps. A. has collected B. collect

C. had collected

D. has been collecting

3. When my sister left home, she realized she door. A. forgets C. has forgotten B. forgot D. had forgotten

to lock the

本单元以“糟糕的日子”为话题, 围绕这一话题谈论发生 在过去的事情或经历, 学习和运用过去完成时态。而最能全面 体现本单元话题及语言运用能力的作文就是关于“讲述过去 某一天的糟糕经历”等内容的话题写作或类似的看图作文。




June 7th Tuesday


I got up late this morning. My alarm clock didn’t work.


记叙文 (1)体裁: _______ 第一人称 (2)人称: _________ 一般过去时 过去完成时 (3)时态: ___________和___________

【佳作鉴赏】 June 7th Tuesday Sunny

I got up late this morning. My alarm clock didn’t work.
When I woke up, it was 7: 10. I washed my face quickly and rushed to the bus stop without breakfast. By the time I got there, the bus had gone, so I missed the school bus. Then I had to walk to school, and I knew I couldn’t get to school on time. By

the time I got into class, the teacher had already started teaching. I was late for class. When the teacher asked for my homework, I

found I had left it at home. What a bad day it was!

Ⅰ. 词汇速记
1. 睡过头; 睡得过久(v. )

2. 锁; 锁上(v. )
3. 空的; 排空; 倒空(adj. & v. ) 4. flee (v. ) 5. end (v. ) 答案: 1. oversleep 2. lock → → 3. empty (过去式及过去分

词)逃; 逃走 (n. )结局; 结尾 4. fled 5. ending

Ⅱ. 短语互译 1. 发出响声 go______

2. 卖完
3. break down 4. set off 5. show up 答案: 1. off 起, 激起 2. out

__________ __________ __________ 3. 停止运转; 出故障 4. 出发, 启程; 引

5. 出席; 露面

Ⅲ. 句型攻关 1. 我到超市时, 超市已经关门了。 _______ _______ _______I got to the supermarket, it_______ already_______. 2. 当老师开始检查作业的时候, 她意识到她把作业忘在家里 了。

_______the teacher began to check homework, she _______she
_______ _______ it at home.

答案: 1. By the time; had; closed

2. When; realized; had left

3. 我刚好赶上最后一班车。
I only just_______ _______to the last bus.

答案: made it

Ⅳ. 词汇串记

Wells is a person who is convincing in his town. One day
he told all his day to come. On the morning of the day, when the alarm clock 3 (发出响声), he put on his costume quickly. Then he 4 上)the door and 5 (锁 (迅速离开)to the church. By the time he (尴尬的)was that the church was (出现)except themselves. They 1 (亲戚)that he would 2 (结婚)in the big

church the next Sunday. He was very thrilled to wait for the

got there, his girlfriend had already waited for him. What
made him much more 6 almost empty. No one 7

thought their cars maybe broke down on the way. So they
waited and waited until they were 8 (精疲力竭的). That

day was April Fool’s Day.
1. 5. 2. 6. 3. 7. 2. get married 4. 8. 3. went off 4. locked 8. exhausted

答案: 1. relatives 5. rushed off

6. embarrassed

7. showed up

1. (2012·襄阳中考)—Why was he late for school yesterday? —He overslept. By the time he got to the bus stop, the bus_______ already_______. A. was; leaving C. would; leave B. has; left D. had; left


the time he got to the bus stop可知表示“过去的过去”发生的
事情, 要用过去完成时态, 其构成为“had +过去分词”, 故选 D。

2. (2012· 西宁中考)Last Thursday when I got to the station,
I_______I had left my ticket at home. A. understood C. believed B. realized D. seemed

【解析】选B。本题考查词义辨析。understand意为“明白, 懂得”; realize意为“意识到”; believe意为“相信”; seem意 为“看起来, 似乎”。由句意“上星期四当我到达车站时, 我


3. (2012· 夏 中 考 )—Why didn’t John come to Susan’s 宁
birthday party? —He_______. A. isn

’t invited C. wasn’t invited B. didn’t invite D. hasn’t invited

【解析】选C。本题考查被动语态(一般过去时)。由语境知: 此处主语he是动作invite的承受者, 应用被动语态。再由Why

didn’t John come to Susan’s birthday party? 可知时态是一般
过去时, 故选C。

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