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Unit 7 Will people have robots?

1. live to be 200 years old 活动200岁 2. in the future 在未来

3. world peace 世界和平 4. live in an apartment 住在公寓里 5. look for 寻找

5. on a space station 在太空站 6. in space 在太空 7. seem impossible 似乎不可能

8. human servants 人类的仆人 9. think like a human/humans 像人类一样思考

10. over and over again 反复地 11.pollute the environment 污染环境

12. on the earth在地球上 13. the meaning(s) of words 单词的意思 14. in the sea. 在海洋

15. another foreign language 另一门外语 16. move to other planets. 搬到其他的星球去

17. in the sky. 在空中 18. in danger处于危险之中 18. during the week 在这周之内

19. out of danger 脱离危险 在某一点上;在某种程度上;在某个时候 书将只在电脑里, 而不是在纸上。

纸: a piece of paper


试卷;论文;报纸: The students are busy doing their papers.

22. There will be more pollution. 将会有更多的污染。

将会有… (不能have与连用)

2). pollution(u.n): 污染;公害 pollute(v):污染;弄脏 polluted(adj):受污染的

23. Everyone should play a part in saving the earth. 每个人应该参与挽救地球。

部分;参加;零件;器官 some parts of the machine;every part of the body. 参加;参与 = take part in …

在…起作用/有影响 = play a role in…

24. I’I’ll go to the moon by rocket. 我将乘火箭去月球。 苍蝇

鸟、飞机等)飞 I want to fly up into the sky.

使(飞机等)飞行;驾驶 I’ll fly (the spaceship) to other planets. (旗帜、头发等)飘扬 The flag is flying in the wind.

时间)飞逝 Time flies when I’m reading a book.

现在已经有机器人在工厂里工作了。 There be sb. doing sth. 有某人正在做…

22. They agree it may take hundreds of years. 他们同意这可能花费几百年的时间。

1) It takes + 时间 + (for sb.) to do sth. 某人花费时间区做某事。

It took me half an hour to finish my homework.

agree to do sth. (认真商量) 2. Is she going to agree to our idea? agree with sb./opinion(观点)/what he said.


Do you agree with me about/on the plan?


1). (n) belief 信念;信仰 I can’t believe my eyes/ears. ’ll come. 认为;相信 believe sb. 相信某人的话。

2). believe in sth. 信仰;信赖;相信(…的存在) Do you believe in God?

3). believe it or not. 信不信由你;I believe so. 我这样认为;I believe not. 我不这样认为

27. Which side do you agree with? 你同意哪一方的观点?

side: 一方; 一边; 一面;一侧等 change sides 改变立场、观点; side by side 肩并肩

from side to side 左右地; put sth to one side 把… 搁在一边 这些新的机器人将会有许多不同的形状。

The buildings are similar in shape.

He exercises every day to keep in shape.

His old coat is out of shape. 身体状况不佳的:He is out of shape these days.

29. under the building. 如果楼房倒塌而里面还有人,蛇形机器人就能帮助寻找人。 秋天(美)= autumn Leaves turn red in the fall.

The rain began to fall again.

(价格、温度、声音等)下降 The temperature fell to below 00C.

变为(状态) fall asleep ; fall ill

词组:fall down: 跌倒; (物) 倒塌 fall off :从...上落下;(物)脱落

fall into: 掉入;落入 fall over He fell over a stone.

fall behind: 落后 fall in love with...: 爱上...

30. I think I’ll take a holiday in Hong Kong when possible.我想如果可能的话,我会去香港度假。 take a holiday: 去度假 ; when possible = if possible: 如果可能的话 一般将来时

1. 含义:一般将来时表示将来某个时间要发生的动作或存在的状态,也表示将来经常或反复


1). In the future, there will be less fresh water.

2). They’re going to buy some food right away.

2. 常与一般将来时连用的时间状语有:

立刻;马上), soon, right away(立刻;马上), right now(现在;马上), sooner or later(迟早), later,in + 一段时间等

3. 结构: 1) will +动词原形 2) be going to +动词原形

1). 否定: 一加二改 : 一加(助动词 + not ); 二改 (some 改为 any )

1). He will visit you tomorrow. --- He won’t visit you tomorrow.

2). ---- They aren’t going to buy any food.

2). 一般疑问:一提二改三升调:把(will / be)提 到句首;把some改为any、句号改为问好;读声调

1). Will he visit you tomorrow? ------ Yes, he will. / No, he won’t.

2). Are they going to buy any food? ------ Yes , they are. / No, they aren’t.

4. 注意:

1). 在口语中, will常缩写为’ll, will not常缩写为won’t.

2). 在疑问句中, 主语为第一人称(I 和we)时,常用助动词shall:

Shall we meet at the school gate tomorrow?

3). be going to 也可以表示将要发生的动作或安排,含有“计划,准备”的意思。更强调 主观:

而will表示客观上将来势必发生的事情: He will be twenty years old next month. 从不严格的语法角度而言 ,be going to与 will二者可以.

4). There be 句型的一般将来时结构为:

将会有... (不能与have连用)

5). come, go, leave, arrive等表示位置移动的动词常用现在进行时表示将来:

’clock tomorrow.


If(如果on a trip. 引导条件状语的词: if(如果); if (是否)

引导时间状语的词:when , after, before, ,

not .... until....

Unit8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

milk shake奶昔 turn on接通(电流、煤气、水等);打开 pour…into…把……倒入……

a cup of yogurt一杯酸奶 a good idea好主意 on Saturday在星期六 cut up切碎

put…into…把……放入…… one more thing还有一件事 a piece of一片/张/段/首……

at this time在这时 a few一些;几个 fill… with…用……把……装满

cover…with…用……覆盖…… one by one一个接一个;逐个;依次 a long time很长时间

how many+可数名词复数 多少…… how much+不可数名词 多少……

It’s time (for sb.)+to do sth. 到(某人)做某事的时间了

First…Next…Then…Finally 首先……接下来……然后…….最后……

want + to do sth.想要做某事 forget+to do sth.忘记去做某事 how + to do sth.如何做某事

need+to do sth.需要做某事 make+宾语+形容词 使……怎样 let sb. +do sth.让某人做某事


Unit9 Can you come to my party?

on Saturday afternoon在周六下午 prepare for为……做准备 go to the doctor去看医生

have the flu患感冒 help my parents帮助我的父母 come to the party来参加聚会

another time其他时间 last fall去年秋天 go to the party去聚会

hang out常去某处;泡在某处 the day after tomorrow后天 the day before yesterday前天

have a piano lesson上钢琴课 look after照看;照顾 accept an invitaton接受邀请

turn down an invitation拒绝邀请 take a trip去旅行 at the end of this month这个月末

look forward to盼望;期待 the opening of… ……的开幕式/落成典礼 reply in writing书面回复

go to the concert去听音乐会 not…until直到……才

meet my friend会见我的朋友 visit grandparents拜访祖父母 study for a test为考试学习

have to不得不 too much homework太多作业 do homework做家


go to the movies去看电影 after school放学后 on the weekend在周末

invite sb. to do sth.邀请某人做某事

what引导的感叹句结构:What+a/an+adj.+可数名词单数(+主语+谓语)! What+adj.+名词复数/不可数名词(+主语+谓语)!

help sb.(to)do sth.帮助某人做某事

be sad to do sth.做某事很悲伤

see sb. do sth. see sb.doing sth.

the best way to do sth.做某事最好的方式

have a surprise party for sb.为某人举办一个惊喜派对

look forward to doing sth.期盼做某事

reply to sth./sb.答复某事/某人

What’s today?今天是什么日子? What’s the date today? What day is it today?


Unit10 If you go to the party,you’ll have a great time!

stay at home待在家里 take the bus乘公共汽车 tomorrow night明天晚上 have a class party进行班级聚会

half the class一半的同学 make some food做些食物 order food订购食物 have a class meeting开班会

at the party在聚会上 potato chips炸土豆片,炸薯条 in the end最后 make mistakes犯错误

go to the party去参加聚会 have a great/good 玩得开心 give sb. some advice给某人提一些建议

go to college上大学 make(a lot of)money赚(许多)钱 travel around the world环游世界

get an education得到教育 work hard努力工作 a soccer player一名足球运动员 keep…to oneself保守秘密

talk with sb.与某人交谈 in life 在生活中 be angry at/about sth.因某事生气 be angry with sb.生某人的气

in the future在将来 run away逃避;逃跑 the first step第一步 in half分成两半

solve a problem解决问题 school clean-up学校大扫除

ask sb. to do sth.要求某人做某事 give sb. sth.给某人某物

tell sb. to do sth.告诉某人做某事 too…to do sth.太……而不能做某事

be afraid to do sth.害怕做某事 advise sb. to do sth.劝告某人做某事

It’s best (not) to do sth.最好(不)做某事 need to do sth.需要做某事



常跟v-ing 作宾语的动词有:

考虑建议盼原谅:consider, suggestadvise, look forward to, excuse, pardon. 承认推迟没得想: admit, delay/put off, fancy.

避免错过继续练:avoid, miss, keep/keep on, practice.

否认完成能欣赏: deny, finish, enjoy, appreciate.

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